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I enjoyed this with some oat milk and honey, and a bit of extra vanilla bean powder added in. I find it to be a very easy, enjoyable drinker.

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drank New York Breakfast by T2
569 tasting notes

This came in the breakfast sampler I purchased on sale after Christmas. I love this type of sampler and have been really enjoying tasting through the set. This one is super nice. A bold, malty black base. Cocoa, vanilla, and a tiny bit of cinnamon. I made it sweetened with a bit of honey, and added a splash of oat milk.

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Man, this is good. I upped the rating on this one, because it’s just so freaking tasty. I actually chugged the glass because it was so enjoyable. Very tempted to purchase more.

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drank Highgarden by 52teas
569 tasting notes

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Upon drinking this again, I’m boosting up the rating. It was nice and smooth, and had an interesting artichoke note on top of the dried fruits.

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I grabbed this sample with the Japanese Orange matcha sample I tried from the same company. They claim to add sugarcane and sugar syrup to their soil to enhance the natural sweetness of the tea. Not sure if I buy that, but it was a perfectly decent bowl of matcha. Very smooth flavor, nicely grassy with only mild bitterness.

Mastress Alita

I bought a sencha at a tea festival where they said the same thing about using sugarcane in the soil to enhance natural sweetness in the sencha. It was one of the best sencha I’d ever sampled, I will say that, so I do have to wonder about the merit of it…


Interesting! The same brand does have a sencha that has won at the Global Tea Championships, I wonder if it’s the same company!

Mastress Alita

Oh! I think it is, now that I look closer… was the sencha called Issaku? Whether the sugar cane story was salesman snake oil or not, my friend and I loved that sencha sample at the Portland Tea Fest and both ended up going home with some!


I believe so! I’m very curios to try it. I don’t mind their claims, as long as the tea tastes good.

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I found out about this company through a tea blogger I follow, and saw that they offered matcha samples for $2.99 with free shipping. I grabbed this one and their plan matcha. This was really pleasant! It has a tangerine like flavor, sweet and present, but not cloying or overwhelming. I added a bit of honey and it was an excellent bowl of matcha.

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I’m finding a lot of Mountain Stream Teas to be misses for me. The last 3-4 I brewed all tasted about the same- slightly vegetal, slightly bitter, but overall boring and similar. I’ve found they’re generally very weak, even using 10g of tea and just a few ounces of water. Not sure I would make a repeat purchase anytime soon.


That’s been my experience with Mountain Stream Teas too. I feel kinda bad for bashing them because I really admire the owner’s passion, honesty, and support for sustainable tea farming but many of the teas just haven’t been up to par. I did like their baozhong and some of their flavored oolongs though.


I feel bad swell. I always like supporting small businesses (especially ones that are passionate about their products), but it seems like they need to find different farms to source from.

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Hello! I live in Los Angeles with my boyfriend and 3 cats [+however many foster cats I have at the moment]. I’m also obsessed with all things spooky.

I became obsessed with the world of tea through DavidsTea years ago. I love to try new brands, so I’m constantly on the look out for new-to-me companies.

Favorite Brands:
Bird and Blend
The Necessiteas
August Uncommon
Jolie Tea Co.

Favorite flavors:

Most mint
Red Rooibos

Though, I’ll taste anything once!

I mainly brew western style.I like my tea extremely strong, so I tend to use wayyyyy more dry leaf than suggested.



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