1113 Tasting Notes

Brewed this one at work with high high expectations because of its smell.

This just turns out to be an average keemun and the leaf is a bit smaller than others I have seen (which doesn’t equate to taste always)

note I went from Wild Crafted Dianhong by Whispering Pines to this within a matter of an hour so just imagine the the unfair comparison :p

Louise Li

I just placed an order for this tea. I would pretend that you wrote a raving review.

Liquid Proust

Your taste Your taste may differ from mine. It’s always good to cross reference other steepser’s notes if you are super curious of a tea.

Louise Li

Yes, it is quite possible we have very different taste in tea.
I drink lots of coffee, and am trained to have a palate for coffee tasting. In the world of coffee, any taste of fermentation would be considered a defect. So I can’t stand pu’eh (apologies to all pu’eh lovers).

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Imagine Wonka’s everlasting gobstoppers, now shrink them down and baked them 12 years in the past.
You now have 2003 Reserve Four Season Oolong and you don’t need Butiki to exist anymore because you went 12 years in the past… in fact, this review might not be here after you do so considering the concept of all the time travel complexities and such.

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Thank you Dr Jim for this petrified tea tree leaf…

There is no way someone would know this to actually be tea and not a fossil or rock. I trick to break this with my hand and it did not happen…

The first 8 steeps this thing just sat there and told me in a stern way that it was not going to open up… well, once it did open the liquid became more intense.

I really like this little guy!


Mine is a real drain cleaner sheng.

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With the Tea Urchin group buy coming in within the next week’ish, I decided to try one of the teas I already have from them. Even though I purchased some 1989 oolong… all I have from them is pu’erh currently.

I will say that I have high expectations because of their pricing :P and here is what I found out about this tea:

The first three steeps of this tea have nothing unique about it, it’s just another ripe… once you go into about the 6th steep is when you really get a glimpse at the beauty of this tea. I preformed my normal test for high end pu’erh teas by leaving out a few steeps for 30 minutes to get luke warm to see how it taste. I do this test because I have found it to be true that quality pu’erh will have a wonderful silky feel and great taste as it goes down at a normal temperature.

This tea just takes a little time to get ‘awakened’ and then it’s smooth sailing.

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Hmmm… I have had two different sessions with this tea in the last week and I have yet to get anything past a mild fruitiness. Nothing really striking me as pineapple in this tea… is it possibly older than I am thinking it may be?

I like the green oolong strands as I know they brew a fine liquid :)
The flower plays well off the oolong in the low ratio that it is presented in.


Mine is starting to fade taste wise :/

Butiki Teas

Some of the delicate fruit flavors really start to go quickly. It’s at least 8 months old at this point, since we have been closed for about that long. I usually recommend fruit teas to be drank within 6 months.

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drank Kettle Corn by 52teas
1113 tasting notes

I got this in a swap and to be honest the idea of this tea doesn’t sound appealing to me.

I’ll say this, it excels in what it was meant for and it would be a fantastic cup for anyone who likes the brisk taste of coffee. This is better than a roasted pear mate I’ve had which is odd to say because I thought I’d say something negative towards this teas’ taste. While I probably wouldn’t purchase it again, I was surprised by deep flavor.


This is actually one that I’ll be reblending because I got a request for it. It wasn’t a request via the Kickstarter campaign, but, a friend of a friend requested it so I’ll probably reblend it sometime after I get all the Kickstarter specialty items finished.

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Okay… so I’ve drank a decent amount of tea and to date, I have never came across something so funky.

I have no idea what I was tasting when I drank this.
I read the description and chuckled at the “Not recommended during pregnancy” as I thought about just writing a review saying: ‘thank goodness I wasn’t pregnant when I tried this one!’ but that would be odd, though technically I still did.

I’m not sure if i like the flower in this one. The aniseed and pear combination is a good idea with a white tea, but this flower in seems a bit overpowering for me (but I’m also picky with my flowers)

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drank Sun and Cloud Mist by 52teas
1113 tasting notes

Let it be known that this tea has ingredients that I hate, not just a dislike but hate.
I chose it for a reblend pick with the Kickstarter rewards based off of the reviews I read… I was curious. I brewed this up with some hope as I did not see 200% lemongrass to .02% tea like many companies have done. The tea actually smelled alright so I was like, "dang man, maybe the citrus will be a’ight’

With all that being said, I short brewed this to avoid too much of the stuff I dislike coming out into the liquid. The result was a nice drink that I believe might work as an iced beverage as well. The citrus notes are nice in the tea and the base tea was noticeable. So this is actually the first tea I have ever had a positive experience with that included lemongrass… bu remember, as I eluded to, this blend is balanced well.


Yay! Thank you very much, that means a lot to hear that you hate some of the ingredients but you still liked the tea alright.

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Beware The following review includes insight about me:
Whispering Pines is a dangerous company because it is so easily to spend all of your tea budget (or more) very quickly without noticing; and there is no regret behind such a choice! I had this tea on my wish list just because it sounded cool, I didn’t intend to purchase it but once I saw it was in stock and someone was wanting it I went ahead and purchased it so I could split it with them. I will admit it was kind of unfair to do such a thing without asking them first… but they wanted it and agreed. I really like when I am able to help others on their tea journey.

Since this is a hard to get ahold of tea and I have a low quantity, I have saved this for a special occasion. Tonight is very special for quite a few people and I am not ashamed to admit I am one of them. You may laugh, but I have been in for this to happen for years: Tonight is the last episode of Degrassi on Nick. I first watched this show in junior high as a requirement in a Life Skills class. Ever since then I have just watched it as it came out. So yes, I have watched this show for over 10 years just as I have listened to Linkin Park. There is a part of me that is emotional over the aspect of what is happening with this show as I have followed it for so long. The series finale is going to occur tonight and it will be accompanied by this tea.
Whispering Pines and I have some interesting history… first of all, I somehow was lucky enough to randomly be on the side and purchase a Black Fight Box which I took to Tokyo with me. How funny is it that I was in Tokyo drinking black tea from Whispering Pines while others were drinking 2015 shincha?

So what is this tea like?
Well, it is the combination of the vibe that I get while I am in a hookah bar and the taste oolong that was roasted in some sort of butter cream ‘stuff’…
Maybe I am weird, but I find the aroma to be a bit odd and the taste to be splendid.
Like I said, Whispering Pines’ orders come s with no regret : )

Daylon R Thomas

I just sent you a sample of it….I think you might be happy with a little more :)

Liquid Proust

That’s awesome :) thanks!

Daylon R Thomas

Also, you’re right-it kinda reminds me of a vanilla flavored smoke from one of the hookah bars in Egypt.

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Am I out of my Vulcan mind for drinking this with my breakfast? No, because I am not Vulcan :)
Okay… So being in Tokyo this year I was able to taste a lot of genmiacha teas. This tea does more than justice… It has this sweetness that is not too much. I really enjoy the powderyness of this, whatever it is :p I may just have to reup with this coupon!

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