83 Tasting Notes

drank Decaf Muscat by Lupicia
83 tasting notes

I’m going to repeat what another reviewer said. These really do smell like the gummy candy. That was the first time I smelled muscat, though the juice smells like this as well. Most of the grapes that are sold locally here, if they’re not the seedless grapes, are scuppernong. They smell similar enough, but this tea smells most like the candy, which are addictive in and of themselves. I was surprised by the smell. Sadly, I over steeped the tea and it was bitter. :( I would consider trying it again, but I tried it from a TTB and there’s only one of two bags left, so I should probably leave it. I don’t know if I would buy this tea, but Lupicia is on my list.
I’m not going to put a number because I brewed it too long. I’m sure it’s better when its brewed right.

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I sampled this tea from a TTB a day or two ago. I don’t know if I brewed it right, and I think I might have brewed it for longer than necessary, but it reminded me of oatmeal. I like vanilla teas, but I didn’t particularly enjoy this tea. I think I will give it another try later, since I could have just brewed it wrong, but I was hoping for more vanilla. I added a sweetener to it a bit too soon, so I think I’ll drink it unsweetened next time.

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I got to try a bag of this in a TTB today. It brewed really quickly and it’s quite dark for a green tea. It has a sweet and fruity scent. It’s very inviting. It also has a hint of tanginess to it which might come from the marigold. I didn’t add sugar to it, but it’s nice unsweetened. It’s not bitter and kind of reminds me of cider because of the color. I wouldn’t buy it, but it’s a good green tea, and I would offer it to others who wanted to try green tea but didn’t want something too vegetal.

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This smells and tastes just like honeydew. I’m not a big fan of the fruit, but the juice itself is good, and I’ve had my share of honeydew gum, and this has a nice flavor while not tasting artificial. I didn’t realize it was a green rooibos when it came in Tracey’s traveling tea box, because the predominant smell is honeydew, but it makes sense. I will have to try green rooibos by itself to know how it tastes. I think this tea tastes best cold. It’s almost like drinking honeydew juice.

Flavors: Honeydew, Sweet

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This is a nice, quality leaf with a mild flavor and citrus taste without it being indistinguishable from orange or lemon or too perfume-y. I received the box in the mail today. I was starting to wonder when I would receive it, but it arrived at a fairly reasonable time. This is my first time trying What-Cha tea, but I will definitely buy more in the future.

Alistair seems cool too. I didn’t buy much tea, but he wrote a note for me and sent me a sample of Nepal Silver Oolong. I don’t know much about business, but that’s enough for me to become a repeat customer. I also kept all of the stamps. I think some of them fell off, though… so I kept what was still on the box.


Glad to hear it arrived safely, in spite of some of the stamps falling off (some are 40+ years old so they don’t glue so well).

Thanks for the kind words :)

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I like this tea. I don’t really get the fruity or chocolate flavors that other people do, but I do like the maltiness of it. It has a more complex flavor than other black teas, so it stands well on its own where others would need flavors added.

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This tea also came in TraceyC’s TTB. It didn’t brew as dark as I thought it would. I think I let it steep too long, and I added splenda. I think I’ll try it again later without sweetener, and I might try it iced, too. I don’t really taste the blackberry right now, but I think it’s mostly because I let it steep too long.

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I wasn’t planning to brew similar teas, but this is my second apple nut tea tonight, right after Sleigh Ride. I thought it was just nuts, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it has apples in it. I guess I need to reconsider my stance on apple pieces. This one is light with a focus on nut. I’m glad about that.

It’s very mild, but I like it. I don’t know if I could describe the taste, though I would definitely say its a dessert tea. I could drink this at night, though it does have a tart after taste from the apples and requires more of the tisane to brew.

This also came in Tracey’s TTB. I probably wouldn’t have tried it if it wasn’t in the box.

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drank Sleigh Ride by DAVIDsTEA
83 tasting notes

I didn’t know if I was going to like this or not, but the tea itself is rather pretty with large pieces of cinnamon and nuts. I’m not a big fan of fruit tea, but this smelled nice dry, and after letting it steep for a while, it brewed to a nice red color. I was worried that it would be sour like a strong hibiscus tea, but this is more like a spiced cider. A rather weak cider, but it is enjoyable. I sweetened it with splenda. Since I let it steep for so long, I didn’t think I could steep it a second time.

Anyway, this tea came in Tracey’s traveling tea box. There were a lot of great choices, but this was one I wanted to try first. This is my second sample David’s Tea, I think. I like it, though I doubt I would drink it without splenda.

Flavors: Apple, Cinnamon

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I wasn’t completely certain that I would like this as much as the other teas. I’m not the biggest fan of apple, but I liked that it was made with pumpkin, and I wanted to sample two different pumpkin teas. I only ended up getting an ounce of this, so I probably won’t be able to enjoy this long, but I’m not going to dwell on that. The cider notes give it a more rounded flavor in my opinion than the other tea that I have, though I do enjoy both. I have been able to steep both teas twice, though I don’t really know how long the pumpkin flakes last. I’m just glad it doesn’t taste like apple juice.

Flavors: Pumpkin

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It’s almost time for elevensies, and I haven’t even had second breakfast. You don’t mind if I leave this blank, do you?

Just kidding.

So, there isn’t much to say honestly. I suppose I could say I enjoy tea – something quite obvious given my account. I could say that I’m not Peregrin Took as well, also obvious.

Anyway, I got tired of the babble, so I deleted it. I might even replace it at some point. I do need to go get my tea, though. I think I’ve left it steeping for too long. Oops.

My profile picture broke. I’m so upset. I had to get a new one.



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