2435 Tasting Notes

We just finished a gallon of this one today. I always make a gallon at a time and it often disappears in just 24 hours. I have the Pottery Barn drink dispenser that looks like a vintage cocktail shaker and the small sized one (1.9 gallons) fits nicely on the top shelf in my fridge. It makes it super easy and convenient to keep filling up your tea glass!

This is nice, and doesn’t taste like tea with strawberry flavor. It actually tastes like tea with a hint of strawberry sherbet. I am sure the other flavors are there, too, but I noticed the strawberry most because it seemed to linger on the back of the sip. Very nice.


I googled that drink dispenser. It’s beautiful!


Thank you! I saw it on the Pioneer Woman’s blog and she said it didn’t leak and she has had it in her fridge for years, so I waited for a sale and bought both sizes. I love them.

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drank Marie-Antoinette by Nina's Paris
2435 tasting notes

Last night was writers’ group night at my house, which means I make lots of tea! This was the first tea served. I made it in my large Teavana tetsubin with the warmer.

Before serving the tea, I told a few people the story of Nina’s, how they began and how they made perfume for Marie-Antoinette, how the tea we would be drinking was flavored with apples from the King’s kitchen garden at the palace of Versailles.

One of our members does not care for green apple flavor, but the rest were effusive in their praise of this tea. A couple of members had come in late and did not know what we drinking, so I know they were not affected by the romantic tale of Nina’s Tea, yet they actually interrupted the group to say, “I don’t know what this is, but it is GOOD!”

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drank SBT: Earl Grey by 52teas
2435 tasting notes

Wow! I am the first to drink this? I thought everyone would be geeking out on Patrick Stewart’s birthday last week and drinking it! And hurrah hooray, Steepster is letting me back on after not recognizing my iPad for a day or two.

Every Southern Boy Iced Tea I have made so far has given me a whole gallon, not just two quarts. It resteeps beautifully, and I combine the two steeps right away rather than having one stronger and one weaker steep.

This one surprised me. I know Frank doesn’t do anything by half, like just making a bergamot black tea and putting Captain Picard on the label. But this has a special candy flavor to it that was weird, but I loved it! It makes the tea taste sweeter than it really is, based on sugar added. I would say it reminded me of the great big pieces of grape bubble gum from my youth that were really soft. Don’t expect a plain Earl Grey experience here.

The gallon disappeared in record time, lasting just under 24 hours. I am probably going to have to re-order this one, though hubby likes the Pink Lemonade Iced Tea best of the new bunch. I am still hoping for Razzleberry Iced to come back, too!


I totally agree about the resteep value. I’d say I’ve gotten nearly that much out of every single tea bag too. What I do is when I get halfway through the first jug (so like a quart, I refill it up with the bag left in there, and repeat a couple more times.

Thanks for the review. I was wondering how this new one would turn out!

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I honestly don’t remember why I picked this one as me of my free samples with my order. Maybe I was broadening our horizons now that hubby and I drink green tea together often, and have it with a lot of meals.

Either way, this is a strong contender for a shelf staple. The aroma of the dry leaves was fresh. I think of green teas as belonging to certain families, like the spinach, buttered veggie, oat, or grassy families. Some are astringent on the sip and give way to sweet rising aftertaste. I wish I was a super foodie who could detect and describe more accurately but I have gotten better since joining Steepster!

This one belonged in the creamed spinach family for me, one of my favorite types. There is none of the bitterness that dark green leaves (like spinach, mustard, turnip) can have, just the smooth veggie taste of spinach – the best part of it.

My description does not match theirs, but honestly I don’t know what chestnuts taste like well enough to say the tea tastes like chestnuts…or not.

We drank three steeps of it and it had a nice amber color every time. The creamed spinach flavor kept coming through, so I call this a winner.


Sounds up my alley!


Spinach is my favorite too!

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I was raised in the Bible Belt in a Baptist household. My mother was raised in a Baptist orphanage. It was a loving, nurturing home, but you did not, I repeat, did NOT say “oh my God” or “Jesus Christ” unless you were actually praying. My sister frequently said, “OH LORD!” Then softly added, “And I do mean it reverently.” Yep, we were that Southern Baptist.

These habits are hard to break, and I still do not use those expressions lightly, so believe me when I say I meant it with all my heart when I cut this package open, sniffed, and said, “Oh my God” in a husky voice as my knees shook.

I had only tried a sample of this, but loved it long ago. When a friend signed up for Teavivre samples I encouraged her to try this one, and she fell in love with it and no other tea would do, so I placed an order for both of us. I guess it has been over a year now since I had my samples.

What is so great about it? Everything. The jasmine aroma is lighter than their other jasmines like Dragon Pearl Jasmine, Silver Jasmine Green, and Superfine Downy Jasmine Dragon Pearls. The tea itself is so rich and creamy. The mouth feel reminds me very much of having a bit of real whipping cream. This is a white tea with great body, great taste of creamy oaty grain goodness, and the sweetness of jasmine laid over the top. The jasmine stays with you after the sip in a little ghost of aftertaste.

Hubby tried it for the first time tonight and really liked it. We had five steeps, FIVE!, so far and it is still so very good.

Thank you for sending me samples and introducing me to so many wonderful teas, Teavivre! I end up buying almost everything I taste!

Edited to add: after hubby went to bed I went for a sixth steep. I drank it. I had to get up a lot last night! Just until about 2 am. LOL!


This one is so good. It would be interesting to compare all of Teavivre’s jasmines!


Yes to everything you wrote.


Your first paragraph made me snort Nina’s up my nose! You’ll get this one: we took Mom last weekend for a bittersweet day at their little home church—not the one I grew up in—and I had to look left and right to make sure it was OK to applaud :) My brother, veteran bluegrass musician, brought his dobro to play Jesus Loves Me, the Old Rugged Cross, and How Great Thou Art for Mom’s birthday present. You would’ve cried, too.

Terri HarpLady

I love this review! :)


tigress_al: I think I have now tried all of their jasmines! In order of preference, I would say this is my favorite for when I can really be still and pay attention to how good my tea is, Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls come next, then Superfine Downy Jasmine Pearls, then Silver Jasmine Green tea, which is excellent with food but not as good by itself as these others. I still bought a lot of it because it is very economical and when paired with a meal I do detect enough difference to justify using a more expensive tea.


GMathis: you are right! I definitely would have cried! My youngest is now getting into gospel bluegrass thanks to the game Bioshock Infinite of all things, and is performing Will the Circle Be Unbroken (original lyrics) with me and with one of my students!

K S and Terri: Glad you liked it! :)


You know, there are just some things that can’t be sung off a screen with a rhythm track :)

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I made Asian food for supper tonight and we HAVE to have green tea with that! I picked this one because it has been such a magnificent complement in the past. I made two 18 ounce steeps, and they were gone in a flash.

This is a fantastic tea. It has great body, wonderful flavor, pairs beautifully with food, tastes delicious on its own. I have the old style tins that I…..I mean, my hubby…..ordered for me as a Christmas gift. They have revamped their packaging and it is gorgeous! A fitting delivery for such gorgeous teas. Go on their website and check it out!

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drank Pink Lemonade by Southern Boy Teas
2435 tasting notes

We finished our gallon of Razzleberry last night, so I refilled the dispenser with this right away. It is already almost completely gone. That’s right, in 24 hours with only two people drinking it.

When I saw the name I was afraid it would taste like the horrible iced tea with lemon that is so common. You know, the cheap, acid tea with ultra acidic fake lemon? But I knew Frank wouldn’t do that to us. No, he wouldn’t. And he didn’t.

He created a wonderful blend that is actually fairly subtle. Hubby surprised me by absolutely loving it and drinking glass after glass today. It is super hot and muggy here and every Sunday he and Sam go romp in the woods and fields, so he really wanted to tank up on this when they got home.

There is a very pretty reddish glow in the color. The tea base is really nice, as always, and lemon, cotton candy, and raspberry come next. The word “candy” comes foremost in my mind when I think of describing this, but not super sweet, cloying, tooth rotting candy. Just nice candy flavor. I am so glad I bought a bunch of these. I think I am going to have to order more.

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drank Razzleberry by Southern Boy Teas
2435 tasting notes

Last night, hubby and I finished off the gallon of Razzleberry sweet tea in the refrigerator. I was making popcorn and he was headed for the outside fridge and asked if I wanted a drink. (We keep the sodas outside as we buy them in bulk for weekends when the whole herd of teenagers descends upon us.)

I told him thank you, but no, as I was trying to drink tea to limit my soda intake. He hit the brakes and turned to the fridge and fixed a glass for each of us.

Now, help me out if I am wrong, but it seems to me this is a much healthier choice even when sweetened. I am adding one cup of sugar per gallon of iced tea. That makes eight 16 ounce servings, so each serving would have 1/8 cup sugar, which should be approximately 4 teaspoons. Is that correct?

As I did my research, I saw that some of the bottled iced teas in stores have as much sugar as soda! Oh my cow! I have to give Harney Tea some accolades here for having delicious, refreshing iced tea in bottles and keeping it very low in sugar.

So I realize that no sugar would probably be best – and personally there are a lot of teas I could drink unsweetened and iced but the family won’t go for that – but this is a lot better than the ten tsps. of sugar in twelve ounces of cola and I get to avoid burping the bubbles and leaching the calcium from my bones. WIN!


1/8 cup is 2 tbsp which is 6 tsp. still better than soda. :)


Ah, thanks! My mom always told me that 1/4 cup was about three tablespoons, but I never checked! Hmmm, wonder how that shorted tablespoon in 1/4 cup has affected things all these years? :)


I guess it depends on hiw ou measure your tbsp! :) At one of my jobs we pile the spoons with as much as will fit. When baking, i level them off.

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drank Razzleberry by Southern Boy Teas
2435 tasting notes

I made this iced tea according to package instructions and I resteeped immediately to get a full gallon. There is no lack of flavor. I LOVE THIS TEA!

I put it all in the small Pottery Barn dispenser, which I then put on the top shelf in my fridge. This was the sweet tea served tonight for Writers’ Group. I mention the dispenser to say that I have found it to be very handy when you have a lot of tea. You don’t have to lift a heavy pitcher, just turn the handle on the spigot and fill your glass. The glass helps the tea get extra cold, too, and since the spigot is metal instead of plastic, you are less likely to have a major catastrophe with a failed spigot.

I added one cup of sugar to one gallon of tea because most of this crowd likes their tea SWEET! Some even add extra simple syrup! This was very well liked tonight.

I have a bunch of new SBT to try, and I can hardly wait!

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My best friend left her one pound bag of this at my house for me to experiment with, and I decided to make it one of our Writer’s Group teas this week. One of our members does not like beverages with sugar AT ALL, so no soda and no sweet tea, and we are in the hot and sticky South!

I had a cup of this hot a few days ago, and then yesterday set some to cold steep. I kept this one unsweetened just for her! She liked it very much and even with the cold steep method the pomegranate flavor comes through very nicely.

It makes a lovely pitcher of light colored tea for hot, muggy, rainy nights like this. It was served cold from the fridge and without ice.

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I am a music teacher, tutor, and former homeschool mom (25 years!) who started drinking loose leaf tea about ten years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

I am also reviewing for Sororitea Sisters now!

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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