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Premium and Full Leaf? Hardly. The smell of the tea is good, which is why I bought some. The taste as others have said is overly minty which hides the green tea taste and does not feel very tropical. I bought the tea out of convience since it is pre-bagged loose leaf but was sad to see the actual condition of the leaves. They are small pieces not at all what good Dragon’s Well looks like and I saw notable amounts of tea dust, probably accounting for some of the bitterness. In the future I will just pre bag my own good loose leaf tea and skip the “convienience” factor.

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My first loose leaf tea experience was with a green tea at Todd & Holland’s Tea Merchants shop in Forest Park, IL. This green tea is bright and aromatic and truly delicious. I really get into the flavorings but this tea simply does not need them. Grassy and robust, I salavate when brewing (too much info possibly?) I also love the education that comes with stopping in and sipping tea. That is where I learned that I like early picked green tea right after the rains (said in the most snobbish voice I could muster). It is pricey thus not making it a 100 but worth the money for such a quality tea.

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I am a Pu-erh beginner so this review may seem a little basic to those of you with more refined taste. I love green tea so this seemed like a natural next step in my tea education, it took a few brews but I love it! In a green tea I love the bright almost grassy taste. This tea has orange and raspberry which bring in those bright flavors that I really love. The Pu-erh makes for a good morning tea and balances the bright fruit flavors really well. In fact that is what I love about the Pu-erh, how it can balance or contrast the fruit so well. I also love the name. Today in the Chicago area we are experiencing rain, falling temps and the threat of a wintery mix…if ever there was a time for Eternal Sunshine this is it!

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This one challenged my tastebuds in a good way. I was unsure at first about green tea with chocolate but once I sipped it all made sense. It is a pretty tea as well with the little stars generously sprinkled throughout. Not sure I would drink this all year round like I normally would with a good green tea but I do think it makes for fun winter and holiday sipping. I like it with just a tiny bit of honey.

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I first had this tea while at port on an Alaskan cruise. This was a really good tea and truly a unique blend. Not one I have seen repeated anywhere else. It is a strong tea and must be sipped slowly. I really like it with dessert type foods as it truly cuts through the sweetness. The tea is served at The Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC, Canada. We had a high tea where they served this anniversary blend. The food was delicious and the tea even better!

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This is a great green tea (in terms of quality) and the fruit flavor has a good balance with the tea. The grape flavor is good but I think a little too sweet. It is good for sipping when it is pipping hot, as it cools the flavor gets out of balance. I like it brewed one hot cup at a time. I have not had this tea cold but I would imagine it would be yummy cold!


I just bought this, maybe more because I am a major Prince fan. I smelled it at the store, didn’t realize it was grape flavor. I am going to try this cold…

Sarah Ruthven

I have to admit I bought it for the Prince reference as well! My sister really likes it…you’ll have to review it here so we can discuss :)

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This is my go to tea. I have quite the tea collection started but I go to this tea multiple times a week. It is such a clean tasting green tea and the addition of toasted rice adds some complexity to the simple clean green tea. I think it is best warm and happens to be a great pairing with a good book. I can sip it slowly or gulp it and I never seem to tire of it!

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I am not a huge herbal tea fan in general, I guess I just really miss the tea part :) I like Perfect World though. Recently while sick this was just the right gentle blend of tea to soothe my soar throat. I also really like seeing the whole flowers in my tea and the smell is relaxing.

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This is the tea I am currently sipping! The lemon taste is fresh and not sweet but not sour. The tea is not overpowered by the lemon. I have this tea brewed cold in the fridge right now but I also love it hot.

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I love tea! Since my sister started her tea company I have been exposed to a world of tea I never knew existed! It is really fun drinking new teas and trying out new flavors…and don’t forget the joy of sipping!


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