46 Tasting Notes

I just spent $150 that I REALLY don’t have to enter this tea into the North American Tea Championships. I could only (not) afford to enter one tea. I hope I picked the right one and that my partner doesn’t kill me for doing it. (I would have stewed about it all year if I hadn’t done it.)


That sounds very exciting! I’m rooting for ya!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Good luck and I hope it was worth the risk. Sometimes You just have to risk it to move on to greater things. I will say I do enjoy this blend. :-)


Good luck!


Good luck!


Great choice of tea! :)


Good luck!


hopefully you feel it paid off. it was a factor in my ordering it and I will definitely order more! DELISH


If you have never entered the cinnamon raisin toast, you so need to enter that at some point. It is exquisitely unique :)

Southern Boy Teas

Unfortunately, the judges at the NATC did not agree about the Buttered Cinnamon Raisin Toast (we entered it a few months ago). They did, however award us 3rd place for the Pina Colada Honeybush last year. We might just have to enter another honeybush blend this year. Maybe Coconut Cheesecake.


Wow! It’s one of the most unique and interesting teas I’ve ever had. Well, no accounting for taste on that count. Congrats on the other prize though!

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Can’t wait to see what you guys think of this one. It has been a HUGE hit here at the shop. Only five left!

Southern Boy Teas

I’m probably going to get my arm twisted into reblending this at some point, but it could be a while before I get the supplies in for it.


In the meantime, can I twist your arm to get you to reblend any of these:

~Persimmon Oolong
~Rocky Road
~Raisin Oolong
~Raspberry Chocolate RazzleDazzle
~Anise Biscotti
~Cherry Lime Rooibos



And Chocolate Cheesecake Chai — I swear, I had the one left in my cart and when I went to check out it was out of stock!


Butter Pecan PLEASE!!!

Southern Boy Teas

Okay, in reverse order: We shouldn’t have been sold out of Butter Pecan. My mistake. (I really need to update our In-stock page again soon and double check our inventory, but we have 12 pouches on the shelf right now, so I just updated the site’s inventory.

Chocolate Cheesecake Chai: I have one pouch and enough tins to make six more pouches, so inventory updated to 7 on hand.

LiberTEAs, I think you just picked my all-time slowest selling blends. Seriously. I had Rocky Road for a year after we blended it. You know what kills me? The kids I have here in the shop are big fans of XYZ teas, and our online customers like ABC. I just never know what to blend. Let me think on it. Is there ONE of those that you want more than the others?


YAY!!! Purchasing now…


Frank, I guess I’m just like that – I tend to go for the more unusual things… I’m even like that when we go out to eat. My husband reads through the menu, finds the most unusual thing and then secretly guesses that will be what I choose to order. He then asks me what I want to order, and about 9 times out of 10, I choose that unusual thing he’s secretly guessed.

Anyways… if I were to choose just one of those on the list, I would probably choose the anise biscotti. That one just sounds yummy. But then, they all do. Rocky Road is my favorite ice cream, Cherry Lime sounds intriguing to me because that’s my favorite limeade from Sonic. I’m interested in the two Oolongs because I love Oolong.

Anyways… I always look forward to your new offering every week … even though I secretly curse you when you make something that I must try because then I must order. LOL


Ooh, I really hope you guys reblend this—it sounds so good! Custard is my favorite food dessert. :)


I can personally attest that this tea is BLISSFUL!

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Guys I know I recently decided not to rate my own teas, but I am going to make this one exception for this truly amazing blend. Everybody keeps telling me how weird or gross it sounds, but this is truly an amazing blend. Worthy of a 100 rating from me and everyone else!


Ok seriously. This got old hours ago. After today it’s just deception (not that it wasn’t today), because I doubt people will check the forum to make sure this is legit. It is not an amazing blend, because it doesn’t exist. It probably would since pu erh already is defined as “fishy” to some people, but currently is not. If you’re gonna rate your own teas, at least rate one that actually exists.

Southern Boy Teas

I personally think it’s even better with a little mayonnaise.


Since I like onions with my tuna, I think I will infuse mine with a little chopped onion and see how that turns out. Maybe add a squirt of mustard… although the mad hatter might not approve.


Chunk light or albacore? Water packed or oil packed? Cheddar or provolone? As my 6 year old would say: “made you look”!

Peggie Bennett

Maybe a little chopped celery would lend a slight vegetal taste too. And some lemon, because it goes with fish and tea, giving it a zesty zing!


52teas, this post + responses just proves you are the greatest.


Roflmao, I’m so sad that I just now joined Steepster and missed out on this whole event!

Ashley Bain

I second Shanti. Where was I a year ago, dangit. Re-blend, pretty please?


Ashley, there was no first blend. That’s the entire point.

Ashley Bain

I know. I’m joking with the “re-blend” … that’s my point. lol.

Daisy Chubb

lol @ these comments :D


I really want a tuna melt now.


So this all happened 3 years ago, and I’m laughing now (May 2013), because I completely fell for it. :)

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drank Mintastic by 52teas
46 tasting notes

Whoops. I really didn’t realize it until I added this tea to Steepster that one of our competitors has a tea blend by the same name. I guess great minds think alike. Anyway, it was a little late to change it now, but it’s a different sort of tea anyway.


Mintastic matcha?


Maybe a double t? Seeing it as Minttastic or Mint-tastic would prevent me from pronouncing it Mintasstic… that’s just icky…


Alright, here is the fix. Mintttttttttttastic. Don’t let me down.

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Looking for a seriously decadent dessert tea? Your search is OVER. This is just simply amazing.


Soggy nuts… blech…


The cashews may be soggy—but they’ll taste great! I love cashews—they’re my favorite. :)

Meghann M

does steeping nuts get any flavor out of the nuts? I cringe whenever I see nuts as an ingredient because of the soggy nuts postings on a previous tea day.


Tempting tempting =] Will resist!

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Okay, so I’m trying really hard not to toot my own horn here. I don’t want to ruffle any feathers. But you guys HAVE to try this. I know it’s not as out there as Buttered Cinnamon Raisin Toast or Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, but this is DELICIOUS! I’m thinking we may have listed the ingredients incorrectly. (We’re supposed to list ingredients according to weight, so that whatever there is most of has to come first. Well, I think instead of “tea, black currants…” it should have been “black currants, tea”). We really put a lot of delicious black currants in this blend and our Bai Mu Dan is spectacular with it. Really, you should try it.


This sounds really lovely. I do think I have to try it! Off to order!


I think anything you guys come up w/ falls into the HAVE to try catagory because even if you don’t have the “OMgosh THIS SOUNDS SO GOOD!” reaction, you have the “OMgosh… this is weird… GOTTA TRY IT!” reaction. Although I will say this is a little too much on the normal side for my expectations of 52teas.

Southern Boy Teas

Yeah, the thing is (as I tried to say in the posts related to the white teas), white tea doesn’t really lend itself to the extravagance of cherry vanilla cola or buttered cinnamon raisin toast or chocolate peanut butter cup. At least in my opinion, the white tea is too subtle to be drown in such flavors. It would be like putting ranch dressing on sorbet.

We are working on a white chai, but I’m not quite happy with it yet.


Sign me up for that one! Yeah, I know what you mean though. Infact when you said currants should have been listed 1st I was concerned right away. I thought even that may drown out the white tea.

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

Even though I haven’t ordered from you yet, I’d been meaning to comment somewhere on Steepster to you that your white tea blends sounded quite yummy, even if they aren’t as bold or unusual as your usual blends.

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I guess no one on Steepster has had this one yet. My wife made a big pitcher of this as an iced tea to go with our chicken Alfredo dinner tonight. It is sooo refreshing and delicious.

I’ve always been surprised at how much more popular our pomegranate teas are in our brick and mortar shop than they are online. If I had to guess, I would say that there are too many competing pomegranate blends out there, and they have become somewhat ho hum. But I think we are unique in creating our pomegranate tea blends with real freeze-dried pomegranate arils. They have been so popular at the shop that we’ve had to create black, green, white and honeybush pomegranate teas.


I LOVE pomegranate teas, mixed with hibiscus and maybe Acai? Tropical WONDERS


Hibiscus is Teh EVIL to a lot of us here on Steepster. Unfortunately a lot of tea companies use it approximately simulate ‘tart’ flavours instead of using the real deal (which would cost more, God forbid). Pomegranate is one of those that often gets the hibiscus treatement so it’s maybe not surprsing that people are streering clear of it when they can’t taste it ahead of time, like they would in your shop (which sounds like an awesome place BTW).

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FUN organic flavored iced teas for folks who love iced tea!


Wichita, KS



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