47 Tasting Notes

drank Matcha Jaffa Swirl by T2
47 tasting notes

This matcha reminds me Jaffa Cake. It is the liquid form of Jaffa cake but it is not matcha for sure. It has no matcha flavor. It doesn’t mix well and I would never use this product with my bamboo whisk. It is more of drink if you want it but it is nothing like matcha

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Cold Brew!

cold brewed it in a medium Mason jar for 36 hours.
It is bright red from the hibiscus and the rose hips. It tasted like strawberry and kiwi – a bit artificial but that it is what I was expecting so I am not disappointed by that. The flavors are coming out strong. It is very tart and slightly bitter and thick because of tisane to water ratio. I was expecting it to be weak like other fruit teas so I went a little scoop happy. I would add a bit less of the tisane or add more water the next time I make it. This tea unlike other fruit infusions from different brands is not as sweet which is lovely. There are no artificial sweetners or sugary fruits in it which makes it so I can consume more of it without having the sweetness invade my taste buds

Flavors: Strawberry

4 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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Had the last of it today. There was enough for more than cup but less than 2 cups. It came out slight bitter because of the smaller broken tea leaves and the lack of the pineapple bits at the bottom. It is quite nutty and I can taste the slight bit of the oiliness of the coconut. Glad to done with this. It was good but not something I would want to keep for a long time. It was a good treat while I had it.

Flavors: Bitter, Nutty

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drank Vanilla Bean by Mighty Leaf Tea
47 tasting notes

I bought a lot of this tea but it is one that I have had to experiment with a lot to be able to drink this. It gets bitter rather quickly and it is not one you can drink without milk. This is one that is unforgiving to my lazy forgetful tea drinking.
I had this hot brewed with rice milk. It was actually surprisingly delightful today for the first time. I could really taste the vanilla. I do not usually drink my tea with sweeteners but the rice milk does have some natural sweetness to it which might have been the reason that it was palatable today. I did add about 3/4 cup of rice milk to 8 oz of tea. It is a lot more what I would normally drink.

Flavors: Vanilla

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Sample sipdown.

The dry leaves smell like brown sugar.

Brewed: There is a slight dessert like taste to it. It tastes like brown sugar or maple sugar. I didn’t add anything to it. The flavor of the black tea comes through pretty well. It is light and not too acidic like most black teas.

Flavors: Brown Sugar

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Hot Latte with rice milk

The dry leaves say they include oolong and black tea and lavender buds. I could not spot the oolong. There were a some camouflaged lavender buds.
The dry smell is intoxicating. It smells very floral and of vanilla.
The bergamot flavor was really mellow and disappears into the background with the milk. There is a floral note but it is more of a general floral note. I wanted the early grey to stand out more and be stronger. I may try to add more leaves next time for a stronger earl grey flavor. Other than that, overall It was creamy and comforting. It was be wonderful to have on a cold winter day.

Flavors: Creamy, Vanilla

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec

I might have to try a rice milk latte! Sounds interesting

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drank milky oolong by Whistling Kettle
47 tasting notes

This was the first milk oolong I ever got. This was even before I really got into oolongs, I just was intrigued by the name of it. This is a whole leaf tea which made me appreciated tea leaves and oolong. It brews up this beautiful green color. The taste of this is out of this world. It is a versatile tea. I would brew this gong fu style and I could stretch for it for 10+ infusions, I would brew it western style and it was still great but brought a different personality to the tea. I would also brew this grandpa style. It was light and refreshing and bright. It was always forgiving when I would forgot about it for a while. The flavor is not too milky or artificial. I have bought every milk oolong I have come across and none is as good as this one. There are a few that come close but this one will always have a place in my heart.

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drank Peach Bellini by Adagio Teas
47 tasting notes

Experimented with this and peach black tea from Fortnum and Mason. The flavor of this tea is light when I tried it iced by itself and very weak hot by itself. I decided to add this to the peach black tea and cold steep the two. It is beautiful. The light peach flavor from this tea add to the peach flavor from the peach black tea. It creates a wonderful blend together.

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drank Banana Grapefruit by DAVIDsTEA
47 tasting notes

Having this cold brewed. The flavor profile intrigued me. It is a refreshing iced tea with a bright and fresh notes from the grapefruit and creamy notes from the banana. Almost no “tea” is present in the blend that I bought. It was interesting to find out that it was a black tea base as none of it comes out in the liquor.

Flavors: Creamy

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drank Rose Lemonade by DAVIDsTEA
47 tasting notes

I opened this and smelled it and it instantly brought me back to something from my childhood. It made for a mediocre hot tea so I decided to cold steep it. It brought this tea to a different level. I would leave it to steep in the fridge for a few days. It was one of the more forgiving tea to my lazy antics.
It was sweet and delicious. The cold steep produced a full bodied liquor. I could not quite taste the lemonade but the rose flavor was prominent. It reminded me of jelly candies that I had as a child during the summers with my grandparents . It brought back a delightful feeling. I loved every bit of this tea and quite disappointed that I can no longer get it.

Flavors: Rose

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