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drank Sakurambo by Lupicia
237 tasting notes

Hey. I reviewed this one before. I remember because TeaFairy commented that she loved the weirdness of it? Is someone deleting bad reviews?

Well I will rate it again. I found this very artificial and perfume-like. So there, whoever deleted my tasting note.


Nooo, they don’t do that do they?!


I remember your review of this tea! Witness for the plaintiff

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drank Napa Blanc by Lupicia
237 tasting notes

I cold brewed this one and added a bit of sweetener, and the flavour I got was epic: like maynard’s wine gums candies with a hint of jasmine. It sounds like an odd combination, but I absolutely loved it and found it quite refreshing. The slight astringency also added to it, giving me the same mouth sensation as dry white wine.

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drank Peppermint Patty by Butiki Teas
237 tasting notes

When I ordered this, I wasn’t really thinking about the summer heat and when I opened the bag, I was super bummed because the chocolate chips had melted and I was pretty much left with lumps of leaf glued around globs of chocolate. Boo.

Taste wise, this is much smoother than I expected. I almost wish the mint was bolder. It’s a very soft tea and although it is quite enjoyable, I can’t quite see myself craving it.

Butiki Teas

Oh no, sorry.


You have nothing to be sorry about :) It’s my own lack of common sense really :P

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drank Red Queen Cupcake by Butiki Teas
237 tasting notes


This is just. It’s. I mean. It’s….It’s just SO overwhelmingly GOOD. It’s GREAT. It’s possibly the best flavoured black tea I have tried ever. Definitely the most cakey. The espresso notes are not over-the-top, but just perfect, and combined with the bready quality of the tea, create the perfect cake reference. The strawberry is also perfect, not too much, not too little, just enough to compliment that beautiful black base that pulls it all together. It has a nice roasty flavour, and all the flavours unfold, like a story where the characters all intertwine at different points. Very bold but not overbearing.

I used to live by an italian coffee distributor and when they roasted the coffee beans, I could smell it from inside the house. Such a beautiful scent, sweet and toasty. This tea embodies that scent so well. Maybe that’s why I love it so much :)

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I’ve been waiting to try this for quite some time and I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it. I’m usually not a fan of fruit and chocolate together in anything really, but maybe the marshmallow made this a win. I LOVE marshmallows. I remember seeing a lot of tasting notes that said that the marshmallow did not really come through, but I thought it was so obvious. As it cools down, the beautiful marshmallow loveliness tones down and disappears though. The orange notes are much more zesty than juicy and what is more of a dark chocolate taste when the tea is hot tones down as it cools down and seems to melt in with the marshmallow notes to create a yummy milk chocolate flavour. This is most definitely a re-stock.


Love this one!

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I think I may have screwed this up. It’s not flavourful at all, and it is quite astringent. I’ve had this before, and I know it can be great. I’m sad that it didn’t come out well :(

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Omg people I have so many backlogs, it’s crazy! My hectic routine is catching up to me and I pass out go to bed at like 7pm. Pretty pathetic.

This rocked my world today. I love that the banana flavour does not taste like chemicals or candy. It is just nice. The nuttiness is wonderful. I could’ve had this all day. Yum.

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drank Chilli Kiss by T2
237 tasting notes

So there is a viral video going around Facebook, that shows a woman plucking the feathers off a dead bird and supposedly eating it raw ON THE MONTREAL METRO.

Now this all sounds much more shocking than it is. In the video, she does seem to be plucking the feathers of what Im assuming is a duck (she probably bought it in china town). People online are saying it is a dead pigeon, but I mean, come on…Really Everyone is saying she is eating it, but I think she is probably just pulling off some feathers with her teeth. People say that this is shocking.

What I think is shocking is that nobody tries to stop her, or tell her not to do that, or ask her if she is ok or anything. Then people say ‘Well she was scary’. I doubt a 25 year old, tiny asian woman, wearing very little clothes and heels could do anything to, well anyone, really.

I think it is sad that hundreds, if not thousands of people will watch this video and comment about how gross she is and say terrible things, and in the end, this woman who is clearly not all there probably just needs some sort of medical attention…So that s my opinion on the thing that everyone here is talking about today.

So anyway, I am actually drinking tea while I reflect on this and I LOVE this. The combination of spicy and cinnamon is awesome. I added a bit of sugar and I am drinking cinnamon hearts. Im not really gettting chocolate out of this, but it doesnt bother me.

Cathy Baratheon

That’s exactly what I think when I see people judge those who might be unusual

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I forgot I left this in the fridge to brew, and thought it was another tea altogether, and I just couldn’t believe that an apple pie tea could taste so completely off. Then I realized it was this one and thought “Ah, well that explains it” and proceeded to feeling a bit dumb.

It probably did not stay in it’s little mason jar long enough, but the peach flavour is already intense, in a fuzzy peach candy kind of way. I couldn’t taste the base and I get no mango at all. I’ve had other herbal blends that taste exactly like this one, and I would probably not restock on this one as opposed to the herbals, since I can give the latter to my baby :P

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Another sample from mj, and also, another cold brew. Is so hawt here, we are all sticky even with the AC on high. Ugh.

So the plum flavour in this is actually quite spot on, but it’s not present throughout. Some sips are plum and some are not. The tea base is nice, but nothing to write home about. There is a bit of a tart note in there as well, which is nice, because when you eat a plum, the skin is sour and the flesh is sweet and delicate. I wouldn’t say it is WOW, but it is ok, just an interesting tea to try a couple times, but not a restock imo.


Yeah this one was a total meh for me too.

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I was introduced to the world of tea after trying to find a way to stop binging on sugar at night (I have a bit of insomnia). Then I had the brilliant idea of going to David’s Tea to get some sweet dessert-y teas to replace all the crap I was eating, whilst still satisfying my sweet tooth.

And then I tried an Oolong and I was done for.

So this is me, exploring the world of tea with excitement, spending way too much money on it, drinking impressive amounts of it, and although I do love flavoured teas, I am now beginning to try high quality straight teas, and trying to learn as much as I can. I have rarely been so passionate about something so quickly.

My boyfriend thinks I am crazy with all my teas. I actually hide some from him when I get deliveries, just so he won’t panic haha. When he does say something, I just reply that to me, tasting tea is like tasting wine, and it brings me the same kind of joy as eating chocolate or eating fine food. Only better.

Flavours I Like: Most fruits, Cinnamon, Licorice, Cloves, Pepper, Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cardamom, Floral Teas, Honey, Coffee, Pastry/Bread, Smoky, Woody

Flavours I dislike: strong vegetal tastes (a little is ok), Rooibos, Mate, Lemon, Raspberry (for the most part), Orange, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Overpowering Mint,

Other than that, un-related to tea, I love make-up artistry, parrots and birds (in real life, not objects lol), crime and trial stories, flowers, baking, wine, reading, collecting teapots and mugs and stand-up comedy.

I love Dexter, Orange is the New Black, Hannibal, all reality food and cooking series…

As I’m re-reading this I can’t help but to notice how I love extra dark things and extra happy things with no real middle. Hm. xD “I like staying up to date on murder trials…and drinking tea while bird watching!” I’m NOT weird, I swear. :)


Montreal, Quebec

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