I chose this one (& a couple of their other varieties) because I’m really enjoying cold water infusions at work. As the weather heats up they are more thirst-quenching & less boring than plain water all the time. I’m always looking for other flavours to try, so I don’t get sick of the ones I have, especially since the local supermarkets seem to be de-ranging 2 of the 5 Twinings In’fuse flavours. (Oh no, one of my favourites – Rose Lemonade!)
The other advantage with these is that they can be drunk hot or cold. So they can carry me through to winter again.
And hey, they were on special 33% off, so why not give them a try?
Like most fruit infusions, this one smells divine in the bag & also when brewing. The aroma of oranges is powerful and mouthwatering. The liquor was very deep red, almost ruby.
However, once again like many other fruit tisanes, the taste is not as strong as the scent, which is a bit disappointing.
The first ingredient listed was hibiscus, and that was obvious from the taste. While I’m not averse to some hibiscus (I don’t hate it like some Steepsters do), I’d hoped the orange would cut through a bit more, especially since it’s my favourite blood orange.
There’s a faint taste of rosehips in there, but the apple is almost non-existent. Having said that, the taste was still pretty good, just not orange-y enough to be an absolute favourite.
The other issue I had is with the packaging – The boxes state “Zero sugar”, which is good, as one of the reasons I’m drinking these cold water infusions is to replace the few fizzy drinks I have. What they don’t make obvious anywhere except in the fine print ingredients list is that they DO have Stevia. Now, while I have done my research & Stevia seems to be the least obnoxious of the sugar substitutes healthwise, why imbibe it if there are alternatives you like just as much, or more, without it? So, while acknowledging I should have checked , I feel the packaging is a bit misleading as most products with Stevia state it clearly and/or have a logo.
All in all, I’ll enjoy the rest of the packet, but am unlikely to repurchase this or any of the other flavours with Stevia included.
NOTE – have since been reading their blog & some of the other flavours don’t include Stevia, so I will just concentrate on those (I hope I like them!).

Flavors: Hibiscus, Orange, Rosehips

Iced 5 min, 0 sec 2 g 15 OZ / 450 ML

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As the product of a very traditional English grandmother, I was taught from a young age to ALWAYS brew tea (only ever black) in a pot, drink from a fine china cup, (never a mug), & pour the milk in first…
Like most young people, I didn’t realise what I had at home, so I went off to conquer the world. It didn’t all work as planned, but on that journey, I found a new me – a less driven, softer & more socially aware me. One that doesn’t drink coffee on-the-go, but takes time to savour a good cup of tea. Maybe not always brewed in a pot (sorry nana!), but DEFINITELY out of a fine china cup!

NOTE – In the interests of full disclosure, my new tea obsession has led me to buy lots of samples & mixed packs in order to find out what I like. (Hence my tea cupboard is full to overflowing!) I’m trying the better known brands first & looking forward to broadening my horizons.
My plan is to reacquaint myself with the black teas of my youth, and go on a whole new tea adventure with greens, whites, oolong, pu’erh, florals & herbals.

What I have discovered so far:

Smoky blacks
Masala chai
Rose scented (but not flavouring)
Cold water infusions (great in the Aussie heat!)

Most black teas without milk
Most of the green teas I’ve tried (trying different types to overcome this!)
Earl Grey (although I’m revisiting this)
Straight camomile tea (Blech!)

Favourite Tea Companies:
Madura Australia
Tamborine Tea Australia
Tea Tonic Australia

Tea Rating Scale:
90-100: Outstanding! One of my favourites, will always be on hand.
80-89: Great! Will likely be in my tea stock.
70-79: Good – I’ll buy it occasionally for a change or until I find something I like better.
50-69: Meh… It’s not for me…
26-49: Blech! I struggled to finish it.
00-25: So awful, I spat it out!


Country NSW Australia

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