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Nom, hot oolong tea. How I’ve missed you. The weather hasn’t cooled down so much. Only a little from the recent rainy days, but still, it’s cool enough that a cup of hot tea doesn’t feel like torture. Plus the fan blowing in my direction doesn’t hurt things.

This cup of tea has the lovely green oolong aroma that I adore. Floral and vegetal and sweet and yummy. The color of the brewed tea is very lightly green, which I’m beginning to see is a trait of Fong Mong’s green oolongs. The taste is delectable. You are hit with a round sweet floral flavor. Then you notice the green vegetal spring-like flavor as the tea moves to the middle of the tongue. On the swallow, you feel the fruitiness and the barely drying and luscious quality of the texture. Don’t know why, but green oolongs often remind me of papaya. Papaya are sweet and floral and slightly vegetal in flavor so I guess the general flavor profile matches that of a green oolong.

Thank of for the generous sample, Fong Mong Tea. This is really delicious. :)

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I got just enough of this to make a large pot from TeaEqualsBliss. Thanks! It makes a nice after dinner cup with a bit of sugar and a splash of almond milk. If you’re like me, you could add a drop of cream liquor as well. ;)

I can’t say it particularly reminds me of gingersnap cookies, but I did eat a gingersnap cookie with me tea so perhaps the tea was just pale in comparison to the real thing. It does have a luscious buttery smell. The rooibos is smooth and sweet.

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This is quite tasty! I had it a few days ago so I can’t describe in detail, but I enjoyed the ginger and puerh combination. Very warm and sweet and comforting. Like an internal hug. It was also quite caffeine-y. I think I’ll save the rest for a cold day. :)

Thanks for this kittenna!

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drank Jiaogulan by Teaopia
525 tasting notes

I’ve been drinking but not had time to log. :( I had a few teas that TeaEqualsBliss was kind enough to send me. They were tasty but I’ve forgotten why so I’ll log those when I have them again.

This tea though, I had it yesterday and I still remember it very clearly. It left an impression. :) not really a good one. To be honest, it tastes completely inoffensive. I couldn’t describe what I didn’t like about it. All I can say is that it reminds me of bitter melon even though it’s not really all that bitter. It’s slightly cooling. This cooling bitterness is much prized by the Chinese as medicinal quality in foods and drinks so I’ve had plenty of such flavors forced on me growing up. I think my dad would love this as a fan of bitter melon, but it’s not for me.
I gave the rest of this to a friend who enjoyed it. It’s was definitely an interesting experience for me as well. Thank you Kittenna!


Glad you found someone to enjoy it! I can see how this would be an acquired taste.

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drank Creamy Nut Oolong by Teaopia
525 tasting notes

I got some of this thanks to Kittenna! It smells do yummy while brewing. It was actually cool enough to do some hot brewing yesterday and this morning do I took advantage while I could!
At first sip, this seemed to me like something a coffee drinker might enjoy, though it is lighter than coffee. It’s nutty and desserty with a sweet profile. Quite nice. While this is nicely done, it’s not my favorite nutty sweet tea. Perhaps the darker oolong base is working against my taste buds. The base is roasty and adds to the nuttiness, but it’s not too interesting.

On an unrelated note, I’m hungry. :(

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Wow, this stuff is spicy! I love that it’s called “Spice with Rooibos” and not the other way around. I opened this bag and took a sniff. The inside of my nostrils were immediately covered in some burny spicy powder. Never doing that again.

Then I cold brewed this for about 36 hours for maximum flavor extraction! After the first sip, all I could say was, “Wow, this is spicy!” I love a spicy chai! I love cardamom in my chai though and I’m don’t really taste it here. Lots of clove and cinnamon for sure! Licorice even. but no cardamom. :( Anyways, pretty tasty, but not the balance of spices I’m looking for.

thank you, TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this! It’s great with a chocolate bar. :D


Ring around the nostrils


Burny spicy powder!!! Sounds painful but yum!


teehee…that’s what I thought – upfront – too! :)

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I’ve always wanted to understand people’s fascination with Darjeelings. It sounds so tasty and exotic when others write about it. But my palate just isn’t suited for black teas and I can’t tell what the big deal is. Then TeaEqualsBliss sends me this Darjeeling, except it’s a green tea! Wow!

I had a whole glass of it, but I wasn’t paying attention because my husband was telling me about this movie he saw, and then we had a debate on something, and then my cup was empty. oops. Next time I’ll pay more attention!

From what I gathered though, this tea was a little woodsy and toasty, but also grassy. It reminded me a bit of Japanese greens, but not so smooth and brothy. This tea had a light sparkling quality. My husband tried a sip and said it tasted like black tea. I think I’m making some real progress with this guy! wooo!

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drank Vanilla Rooibos by TeaSpree
525 tasting notes

I had a bag of this from TeaEqualsBliss. I’m drinking lots of bagged teas right now cause my new work location doesn’t make having a tea infuser easy in the office. This one was really great. I hate having caffeine at work because it makes me all energetic and then I just sit there for hours. Sucky! So I went with this rooibos.

So, I didn’t really expect to like this since I usually depend on flavoring to hide the unpleasant aspects of rooibos flavor. But this rooibos was just smooth and sweet. Not bad at all, really. I was sad when my cup emptied. But then I just had another tea bag so life’s pretty good. :)

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Man, how to describe this tea. It all sounds like the craziest mix of ingredients but somehow it really blends well together. I can taste the mint and the chocolate before anything else. Then I notice the chamomile. The main reason I generally dislike chamomile is because it causes this tingly burny feeling in the back of my throat. I don’t know if I’m allergic or if chamomile just does that. So yeah, I get a bit of that tingle from the chamomile and some sweetness from the fennel. Let me say, I generally really dislike anything licorice, but here, it’s just a rich sweetness. The balance of flavors is truly amazing. Somehow, it reminds me of seeded rye bread. Smooth balanced rounded brew. Very unique and very interesting. I can’t say I love it, but I am impressed with the care with which this blend was created. Wow!

EDIT ah! Forgot to thank Kittenna for this sample! Thank you! It’s amazing!


This is actually good chilled too.


Oh, haha, I didn’t remember that I had sent this to you :) It’s interesting, IMO!


This blend sounds so perplexing, but the reviews are so good. Intriguing! Of course it just makes me want to place another tea order…


Bonnie: I had this after it cooled. Definitely different. More fennel-y.

Kittenna, I never remember what I send anyone. And I don’t keep a spreadsheet like you do either. :p

Alphakitty, you can’t go wrong ordering from Verdant! But yeah, I probably don’t feel a desire to drink this again but it was eye opening.

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I came from a tea drinking family, but I never appreciated the different qualities and varieties of tea until older. All that time wasted! But I guess I needed to be mature enough to appreciate the tea experience. :)

My favorite teas are green oolongs and white tea. I also love greens, especially gyokuro. I have a huge appreciation for rooibos and honeybush as they are often that only thing I can drink in the evening. I am a relatively new convert to black teas. This is unfortunate for my wallet but extremely wonderful for my palate. :)

In any case, I have a love for both flavored and unflavored teas. They are different experiences for sure, but both enjoyable. I find that it often depends on my mood.

I am on a quest to find a tea that will win my husband over. I think I’m making some headway…

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