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Just received this in an order of 3 samplers from Taiwan Tea Crafts. Since I’m home so much, I liked the idea of tasting multiple different varietals in the same category from the same brand. This is a really lovely oriental beauty. Tastes like syrupy sweet stone fruits and wildflower honey. It smells incredible as well- honey and overripe stone fruits.

Flavors: Honey, Nectar, Stonefruits


Oriental Beauty is one of my favourites (:

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I haven’t been drinking tea much over the last week. My 2 year old cat very unexpectedly went into the hospital, and in a matter of days passed. She hadn’t had any other medical issues, and suddenly lost her appetite and became lethargic. What I thought would be a pretty routine trip to the vet, revealed a mass in her abdomen. Exploratory surgery revealed one of her kidneys was completely destroyed, and had to be removed. Everyone thought she would recover, being only 2. However, her body slowly failed over the course of a few days. She was put on oxygen, we were called, and she passed within 15 minutes of us being there.
Everything seems pretty empty and sad. My cats are my world, especially my baby Remi. She was so happy, so loving.

Apologies for the personal tangent, I’m trying to get back into doing things I enjoy (like being on Steepster).

This tea was really satisfying. Really deep cherry notes, and some chocolate maltiness. I only got 3 steeps out of it, before it turned a bit more leathery than I wanted.


Only two. I’m so sorry for your loss.


I’m so, so sorry. My favorite cat that I’ve ever had died suddenly from kidney cysts in February, and she was only nine. I still cry about it most days. It’s sad that kidney problems are so common in kitties. I hope you’re doing okay <3


So sorry for your loss ): I’m glad you got to be there with her when she passed.


Nothing will replace that unconditional love from a furbaby, but hopefully you have some good memories of a fun playful kitten to remember.


The exact same thing happened to my girlfriend and I earlier this year. Salem was about 9 months old. He seemed like a happy little kitten with lots of energy. Little did we know his kidneys would fail.

We were out of town for one night, but when we came back the next day he was pretty much unresponsive and already gone. It is never easy losing a loved one and especially when it seems so sudden and unexpected.

May you enjoy Remi’s memory in peace, tea helps calm the mind in trying times. I hope you can find the solace you deserve.

Martin Bednář

I am sorry for your loss! It is always sad to see pet go.


I’m sorry about your cats too, Barsomn and AJRimmer. It’s odd some of these cats have kidney failure so young. My older cat died many years ago of kidney failure and high blood pressure but I have since learned NO people food for pets. That cat loved her people food. But how is this happening in cats so young?


Thank you for the kind words, everyone. I’m very sorry for your losses Barsomn and AJRimmer.
Yes, 2 is so young. Remi had quite a rough start. She was actually hit by a car at 5 months, and had a hernia surgery and leg amputation then. There’s a chance the kidney issue is a result of the accident, but there is no way to know.

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It’s been incredibly hot here, and I just got done with a nice rich black tea, so I wanted something light and fresh. I don’t have many green teas in my stash, as I don’t really reach for the anymore, so decided to try to take a whirl with this one again. Unfortunately, it’s just as mild as before. I tried higher temperatures and increasing the dry leaf, but it just lacks flavor for me. This one will be retiring to the trade pile.

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This really does taste like some kind of chocolate pear dessert. Not quite a cake, but perhaps a pear tart drizzled in chocolate and caramel. There’s quite a strong caramel note, and the chocolate is distinct but not overwhelming or synthetic tasting. The pear flavoring isn’t my favorite, and is bordering on artificial. There’s a slight banana note to it as well. It’s quite sweet, and would probably do better as a latte.

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Another cold brew. It’s been so hot, so I’m finally trying many of the teas that are better suited iced. Not getting any peach, which is strange because there were plenty of big freeze dried pieces. Mostly spearmint, with a hint of lemon. Much like Kiwi Mojito, it’s a perfectly fine blend, but mint just isn’t really my thing.

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I’ve tried this one on two separate occasions, and I pretty strongly dislike it, despite consisting of flavors I generally love (orange blossom, honey, almond). The first time, it somehow tasted like pencil shavings. This time around, it has a strong alcohol flavor that overpowers everything else.

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drank Kiwi Mojito by 52teas
569 tasting notes

I’m not huge on mint, but if I am going to drink it, it’s generally iced. As it’s been approaching 90degrees+ here, I decided to make a nice big cold brew pitcher of this….and I forgot it in the fridge for 36 hours. I thought for sure it would be bitter, but decided to try it anyway. Surprisingly, not too bitter. The lime and spearmint are very refreshing, and I can taste just a bit of the kiwi. I would’ve liked more of the fruitiness to come through, but overall a nice refreshing iced tea.

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Added a bit of honey and it really brought this tea to life.

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Hello! I live in Los Angeles with my boyfriend and 3 cats [+however many foster cats I have at the moment]. I’m also obsessed with all things spooky.

I became obsessed with the world of tea through DavidsTea years ago. I love to try new brands, so I’m constantly on the look out for new-to-me companies.

Favorite Brands:
Bird and Blend
The Necessiteas
August Uncommon
Jolie Tea Co.

Favorite flavors:

Most mint
Red Rooibos

Though, I’ll taste anything once!

I mainly brew western style.I like my tea extremely strong, so I tend to use wayyyyy more dry leaf than suggested.



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