525 Tasting Notes

drank Genmai Cha by Hime
525 tasting notes

Added some buttered popcorn crumbs to this. That made it a bit salty and rich with buttery savory flavors. Nice! It’s like soup. :) the butter from the popcorn made my strainer greasy though. Hehe there was also oily stuff floating on the top, but one would expect that from buttered popcorn. Next time I’ll brew the tea and drop the popcorn in separately so I can eat them with my tea!

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Soo…I probably shouldn’t have made this with vanilla soy milk from the get go. To be fair to the tea, I should have tried it first straight up. But from my past matcha experiences, the ones made with unmilk have always been my favorite. And husband somehow didn’t realize he was buying vanilla soy instead of plain. Oh well.

I’m trying a white matcha base here for the first time! The normal green matcha will always be my favorite but this white one is not bad! To start with, it whisked up like a dream. If you can call it whisking when you’re using a teaspoon… It tastes a bit floral, like a tasty white tea all on it’s own. I’m guessing that’s not the bavarian cream flavor. What is the bavarian cream flavor at work here? Well, it’s the fantastic desserty creamy flavor. Tasty. Especially with a bit of brown rock sugar.

I wasn’t sure what to expect on the caffeine front with this tea. The green matcha makes my head hurt with the potent caffeine punch. Normal non-powdered white tea has been known to give me that same caffeine headache. Whatever bai mu dan Frank uses usually has this quality. Teavivre’s bai mu dan did the same thing. So what about this matchafied white tea I’m drinking? Well I’m happy to report that I’m feeling buzzed and alert but no headache! Either I’m getting better at this caffeine thing or this tea is just not that caffeinated to begin with. Either way, awesome! Let’s see what husband thinks…

Husband: (sniffs the cup) Did you put coconut rum in here?
Me: Nooooo. Figure out what it is.
Husband: (sips it) Coconut.
Me: It’s bavarian cream! Do you like this better or green matcha better?
Husband: The question is: where is my cup?


Please find this yummy matcha here:

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Steep 4:
This makes a nice after linner tea. That refreshing mysterious cooling sensation is really awesome and refreshing. Lovely smooth earthy flavor. Tastes more bit more cocoa-y now. It’s helping with my dessert craving. :) This is a puerh I would definitely order again.

Unrelated, but here’s my new favorite thing:

Daisy Chubb



Love it!


I shared the website on google+ because it was very funny :D


Great site to browse after a stressful day. :) pups are hilarious. Hehe


Wow… You just provided me with a new obsession!!! :)

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

okay.. that website is great.. like srsly great..

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I know I’m supposed to steep and toss the first infusion, but this is tasty! I’m keeping it! I can only imagine it will get better and better. :D I love this smell and the smoothness. It really is corny! I love corn! I can’t speak to the nuances of the smell cause I"m making homemade tomato sauce and that smell always permeates the whole apartment. But the taste is rich and somehow leaves a cooling sensation in the back of my throat. And the toucha hasn’t even completely unfurled yet. Weee! And that lingering flavor of toasty fritos. yum!

Steep two!
Alright kids! The toucha has mostly fallen apart now. The liquor is dark and looks like coffee. This infusion is much richer. What a lovely smooth mouthfeel! Brothy and delicious. The frito flavor is less apparent here but still pleasantly a part of the experience. I love this unique cooling sensation! How is this happening? There’s the teeniest hint of bitter cocoa without being bitter. Underneath everything is an earthy untouched forest. This is really great for fall. I have a real love for this season. I chose to get married outdoors in fall. :D Luckily, it was one of those rare sunny days that are neither hot nor cold. Today is not like that day. It’s humid and cloudy and my make up would have been a mess. But it’s ok. This is not my wedding day. It’s just a lazy tea day! And this tea is lovely enough to make up for the weather. (how I do prattle on…) I wonder how corn loving husband will feel about this tea?

Steep 3!
Corn flavor has made a comeback! Yay! Yummy! Deep earthy flavor here. Still smooth, still cooling. How is it doing that?! I don’t think I’ve ever had a puerh I’ve enjoyed so much as this one. Did I mention that I was feeling really blah and tired today? I somehow went to bed around 11 last night and woke up at 8 am today. Then I ate breakfast and managed to fall asleep again from 11am to 1:30pm. I should have had tea earlier! This tea is now making me all perky but without the headache some teas give me! Awesome! I can conquer the world! Maybe dad would like this. He likes strong flavors. :D

Gonna stop drinking tea to have linner (lunch/dinner). More later!

EDIT: I found a piece about Verdant Tea on Serious Eats!


Nice review. I keep wanting a nap today too.


naps are awesome!


I didn’t even mean to nap! It just happened! I was reading and then woke up a few hours later feeling all confused. I love lazy weekends!


me too. :)

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drank Alishan by Allison Tsui
525 tasting notes

I had this yesterday, but I think I used way too little leaf. I’ll have to do better next time before I rate this. I can’t really detect much of interest from these leaves, actually, but I’m hoping to be proved wrong next time I try this. The pouches were no doubt meant to be used all at once. I did discover one useful thing though. I have a bamboo lid that also acts as a stand for my strainer in between steeps. Last week, I had a really spicy chai and the spicy flavor soaked right into the porous bamboo. My second steep of this tea was quite cinnamon-y. At first I was impressed that this oolong could have such a natural cinnamon flavor. But I was suspicious because I did not taste spice of any sort in the first brewing. Then I made the connection. The wet steeper basket had spent a good hour or more soaking up the chai flavor from my bamboo lid. argh! How do I get the spicy flavor out! I need a stainless steel lid. :( On the plus side, cinnamon oolong is tasty!

Thanks for your generous sample Allison!

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drank Dong Ding by Allison Tsui
525 tasting notes

So I got a couple of sample packs of oolong from the generous Allison Tsui. Unfortunately, I don’t know if there’s a particular brand name or even what farm it may have come from. All I know is that it’s from Taiwan, so we’ll just say it’s the Allison Tsui brand unless she tells me otherwise. :)

This is a really tasty Dong Ding. I remember the first few times I tried dong ding oolongs I was disappointed it was more of a roasted flavor since I preferred green fresh tasting oolongs. However, my tastebuds have grown to appreciate darker more roasted flavors, and as a result, I actually really liked this tea. The first thing I noticed about this tea is the autumnal roasty toasty flavor. Then on the swallow, I’m surprised by the sweet fruitiness that hits the middle of my tongue. That sip was gone too fast for me to really get the flavor down. I held onto the next sip a little longer and tasted that fruitiness again. It was like the juicy sweet flesh of red globe grapes. And peachiness. Mmm, tasty. I really enjoyed this one!

I was also able to steep this tea about 4 times, western style throughout my work day. I probably could have gone more, but it was time to go home. :) Tasty and economical! Thanks Allison!

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I’ve got tons and tons of unflavored tea samples to get to. But I also have a couple of unopened pouches from 52 Teas. Since I was in the mood for something flavored, I went ahead and just opened one of my pouches. This particular one looked particularly appealing because the picture on the package featured a steaming mug of tea, and this morning has been quite chilly. This tea tastes absolutely perfect for a chilly morning. It would also be quite comforting for when you have a cold. The warmth of the cinnamon is truly relaxing. I’ve always been a fan of the way Frank does lemon flavor, but this one is a bit …less than ideal. There’s definitely a sense of herbal flavor here because of all the lemon tasting herbs that have been added. Yes, it’s lemon-y, but also herby.

I quite like this. Not my favorite, but definitely good. I can see this really perking up with a dollop of honey and spiked with some grated ginger. Not in the mood for sweet right now, but on the right day, this could be wonderful. :)

I’m really excited for the return of steaming hot cups of tea on chilly days. Love it! Unfortunately, it also means I’ve got to pack away my pretty dresses until next year. :( ah well. Time for cuddly sweaters! and puppies! They are so desperately cuddly when they are cold. hehe

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I thought I’d have a nice relaxing gong fu session today but then husband wanted breakfast and mother in law popped in. oh well. It was still good. I had enough attention span to notice that it’s smells amaaaazing! Floral and sweet and toasty.

The first steep after a rinse is more toasty grains than anything. The second was fruity and sweet. Like plums and apricots. Beyond that… well, I was super distracted. Poor Verdant Tea. Deserves better than that. I got the leaves cold brewing in the fridge. I think it’s got more to give still. Until then, I’ve got a pot of gyokuro cold brewed and delicious waiting for me. :)

PS For those in the NYC area, is it humid or what? Ew!


Life happens!

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Guys, I’m totally stressed. There’s too much going on. I hope work will not always be like this. I hope I get along better with my boss. Not that we have conflict, but our work styles are so different I feel like she secretly disapproves of me, which makes me really anxious. I have performance anxiety. If I make the tiniest mistake, I’ll feel like I’ve failed everyone. I’ve been told I need to just loosen up. I can’t loosen up! I need to do a good job! Okay…. breathe….

Okay, I really do need to loosen up. It’s hard for me. Tomorrow, I need to have a gong fu session with some of the Verdant Tea that came in for me. That should help. :) It’s too late for caffeineful tea tonight.

I did have some of this tea at work today. To be honest, I was too busy and distracted to notice the taste too much. It’s tasty, as always. The same few leaves stayed faithfully by my side all day. I just filled my cup over and over again. yum. I am grateful for tea because even if I’m not paying attention to it, I know it soothes me just enough so that I know that things will get better.


It’ll be ok! Tea will help you relax :) Weekend gongfu is getting to be a ritual for me too: “Yes! I don’t have to go to work1 I can make tiny tea all day!”

Daisy Chubb

I know exactly how you feel re: your job darling!!!
Things are going to get better, I swear. Just keep breathing, come to work and do your best – don’t try to imagine when your boss is thinking – there’s no way to tell! She could be thinking that she wishes she had your ethic and enthusiasm and awesomeness, or she’s super excited to have you but doesn’t want to play favourites so keeps it neutral – or so many other things! All you can control is what you do – put a smile on and be awesome because I know you are. PS mistakes happy to everyone, it just means you’re human! That doesn’t mean they aren’t stress inducing, but you’re not the first one to do it, so it’s gonna be OKAY! HUGS!


I understand about job stresses too and I know it’s not fun. I hope things look up for you :)


It seems that not too long ago I was sending some uplifting words to people about their job stresses. hah! This new job is intense. Thank you all. You’re so lovely and supportive. I probably should refrain from writing this stuff here, but I find it really therapeutic. I’ll stay more tea focused for tomorrow. The only problem is, I ordered 14 samples of tea from Verdant. Where to start??? I pretty much got one of everything that wasn’t in the Alchemy line. :D


My daughter has these same issues with “perfection” and that is one reason she quit her second job the other day. She freaked out big time over something pretty much unimportant but she gets so focused on things and thinks she needs to read a book on every detail. It is an anxiety issue. Most people can simply glean over things and not care but she CARES (too much) and that is how you sound to be as well. I am so sorry you are going through this hard time sweetie. You are not alone. PM if you need to talk! I have some experience in that and can relate though my daughter. You are loved!! And to us, you are PERFECT! xox


Thank you Azzrian. You are really sweet. :) I’ll certainly consider PMing you next time I need to let it out. I love this community!

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drank Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA
525 tasting notes

I’ve been super boring and just drinking familiar old teas lately. I’ve been so busy and tired the past few weeks that I don’t have time to really taste and appreciate a new tea and I really don’t want to waste the experience. However, I miss my Steepster friends so I’m just logging this tea for the sake of checking in. :) It’s the same apple walnut cake flavor as I experienced before. Pretty pink color. Very nice and caffeine free. Which is important because I have barely slept in the last 36 hours. I think I passed out on the way home today and may have drooped onto fellow train passengers. eep.

This weekend, I flew to California for a surprise birthday party for my step father in law. It was fun, but I didn’t return home until this morning. Landed at JFK airport at 5:40 AM. Then I changed into my work clothes in the airport bathroom and went straight to my first day as a permanent employee at my new job. Did I mention that I absolutely cannot sleep on airplanes? Most exhausting day ever. I am also operating in a sort of dreamy haze. I hope I retain all the info they threw at me today. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I hope it’s only because I’m so sleep deprived.

Good news is, my new group and I went for lunch together and had some ice breaker conversations. We were each supposed to tell a little known fact about ourselves. I mentioned that I’m really into tea of all sorts. More than half my new colleagues said something along the lines of “me too!” I’m hoping to have tea time with my new colleagues! One of them said he would bring in his variable temp kettle. yaay.

I do find my two bosses kind of intimidating, but I hope that will wear off. I think it’s because they seem to demand such a high standard that I’m afraid I won’t measure up.

Anyway, this is a nice tea to end the night. I’m off to bed. Hope you’re all well. :)

I’m also raising the rating because even though it doesn’t taste as expected, it’s still quite nice.


You’ve been missed! :) Happy to hear that everything is going well! Busy is good!


Welcome back!!


yay for new tea peeps! see if you can get them on Steepster :)
Good luck gettin over your jet lag!


Welcome back and keep us posted. You are the new Fall line-up. Like the new series on Steepster!


Thank you all! You’re very sweet. :)


I think I may like to try this one someday. Your description of what it did for you makes me think it might be a nice one to fall back on when I need something to, well, fall back on. :)

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I came from a tea drinking family, but I never appreciated the different qualities and varieties of tea until older. All that time wasted! But I guess I needed to be mature enough to appreciate the tea experience. :)

My favorite teas are green oolongs and white tea. I also love greens, especially gyokuro. I have a huge appreciation for rooibos and honeybush as they are often that only thing I can drink in the evening. I am a relatively new convert to black teas. This is unfortunate for my wallet but extremely wonderful for my palate. :)

In any case, I have a love for both flavored and unflavored teas. They are different experiences for sure, but both enjoyable. I find that it often depends on my mood.

I am on a quest to find a tea that will win my husband over. I think I’m making some headway…

My profile pic features my two lovable puppies, Mr. Snuggles and Sr. Caliente.


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