424 Tasting Notes

drank Caramel Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
424 tasting notes

It’s matcha time! Oh we oh we oh!

Yes, I’m doing a matcha dance in my kitchen. It’s all yummy goodness. The doors are open, the birds are singing, it’s Friday and I have a (double sized) cold glass of yummy.


do you want to scream, and shout, and let it all out, singing owey owey owey owey?

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I’m drinking another Design a Tea creation, this time Pear Spice black. There are a few reasons that I picked this one. It’s black (and we are still in the “black zone” time of day). It’s a single serving and it gets rid of one of my teas – even though it isn’t one listed in my cupboard so the number doesn’t go down. And it sounded good enough.

I never met a clove I didn’t like, and the “spice” part of this is definitely clove. The dry leaf smell was strong with it. Interestingly, the tea itself doesn’t taste much like clove. It tastes like black tea with a little bit of pear flavor, and almost…banana? Not enough that I hate it but it’s sneaking around in there somehow.

It’s fine, but won’t make the reorder list. That’s what samples are for, right?

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This was a first for me. The first time I dumped a cup of tea without drinking it.

There is probably nothing wrong with the tea, except that it has a coconut tone and I can’t stand coconut. If I am ever abandoned on a tropical island I am in big trouble.

And um ok, isn’t classic creme brûlée just vanilla? Why is there coconut here? I didn’t expect it at all.

So I opened the envelope. Slight coconut smell. Uh oh. Well, let me brew it. Smelled it when steeping too. Maybe it won’t be there when I taste it. First sip: I just drank suntan lotion! I am that hyper sensitive to the flavor.

Personal taste thing. Sorry world! No rating since this is a me thing.


OOh, that’s awful that there’s coconut in creme brulee. I don’t like coconut that much either.

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Today I divided all of my sample sized teas into a decaf basket and a caffeinated basket. I was digging through the decaf basket and found this one. I immediately wanted it. Most days I feel like the early part of the day is the “good tea” part and when I have to switch to decaf, I drink things that I can drink when I really want to be drinking something else.

Seeing a rooibos Earl Grey was exciting! And, I like it. It has an interesting and very strong cedar smell and taste. It reminds me of the smell of a freshly mulched yard, before the mulch has had time to weather. Bergamot is there. And, it’s strong, so that’s good too! I could see me needing more of this soon. Anyone have some to trade? It looks like one that isn’t so popular.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 15 sec 1 tsp 11 OZ / 325 ML

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drank Fruits d'Alsace by Harney & Sons
424 tasting notes

Today was a tough work day, so I broke my rule about no black tea late in the day because I NEEDED a tea to hold my hand and make me feel better. Today I got a ginormous trade box from the wonderful MissB and this was the one I picked.

It’s really nice! Strong black base, very fruity. I couldn’t quite place WHICH fruits so I cheated and looked at their site. Cherry, plum, apricot. Yeah, I can see that. The fruity smell is almost alcoholic, like a liqueur. It was a little sweeter than most base teas, since I added my normal amount of sweetener and found the end result was pretty darn sweet. Still liked it though!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 11 OZ / 325 ML

Love H &S teas, Paris is my favourite.


I love Paris too. It was on sale at the Fresh Market today and I almost bought more, but then I got home and some was in this swap. Serendipity!


I love this one, and Florance, and Soho, and Buckwheat – Paris not so much but to each their own. (Have to love MissB boxes….)


I had to look too the first time I tried this one to see what the fruit flavors were. I think I enjoyed how non-descript the fruit was that came through. MissB is a wonderful tea sharer.. she introduced this one to me too. :) Love her!


I may be in a minority, but I think this one is fantastic coldsteeped in the summer. So yummy.


I tried this one cold steeped last week an Hubby & I both enjoye it. It’s goin on my shopping list for Harney. :)

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This was a caramel vanilla black tea mix from Design a Tea. Nice. A bit astringent. I have to say that I had a lot of fun mixing flavors on their site, and each tea came in a cute little one serving package labeled with the flavor and type of tea. Fun stuff.

In other news, I had some surgery in February and have been restricted since then with what I could do. Today I get a final review with the surgeon and hopefully all restrictions will be lifted. I hope so, I’m itching to do some yoga or something.


Hope you get some good news!

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drank All Citrus by 52teas
424 tasting notes

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drank To Life by Teavana
424 tasting notes

I was excited to try this one because it has some amazing reviews. I have to admit that sometimes when a tea is highly rated and well reviewed, I wonder if it’s just issue with ME and maybe I don’t get it.

So I made this according to how the people with the good reviews did, same temp and two minute steep. All I get is a weak tea with an aftertaste like someone poured perfume in it. No fruit at all. I don’t even think I can finish the cup. I let it cool completely to see if it was better cold, and it tastes the same.

It tastes sort of like old lady perfume smells to me.

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drank Candy Corn Black Tea by 52teas
424 tasting notes

I got a fun box of samples from Kallieboo today, and it had FIVE varieties of 52teas in it (along with some other stuff). This was the first one I reached for. My sample didn’t actually have any candy corn in it, so I’m sure having that melted into the tea would have contributed to the flavor.

It was early afternoon, still in the “black tea zone” for me, so right after lunch I made this. Hot, I it’s a nice black. I didn’t get any candy corn taste (again, maybe because the candy was missing). I get it a little more cold though. I wish I had some candy corn lying around the house that I could add to this just to see if that would make a big difference. But either way, I enjoyed the tea.

In other news, I have had a migraine for a day and a half, and in the hour it took me to drink this tea, it went away. Not even kidding.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 11 OZ / 325 ML

The answer to your migraine is obviously drink more tea. ;) If only it were so easy to get rid of migraines. When I get the full blown migraine, I have to go in a darkened room, and sometimes full dark room, and just sit without moving. BLAH! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better.


It was the fourth cup of black today. It might be magic :)

carol who

Caffeine does seem to help if i remember. One of the few good things about menopause ( for me, anyway) :D

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Mom of two practically grown girls, extremely happily married to a man who is amused by my obsession with tea, and company owner who works from home. Life is good.

Likes/dislikes: I love black teas, especially strong/malty ones. I am ok with flavored teas if the base is strong. I like some whites. I really don’t like any tea that tastes “green” – if I wanted to drink something that tastes like green beans, I would cook some green beans. I am not big on green teas or genmaichas. I am learning to like puerhs.

If we are trading, I have a STRONG aversion to coconut, banana and licorice. I love citrus, vanilla and spice. Not a fan of florals.

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Kentucky, drowning in tea.

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