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Our Vision.
We as humans are social creatures and it is part of who we are. In an age in which we need each other, more than ever, the need to bring people together cannot be overemphasised.
What we want to achieve is for the individual to enhance his life experience as well as share his experience with friends and family.

So how do we do begin in our mission?
Simple! Let’s have a cup of tea! Yes it’s that simple. There’s more to the world of tea than what we find in “greasy spoon cafes” or the cheap tea bags we buy from the grocery store. Tea has the natural capability and quality of calming and soothing the difficult parts of our lives. It is this attribute of the humble leaves which won’t solve your problems per se but place your mind and spirit in a state in which you can tackle and overcome life’s challenges. There’s a multitude of teas to be explored and we’re here to offer it to you.

Great Tea is something to savour! The amazing and varied tastes of tea makes tea the ultimate beverage for exploration and enjoyment. We want to share our passion of teas by welcoming you try the high quality and fresh tastes which will take you on a journey of the senses. We source our teas from growers who take pride in producing the finest quality tea and this really is at the centre of Pekko Teas. Quality tea from quality tea leaves not only tastes exquisite but offers a greater more fulfilling tea experience.

We only stock the freshest teas, never anything less. We make sure that our teas come to us quickly and frequently from our growers so that when you purchase them here you get to taste only the best.

Every ingredient in our teas are of the same high quality and standard as the tea leaves themselves. All the fruit and flavour’s available in the herbal and flavoured section of the site are kept fresh and stored properly by us for your satisfaction.
If you want to feel great you have to go loose! And we mean this here at Pekko Teas. Though there is nothing wrong with teabags, it limits the capabilities of achieving great flavour texture and aroma that you get from brewing loose leaf tea. Also loose leaf teas for us symbolise our vision of bringing people together. We want people to brew a pot of tea for friends and family not individual cups for only one.

So begin your journey with yourself and your friends and family by brewing a great cup of Pekko Tea!


London, UK


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