2221 Tasting Notes

drank Morning Time by Pukka
2221 tasting notes

Ugh oh gods no there’s licorice root in this too? Bear With Me, you are a trouble maker. ;)

Huh. Actually, this mostly just tastes like rooibos. I didn’t steep it long, and I added honey, so maybe that… no, there’s the sweet licorice root grody aftertaste. Haha.

But it’s no completely terrible and I am SO COLD today, I will sit here cuddling my mug.

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I possibly should be embarrassed to admit this.

Day 3 of Grandpa Style steeping some unknown black tea sample from Sil. Unknown because I can’t remember what it said on the packet!! Dragon Bohea something something? I’m really not sure.

It is, quite frankly, delicious. And gives and gives and gives.


If I had to guess – I would vote it was this one: http://steepster.com/teas/dragon-tea-house/68352-supreme-organic-china-fujian-bohea-wild-black-tea

I really like it too. :)


Ooh thanks! I should not that these are the same leaves for three days now. Hahaha.

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I, uhh, had tea today. Pretty sure. And yesterday too.

Some bit of a sample from Sil steeped grandpa style in my best timolino (no basket, just mesh).

So Long and Thanks for all the Licorice.

Smokey Spice.

I think.

Gosh I’m so tired. My alarm (it’s random in the AM!) went off at 5:45 this morning. I didn’t notice till half way through my day when I sync’d my tracker and it was all, “YOU DIDN’T SLEEP ENOUGH, FOOL!!” And then I understood why it was an ALL THE COFFEE kind of day.



Your day sounds like mine.


This week I was just exhausted. :/

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I am boiling sticks and leaves on the stove because Christina sent them to me with those instructions. I think I’ll give them 10 minutes of simmering before I drink…

The leaves are still fuzzy after boiling. :) Smells a lot like the fake Greek Mountain Tea I got from Cornelia Bean. Sage, orange/citrus… I put some honey in it. This is more earthy than the flavoured herbal, though. Might be the twiggy bits?

Oh, that’s nice. Definitely a touch more medicinal than I was really expecting. It’s that earthy flavour like you can get with nettle leaves or (almost, mildly) valerian. But it tastes like citrus and sage. It’s pretty nice! Not sure I’d want it all the time, but if I see it locally (I’m pretty sure one of my local delis carries something like this) I might pick it up.

Thanks so much, Christina!


I have a bag of this and can’t decide if I’m allergic to it or not. O_o I really like the taste … Would you like some more?


Haha. No thank you. I have way too much tea still. :)


If you’re looking to get rid of it, I’m always interested in trying new herbals.

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Well, this one’s not caffeinated so I’m giving it a go. Guess I won’t be adding honey to my “pizza” tea…

Dry, it’s just… dried veggies and herbs. Yep. Smells like tomatoes.

Steeped, well… they recommend 9 g/16 oz mug. That is a lot. I had ~3-4 g, so I am using a 7 oz mug.

My apartment smells like smoked paprika and peppers now.

Yes. What I’m mostly getting is green pepper.

The tea is sweet and savoury. The rosemary and pepper aren’t super prominent – it’s mostly green pepper and sweetness from the tomato.

Weird. Thanks for sharing, Sil.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec 4 g 7 OZ / 207 ML

yep. weird is right. I’d rather have a hearty soup lol


Reading this does make me want tomato soup, I’ll admit.


Yeah, tomato soup sounds good. Thanks tea frens. :P


This sounds like the strangest tea ever! I’m intrigued.


Worth a try, but don’t order 100g online!

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drank Agrumes by Les 2 Marmottes
2221 tasting notes

Hahaha. Totally copying Christina with this one.

Although… Bear With Me has totally got me onto the flavoured “President’s Choice” sparkling water in grapefruit… So here’s hoping I can keep my tea consumption high even though I have a case of this delicious bubbly stuff to consume. :D

This tea smells amazing! Like grapefruit-orange jelly candies. Not like I might still have some in the cupboard from Squish or anything, nope, not me.

I added a little honey since Christina said “sour” and I wanted to make it more like the candy smell.

It tastes almost a little dusty. And it’s fairly thin. And I think there’s licorice root in this (BLECH). But otherwise, I think the flavour is there. Perhaps if I hadn’t steeped it in the paper it wouldn’t taste dusty, but honestly if there’s licorice in here that’s probably it.

So, sadly, it’s a fail for me. After smelling so promising. My tastebuds are just too picky.

Thanks for sharing, MissB and Sil.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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Last eensie teensie bit of this tea.

I do like it, but I think I’d prefer a strawberry tea. I’m getting a lot of the cake notes tonight, and less strawberry.

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Spices. Orange blossoms. Flowers.

Hmm. Interesting. Not bad, but not my favourite profile. It’s almost too complicated, and doesn’t let me wallow in anything.

Also, it says on the packet that it’s a black tea but on here it says it’s a green blend. At any rate, it’s astringent. Even with milk.

Thanks so much for letting me try, MissB. It’s a neat combination of flavours but I would not search this out…

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drank With Open Eyes by Butiki Teas
2221 tasting notes

Goodbye, sweet tea.

Yes, this is really really old. But the dragonwell was really good quality, so even though it’s not bright and fresh, it’s still smooth and buttery. And mmm, strawberry.

One of the few green teas I’ve really loved.


Awww, I loved this one too.


I had this one yesterday…I’d had a mild stomach bug on Friday, and I left work early…but I did go in yesterday, and took this bit of comfort with me. I thinkI have maybe 2 servings of it left. :( It’s a fave of mine fore sure. Not looking forward to the day when it is finally gone.

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Not bad. Just… not enough mandarin orange to go with the nuttiness. This might be due to age, though.

Thank you, MissB. :)

Edit: Needless to say I didn’t make it to the mall. Might go to a local store though, since the rain seems to have let up a bit maybe. I might go to the mall tomorrow morning…

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I mostly drink black tea, with some floral oolongs or puerhs thrown in for variety.

Also: A map of tea places in Vancouver. I’ve been to some of them, but not a lot. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


Vancouver, BC, Canada



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