78 Tasting Notes

drank Golden Buddha by TeaSource
78 tasting notes

From the TTB
The first steep was nice and smooth and chocolatey. The second I had to leave in for 10 minutes and it still was a bit weak. I guess I expected a stronger second steep from a tea of this quality, but what I did drink was delicious, but not all that complex.

Flavors: Chocolate

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drank Chocolate Stout by TeaSource
78 tasting notes

From the TTB
I came home all jet lagged and cranky from travel and made a nice cup of this before bed. It’s chocolate with a hint of cream and a small spicy aftertaste. It’s one of the better chocolate blends I’ve tasted, not chalky or artificial. I might have to check out what else teasource has to offer.

Flavors: Chocolate, Cream, Tart

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From the TTB
Chicory is the main thing I taste here, not a whole lot of almonds or caramel. I may have let it steep too long. It wasn’t a bad or bitter taste, just a bit overwhelming. I did look into chicory a bit and it’s good for digestion. If I see this in a store I might be tempted to purchase a box.

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The tea smelled like apple as I tore open the pouch, and smelled like apple when brewed. It does taste like apple in the cup, but weaker, and as an aftertaste. It does have relaxing chamomile, so it’s good for an evening cup, but when I compare to my favorite Lemon Loaf Tazo tea, this seems a bit weak and I’m wishing for a more tart apple taste.

Flavors: Apple, Vanilla

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Ah the joys of a TTB, you know nothing about a tea until you try it. This one smelled interesting, maybe a bit minty so I brewed it up strong and finished off the sample. I’m not a fan of bergamot or jasmine and the first few sips had more of a minty taste so maybe this tea is ok? As the tea cooled, it smelled more like jasmine and has a bit of a bergamot aftertaste. Sipping to the bottom of the cup all I get is jasmine and bergamot. Glad I got to try this, and it’s a reminder of the flavors I stay away from :)

Flavors: Bergamot, Jasmine, Spearmint

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From the TTB
It smells like banana, both the dry leaf and in the cup. The first few sips were like banana cream pie. As it cooled I got more of the dark chocolate bittersweet taste lingering. Not tasting the licorice, which is probably a good thing because I’m not sure it would go well with the banana and chocolate flavors. I do like this blend the banana stay at the tip of my tongue and the chocolate lingers in the back.

Flavors: banana, Dark Bittersweet


All I get from this is licorice!! Maybe I should make SURE to mix the pouch more.

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drank Caramel Apple by Market Spice
78 tasting notes

The tea box is here! So many teas to choose from I don’t know where to start. I initially brewed this for 3 minutes and didn’t like the result, so put the leaf back in my cup for another few minutes. It helped a lot, and now as it has cooled the caramel flavor is coming out. Not a whole lot of apple here, maybe as an aftertaste? I’m not sure how to rate this tea, as a flavored tea I’m sure it would be nice with some sugar or honey, but I rarely put in sweetener so maybe this one’s not for me.

Flavors: Caramel

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The tea smells very lemony in the bag and tastes very lemony in the cup. In fact all I taste is lemon, no ginger, no underlying black tea base. As it cools, there is a faint spicy ginger note coming through, but there is so much lemon, it’s hard to distinguish the ginger. I’ll probably end up blending this with another tea to tame the lemon taste.

Flavors: Lemon

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drank Tippy Yunnan by Simpson & Vail
78 tasting notes

My first attempt at brewing this tea wasn’t so memorable, but today I must have used a bit more leaf and hit the sweet spot. After brewing for three minutes and letting it mellow while covered for several more, I get to drink smooth dark chocolate with a hint of caramel. There is just enough of a bitter chocolate aftertaste to keep this interesting, but it’s all creamy smoothness up front. If my next cup from this bag is as good as this, I may have found another yummy daily drinker!

Flavors: Caramel, Creamy, Dark Bittersweet, Dark Chocolate

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I brewed quite a strong cup, and my first few sips tasted metallic and robust. As the tea mellowed in my cup, I got fruity and floral notes, a well rounded and interesting cup. The second steeping was smoother and not quite as flavorful, this might be a one steep tea for me. Overall I like this tea, it’s enjoyable to drink, but I’m not sure I’d buy more for daily drinking, and it’s not complex enough for a special occasion tea.

Flavors: Astringent, Floral, Fruity

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I started drinking more tea about 10 years ago when I found that even my half -caf coffee was making me jittery and then sleepy after the caffeine wore off. While I started out with mostly Teavana, but soon expanded my tea cupboard to include lapsang souchon, pu-erh, Assam, and other strong black teas. I do enjoy oolongs, green, and other teas, as well as a nice tisane for an evening cuppa.
I am an avid traveler, hiker, soccer player/watcher.
I love trying new tea in new places, if you see something in my cupboard you want to try, hit me up for a swap!


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