Hi ! I’m your average bio student who just so happens to love tea. Other hobbies include sewing, listening to music

Favorite teas :
- Jasmine
- Green teas
- Fruity/florals
- Rooibos
- Chai
- White tea

Trying to get into :
- Oolong
- Pu’ehr

Dislikes :
- Mate (In most blends)
- Artificial smelling/tasting tea


Ratings explained :

0-5 : An absolute tea abomination. Might as well be poison sent to murder me and I wouldn’t question it.
5-15 : Who thought this was a good idea ?
15-25 : I’ll finish my cuppa, but it’s revolting enough that I’ll never have it again.
25-35 : Still pretty bad, but I’ll drink it if nothing better’s available.
35-45 : Meh. Not something I particularly enjoy but I don’t hate it either. Would probably gift this to a friend who’d like it better. It’s not bad, but certainly not good either.
45-55 : Good enough to use as a relaxing morning beverage and mindlessly sip throughout the day.
55-65 : I like it!
65-75 : I’d keep it in my cupboard and drink this once a week or so. I’d consider buying some more after I finish the bag.
75-85 : Very enjoyable !
85-95 : I’d drink this almost every day.
95-100 : I think I’m in heaven…

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