525 Tasting Notes

drank Lady Grey by Twinings
525 tasting notes

For a black bagged tea, this is not bad. I like the lighter flavor, which allows me to drink it without milk and sugar. It is refreshing and smooth even after a long steep. Unfortunately, black English style teas just aren’t my thing.

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drank Mint Medley by Bigelow
525 tasting notes

I feel meh about this tea. It’s easy to find when you’re traveling and didn’t bring your own tea stash, but it’s not really that great tasting. I guess I just like straight peppermint.

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I received this tea as a sample. When I first opened the pouch, the I was a little surprised at the strength of the jasmine. Then again, I hadn’t had jasmine tea in a while. I was on an oolong kick (and still am). However, as I sip this tea, it brings back a sense of nostalgia. I grew up in a tea drinking family and jasmine green tea was an early favorite. It’s like finding an old teddy bear.

As for the quality of the tea, it is very smooth with a slight bitterness. Generally, I don’t like bitter, but jasmine scented greens wouldn’t taste right without the bitter note. And though this is not the highest quality tea out there, it is very good. It lacks the astringent harshness that lesser leaves tend to deliver.

I am very pleased with this tea and will probably gladly order more if I ever get through all the other teas in my cabinet. My husband has banned me from ordering more tea since I’ve got enough to last several years. :( I think I need to do some tea swaps…

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Okay, as I’m drinking this tea for perhaps the 5th time, I’m noticing more and more about the flavors. The scent is, of course, the most appealing part of this tea. When I first opened the bagged, I was swooned with delight. I LOVE condensed milk! I went around shoving it under everyone’s nose as I waited for the water to boil.

The third steeping might be my favorite. The condensed milk flavor is gone, but there is still a hint of milky smoothness. The mineral flavor has mostly gone as well. What’s left is still floral and earthy and totally oolong-y.

However, upon drinking it, the milky flavor is noticeably marred by the heavy mineral flavor. I hope this means I’m getting lots of minerals from this tea. :D While I can still enjoy this tea and even look forward to drinking it, it’s just not as creamy as I would like and it tastes too much like vitamins. It is also not really too floral with a slight bitter aftertaste that I associate with lesser quality oolongs. There’s also a bit of apple peel in the aftertaste.

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drank Exotica by DAVIDsTEA
525 tasting notes

Did anyone else think this smelled and tasted very like thai curry? I took some getting use to because I kept expecting a savory flavor but it was really just a light refreshing tea. Not a bad tea. I think I’d like it more if it didn’t come with the idea that coconut and lemongrass is supposed to be thai curry.

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I came from a tea drinking family, but I never appreciated the different qualities and varieties of tea until older. All that time wasted! But I guess I needed to be mature enough to appreciate the tea experience. :)

My favorite teas are green oolongs and white tea. I also love greens, especially gyokuro. I have a huge appreciation for rooibos and honeybush as they are often that only thing I can drink in the evening. I am a relatively new convert to black teas. This is unfortunate for my wallet but extremely wonderful for my palate. :)

In any case, I have a love for both flavored and unflavored teas. They are different experiences for sure, but both enjoyable. I find that it often depends on my mood.

I am on a quest to find a tea that will win my husband over. I think I’m making some headway…

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