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Opened up Nostalgia for the first time in weeks to see how it is doing and let’s just say that I am quite excited to share this with as many people as possible : )

^ Isn’t it pretty?

and yes… I brewed cup ;)




So pretty! I will definitely be ordering some!

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I am really exhausted right now and I’m loving it. Being this busy makes me feel so alive and appreciate the moments in life where stillness occurs and there is time to just relax. Savoring that time wasn’t so easy when I was unemployed, so I’m glad to have some time to reflect on it.
It has been a great day as I am progressing at my job over these 9 hour shifts. Coming home to mow the lawn, cook, and read up on some legal issues with being an LLC (which was some BS scam letter that took 15 minutes to figure out) was actually fun. Now I’m sipping away at this beautiful tea while I prepare the gift bags for my sale next week for my birthday… purely because I can’t sit down and have tea with everyone in the world, so I figured a small way to give back is just that.

Anyways, this is wonderful and being tired while drinking this makes me feel high. My body is a bit worn because I’m in the mood to keep pushing after mowing the lawn. Sitting down and drinking this makes me feel amped with energy but not using it makes me just bug out a bit.

I’m happy and I’m quite glad to not just feel it but know it.

Daylon R Thomas

How does it compare to a Tie Guan Yin? I’ve been debating on getting a sample from Beautiful Taiwan eventually when I start working again, but it’s pricey. If it’s better, than I’ll try it, but if it’s not that different, then I’ll save up for something else.

Liquid Proust

That is about all I need say about it.

Leah Naomi

I agree- it is very very hard to appreciate time off when you are not employed, and have no time “on”. Also, I know all too well the stress of unemployment or in my case, underemployment. Not having money to pay the bills and the loans and whatnot means no money for hobbies, splurges, or fun food in my case. I am extremely happy my time in that phase is about to come to an end though.

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Pretty excited that I got a Dianhong for Christmas in July :)
Not sure if I am suppose to disclose who got me this…

Anyways, this does not have the furryness to and it is more of a darker leaf which made me curious as to the taste. I’m not sure exactly how the process works with dianhong teas in generally, but this is missing out on the velvet taste that happens all around my mouth with other dianhong teas. This is more of a very smooth black tea. While it will be my breakfast tea for quite awhile as I really enjoy how well it goes down, as a dianhong tea I am missing out on the natural cocoa notes that go down with some sort of texture I can’t touch but I can taste… I’m sure this is fantastic for those who enjoy their straight blacks :)

p.s. no tea will have an easy shot to impress me after the Imperial Golden Bud from Whispering Pines :/

Liquid Proust

@boychik “was it Yunnan Dian Hong Golden tip or Yunnan Dian Hong black? on IG you mention that its golden tip”

It was a Dian Hong golden tip

Daylon R Thomas

I kinda wish I got that instead of the ounce of North Winds. It was a free sample, and I wanted more of it, but no, I had to savor it. I liked it more because it was stronger to me than the North Winds Gongfu style.

Daylon R Thomas

Or well, more flavorful.


Merry Christmas :)

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What a smart idea… gift a wild dianhong to the guy who drank the Imperial Gold Bud in Tokyo this year and wanted more but it was out of stock… that guy was also nice enough to not purchase 10oz like planned so others could have some.
Anyways, this is like a mini-me of the dianhong… aka it doesn’t hit as hard but it still has the resemblance of the good good. In this picture it’s the dark one :p https://instagram.com/p/5sktHzxYEc/

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I really want to love this… but I can only enjoy it for what it is to me.

This brews one brisk tea that doesn’t have the appeal that a ripe pu’erh has. The smell is close to a roasted Japanese tea which is odd, but the taste is somewhat like dirty brown sugar left on top of grass near a stream on the outskirts of Tokyo. That is to say that there is a mixture of old and fresh combined. While this is not what I consider pu’erh to generally be… it’s a fun cup to sip at. I’m not sure if this is something I would want to drink again because it doesn’t leave me very satisfied.

Also, this guy on Ebay called me a stickler because I suggested to ship a book using media mail to save $5… but then he responded 10 minutes later with, ‘just kidding, I work a desk job’

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Thanks Dr Jim
This is a very unusual sheng… the liquid is pretty dark and the scent from the get go is quite interesting. What I do know for certain is that this is not the kind of sheng I like, but I can easily see its appeal for another audience of taste buds.
Pretty thick on the sips with a short mouth feel which was odd.

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Drank some of this at work and smiled as it reminded me of Butiki’s organic Spring Twist.

Sweet, yet with the vegetable taste… such a wonderful cup for what $6/ounce… it’s a pretty good deal for the quality … which I did not expect from Republic of Tea (aka, one reason it’s in a baggie where I store my highlighters :p )

p.s. this is the loose leaf version I had/have


TROT has some very good teas when you start to dive into their Limited Edition and Rare tea selections. This is one I haven’t tried but I’ll have to make myself some tomorrow at work.

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I can’t even…

Shou Mei is like 4 hour old McDonald fries to me :/

I went into this tea with positive vibes because there was blackberry chunks it in which make me happy, but… the base tea is what brings this tea down. The flavoring might come off as good, but I’m not sure if it is because it shines through the tea or if it’s being held back by the tea.

It’s going to be hard to finish drinking this cup…
Edit I give up, i cannot drink this.


Sad!!! I had high hopes for this one.

Liquid Proust

Do you want to try some? Maybe you’ll like it…
I just find Shou Mei tea to be cheap and makes tea have this stale taste


I agree which is why I’m not going to be doing Shou Mei teas anymore. I have switched the white tea base to White Peony. This particuar tea started out as a Shou Mei so that’s why I went with it, but after making that first batch, I decided that while I did enjoy the tea that White Peony is simply better.

Liquid Proust

The colors probably look nicer too :)

One thing you can do with Shou Mei is mix it with Hojicha and steep it at 170f for 2 minutes to get a wild roast taste… but you just have to learn the measurements


That’s an awesome idea – I do have some of the Shou Mei left, so I might have to try that to be able to utilize what I do have left because I don’t want to discard it. It’s still good tea. It’s just not as good as White Peony. :)

Liquid Proust

Always glad to be of help :)
I’m an artist and tea is my medium… a medium in which I have severely enjoyed and abused :p

I wouldn’t mind sharing a perfect blend idea or sample of that blend that I’ve made. You could easily make adaptions and people would enjoy it.


This doesn’t have the same full flavor of White Peony but I don’t at all find it offensive. It’s definitely drinkable.

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Okay, how do I write this review?
I’d rather just preform an interpretive dance…

So here’s the thing. This is a great maple oolong, but as far as cheesecake goes it must be a diet cheesecake because it’s not there!
I’m really liking the mapleness that takes over like syrup does on a pancake. Smother that oolong you delicious sweet stuff that makes my tongue happy.

P.S. I’m in a great mood which means I’m OUT THERE
(to go over 90 I would need a cheesecake taste in it or a renaming of the tea :P)

Roswell Strange

I’m curious if this one holds up to true, Canadian maple syrup. It doesn’t surprise me the cheesecake is lacking; I’m kind of at a point where I don’t understand why companies attempt it – it always seems to miss the mark.


Red Leaf Tea’s Cheesecake Matcha actually does taste like cheesecake!

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So… I tried to cheat and taste this 14 days early… the mistake was leaving it in the water for 7 minutes :/

I’ll just wait until it’s ‘ready’


Love the video! Let us know if you make any more. I hope the blend turns out well!

Roswell Strange

Very interesting watching the process, and definitely helped me with an idea I’ve been mulling over the last few weeks or so…


Awesome video! So interesting.

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