807 Tasting Notes

drank Iron Buddha by Oriental Teahouse
807 tasting notes

What a delicious oolong! I am so excited to try a new (to me) tea company and a huge thank you to TassieTeaGirl for doing a trade with me! It took us forever but we got it done lol and some excellent teas she sent my way!
This is such a sweet and creamy oolong with an amazing roast-y flavor.
LOVE the lingering after taste on this one too.
Granted I love just about any decent oolong but this one is at the top of the better oolong list!
Will be doing a full review for SororiTea Sisters soon.


Oh I’m glad you’re enjoying it! It was so lovely in store, I had 2 steeps of it one afternoon after a hard day of Melbourne shopping. Will have to add my own review shortly. Have fun working your way through the box!

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drank Orange Spice Cake by sTEAp Shoppe
807 tasting notes

What a yummy DesserTEA !
Sweet, creamy, cakey.
The cinnamon does not take over. The orange and other citrus come out lovely and are not bitter, the sweetness not over done, even the cocoa nibs are perfectly blended here!
I need to wake up or take a nap either way – when I am more rested will do a review for SororiTEA Sisters.

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Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this blend!
It only seems I should review it considering it is a SororiTea Sister blend even if pre-conception of me lol.
I am not sure how old this tea is – I see the first tasting note on it was 2 years ago.
If in fact this tea is that old it has held up very well which is a testament to Blends for Friends – and of course the way TeaEqualsBliss has stored it :)
Regardless – a nice mixture of chocolate, orange, some lovely floral notes, and bergamot.
Each note comes out well on its own yet them melds into a fine blend together.
I will have to try this tea a few times to fully get into it but will do a review in the future on SororiTea Sisters site.

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drank Pink Earl Grey by Fusion Teas
807 tasting notes

I have to confess. I did not think I would like this tea. However, I do like it!
It is heavy on the bergamot and a bit perfume-y but that flavor quickly dissipates into a sweet, fruity, and somewhat creamy yummness!
Full review to come on http://sororiteasisters.com/

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I plan to review my blend soon. I have been letting it meld for a week or so and can already smell the difference. It is smelling amazing! Can’t wait to try it maybe next week :)


Love the image! And it sounds super yummy too! :)


:) thank you! I can not claim the image as my own but it is cute.

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Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sending me this! Such a generous sample too! This is everything she said! It is creamy and sweet and floral. I also find a menthol like after taste lingering on the tongue.
Not a tea I would have sought out but one I can see reaching for!
Its such a lovely tea to look at as well!
See my review on SororiTea Sisters on the 17th where I have also added a photo of the leaf itself! Surprisingly pretty!

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Lord this stuff is the BOMB! Love it! Settles a tummy and makes you feel like your having the dessert you didn’t have room for!
Full review on the 14th on http://sororiteasisters.com/
Also see other tasting notes.
Love this stuff!

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Wonderful salted rock mineral flavor! Toast-y darker roast.
Full review on http://sororiteasisters.com/ on the 14th.

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drank Sencha Superior Uji by Zen Tea
807 tasting notes

While I think my labeling is wrong on my sample – ingredients say it has puffed corn, brown rice, and matcha with sencha (sounds like genmaicha to me) the tea is clearly what the name says on the label which is this one.
This is an excellent sencha with a VERY fresh taste like a fresh mowed lawn.
Bright and cherry on a foggy dreary day.

Invader Zim

Mine said the same thing on the ingredients, but it was obviously not there. The name is correct; the ingredients…not so much.


LOL glad it was not just me – thought I was losing my mind :)

Invader Zim

No, you’re not losing your mind…well you might be, but not about this! :)


LOL yeah I lost my mind a long long time ago actually :)

Invader Zim

I used to tell my dad I was losing my mind, he would always respond with “You can’t lose what you never had” lol


Hahaha, Invader Zim, my brother used to say the same to me, he still does, little bugger!


LOL I could not agree more Paul :)

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What a lovely well mannered tea! So many wonderful notes to savor! From sweet, like sugar cane and vanilla, to buttery, toasty, I mean really if you have a favorite flavor note you are likely to find it in here!
It is complex, and gong fu really IS the way to go with this one.
Sip it when you have enough time to enjoy everything it has to offer!
Full review on http://sororiteasisters.com/ on the 12th.

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Most of my reviews will be “snippits” of full reviews that can be found at http://sororiteasisters.com/
Posted every evening at 6 EST.
I usually try to post the exact date that the full reviews will post however sometimes post dates need changed so it may not always be correct. Generally the dates are correct however.

About Me:

Most of my reviews, although not all, will be quite favorable of the tea. This is not because all tea is excellent, but more so because I generally will not waste my time on an inferior tea. If I do not care for a tea I won’t continue to drink it let alone spend time reviewing it. If you see a review by me you basically know it is a quality tea. Granted it may not suit your specific taste buds, we all like different things, but as for a tea on the whole it is a good one, from a good company.

I am a spiritual advisor by profession.
I have two “young adult” children.
Four cats and three dogs.

Some of my hobbies include gardening, essential oil therapy, natural perfumery with essential oils, and cooking.

I look for complexity overall in any tea, dimensions to the flavors.

I believe tea should evoke a feeling, thought, emotion, or attitude.

I enjoy most all oolongs, blacks, whites, and greens.

I always love to try a good yellow tea.

I favor unadulterated teas but I do have my longings for a good flavored tea now and then so I don’t rule them out by any means!

I enjoy green rooibos don not like red rooibos.

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