There is a vlogger I follow that seems to really love this tea. Not a tea vlogger, but someone who more recently got into tea. So, I’m not going to take her too seriously, but this sounded like something I needed to try. It’s also called “Malty Biscuit”, and it’s a flavored black, comes in tea bags, not loose. Take all this together, and I think what we have here is a “fun tea.” Not something that you’d spend time analyzing flavors, color, consistency, etc. Just boil some water, pour over tea bag in a mug and wait 5 minutes. Pour some milk in there and done.

And I have to say, it’s tasty. Comforting. Easy to like. I can definitely detect the tea biscuit in there – more like the cracker-y, cookie-like things rather than a tea biscuit/scone. I’ve been having a mug of it with breakfast, but I can see having it in the afternoon for a little mood and energy boost. Seeing as how it’s not that readily available here in the US – other than a couple of specialty stores that had outrageously high prices – I ended up ordering it through the evil Amazon empire. I really wanted to try it.

The price kind of bugs me – 12 bucks for 40 tea bags. I mean, not too bad, but not great. Besides, I have Cookie from Lupicia, which is different, but satisfies my baked good jones like no other. I mean, Cookie is the most amazing flavored black I’ve ever had. So, maybe I would get this tea again IF I ever see it around (Home Goods, maybe?), but not sure I’d go out of my way to order it again. It’s good, but not Cookie good.

Flavors: Bread, Cookie, Sweet

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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