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SIPDOWN! Thanks to kittenna for parting with some of her dear chocolate pumpkin pie. I can understand why she likes this one so much as it would be a good travel mug tea. I like that this version is a bit more muted in the spice department than the non chocolate version. I’m not sure which i’d prefer though as I seem to be out of my pumpkin mood – likely because it’s SPRING! it’s SPRING! and spicier teas (chai’s for example) tend to be what i prefer drinking in fall and winter.

overall this is a good little cup of tea and resteeps pretty well.

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drank Marrakesh Mint by Sloane Tea Company
11497 tasting notes

SIPDOWN! Thanks to Indigobloom for this sample :) This is a pretty decent mint tea, as far as straight up mint teas go. I especially like that it’s a rooibos that doesn’t taste like rooibos. I don’t think i could drink more than a cup of this at a time though, since the mint is fairly strong.

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drank Sencha Caramel Cream by Steeped Tea
11497 tasting notes

Picked this one up at the toronto tea festival in February. Figured it was time to drink it since i’m on a roll this weekend. Also, in case you’re wondering yes, yes i am going to the washroom A LOT! lol Good news though? Down to 288 teas! Trying to get through another few more tonight to see if i can manage to get to 275 this week. :)

This one? It’s not too bad, though I also didn’t realise that it had chamomile in it. I’m not getting a lot of caramel in this, instead it’s tastes more like a green chamomile tea. It also tastes weirdly like mint..but i’m not sure if that just because i’m smelling my other tea and thinking that i’m smelling it lol

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drank Blazing Strawberries by DAVIDsTEA
11497 tasting notes

Thanks to kittenna for this sample.

All i have to say is seriously? People drink this? UGH i’m not sure if it’s the sample i have or what but it pretty much smells like a dog’s butt and doesn’t taste all that great either. Maybe bamboo teas just aren’t my thing. ick. Ah well, at least it’s another one off the list! woot woot!


Haha I think we have similar taste buds because bamboo tastes off to me too, like cellar. Bamboozled made my taste bud’s die a little inside.


well we are not pandas …why should we eat/drink bamboos ? as we get real teas :)


Mmm.. dog’s butt. I always though the picture of this tea look like it belonged in a microbiology book, or in a photo collection of bizarre macro shots.


crowkettle – heh that kinda cracks me up


Haha! this conversation is really funny!


Wow really? Ew!


Mmm-hm. This definitely goes on the shopping list with this amazing description. :)


Lol Nicole

Terri HarpLady

Nice Review, Sil!


Sorry it was pretty bad. Lol

Terri HarpLady

Glad I didn’t have to sample that one!

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drank Rouge Provence by Sloane Tea Company
11497 tasting notes

Sipdown! Yeah that’s right…i’m on a roll this weekend after organizing my cupboard and getting everything sorted out. Of course once i get through these single cup servings it’ll be a MUCH slower process, but it feels good to be getting down….

So this tea? Thanks to indigobloom for the hook up. It pretty much tastes like a nondescript ordinary not very exciting rooibos tea. It’s not bad, but it’s nothing i feel the need to drink again.

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drank Citron Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
11497 tasting notes

SIPDOWN! again, not sure who let me try this one. Smells delicious and lemony and then when you brew it..it’s jasmine. flowery.gross. ick. NO!

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SIPDOWN! I think? this is from raritea though i can’t be certain, as at a certain point i stopped noticing who was putting what into my box at our swap.
I vaguely recall being asked if i wanted to try this and i’m 90% certain that even though i pretty much hate earl grey, i wanted to compare it to the earl grey creme from upton that i actually quite like (because it tastes like lemon cream).

This one? much more bergamoty, and i taste more of a vanilla flavour than the lemon i get when i drink the version from upton. I think this pretty much solidifies in my mind though, that me and bergamot? we’re never going to be friends lol


Well sounds like you are becoming quite the Davids Tea connoisseur.


lol i blame raritea!

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drank Black Cherry Matcha by Matcha Outlet
11497 tasting notes

mmmmm i had a matcha smoothie of this one today as well. We have a ton of yogurt in the house that needs to be eaten so i thought that the tangyness of the yogurt would go well with this matcha in particular. I am really digging this combo sans frozen banana. :)

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drank Movie Night by DAVIDsTEA
11497 tasting notes

SIPDOWN! Thanks to courtney for this sample in our swap. Probably not a tea that i would ever choose to pick up on my own. In dry form this smells like candied, caramel popcorn. I steeped this for a long time, as i accidentally got distracted with someone else. The good thing being that this is one of those 5-7 min steeps, so it’ll take a bit of a beating i think.

In liquid form, this smells like caramel popcorn but only the initial taste carries that popcorney kinda of taste. The end of the sip is more like candied apple. While i’m not overly a fan of this, it’s a decent blend and i’m glad to have tried it. Thank you for this one courtney!

Boiling 8 min or more

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drank White Rhino by The Tea Emporium
11497 tasting notes


Had a small cup of this in the morning with breakfast though i’m sorry to say it’s not up my alley. I appreciate Indigobloom passing along a small sample to try though. I’m pretty sure i’m a flavoured matcha kinda girl, though i might find straight green matcha to my liking if i ever get a whishk, et and learn to whisk it properly. lol


Darn, you know I was hoping to find it a good home haha

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So no real clue what to write about myself here. A friend got me into drinking loose tea and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy though I have nowhere near the experience that many folks on the boards seem to have.

My other interests are cycling, reading, board games, disney cruises, world of warcraft and dancing – in no particular order. I love travelling as well!

Most of that is on hold these days though, including tea drinking like I used to as I have a new little one who eats up all my spare time.


Toronto, ON

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