1039 Tasting Notes


Thermos time today!
I had to prepare beforehand in French press, as I have not find any filter bags anymore.
It turned out quite well, very pink colour.
I have used heaped spoon for liter or almost that.

It was very similar to last experience, but now bit more buttery and less fruity. Maybe more tea.
Anyway, it was great.

Written on mobile, while travelling home on board of train.

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A tea bag from Derk. I think I have two left (Limeflower and another organic Camomile).
As I expected this day was bad. But not so bad as I was expecting.

I let it brew advised 10 minutes, covered, no squeeze. Read several times the proverb on tea tag. “Plant kindness and gather love.” I am trying to be kind. But I have not gathered love yet in my life.

A nettle. In Czech “Kopřiva”. I have a friend with this surname and he makes fun of it. It was used to a salad, but never had it. We used it as spices and herbs back then in summer camp when I was a kid. It worked very well and it was unique experience. I would like to try it again, but all nettles around there are dusty or dirty in some other ways.

The tea – I really don´t know what to expect. The tea bag looks so pretty. I will trust the Herbalists in Traditional Medicinals company that they know what it is in. The liquor is quite golden, with green notes. It looks quite clear, something is on top, but maybe I just washed mug not properly. I was lazy, okay?

The aroma when dry was kind of weird. I can´t describe it much, but I thought it was like dry food for pets or something. But when brewed, it gets bit tangy; spicy, herbal aroma. Good overall. Actually better than expected.

In taste – whoa. It is very nice! Spicy, drying and mineral are my first thoughts. Maybe biting a bit as plants are. Soothing me a bit. Little honey sweetness and aftertaste.

Overall – it is wonderful, pleasant cup of tea I needed today probably. I was afraid it will be boring, herbal tea, without much to discover. I can not imagine drinking 3-4 cups a day though. It is quite complex – as I wrote, mineral but with honey sweetness. Spicy, but not astringent. Soothing.

Thank you derk; your stash is almost gone.

Flavors: Drying, Herbs, Honey, Mineral, Spicy

Boiling 8 min or more 10 OZ / 300 ML

You’re welcome. I have only 2 left of what you sent.

Martin Bednář

But I have sent much, much less :)

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You know the days that everything is going bad since the morning? Yup, that is today for me.
I just woke up, feeling miserable. I was picking a tea to brew for about half an hour. Just thinking going to the University today makes me nauseous. But I have to go there. Till 5 pm. It is 8 am and can´t imagine that. Argh!

I need to study for Thursday exam. No time and no focus. Even worse is it for next week exam. Have I said I need to make a homework till next week too? I did not. I just feel awful, sorry, but I needed to write it down and off my chest.

Now to the tea.
I noticed cherry and citrus notes today too. Still bit smoky for me. Colour is just wonderful – copper and clear. Like – complely clear. No dust!
In taste? Ahh, too hot. Second sip few minutes later. Malty as assams with some citrus after-taste. Smooth.
Still great tea, if I have it loose leaf it will be my every-day tea I guess.

Flavors: Cherry, Citrus, Malt, Smoke

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML

I am sorry you had a bad day. I pray tomorrow will be better for you and you will enjoy some good tea!

Martin Bednář

ashmanra: Thank you! I think it was much better day, though I am now really tired and I have to study a bit.

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I have received a tea bag included with postcard. Hurray for postcrossing, I get some teas this way and I like it so much.

I don´t know why, but I feel that today is day for herbal. I do not know why I picked this one though. Maybe the wrapper? Or just nice ingredients?

When I added a tea bag into tea, it was like some nutmeg liquor. With allspice. Weird for herbal I guess. After that 5 minutes they suggest it became much more herbal – lavender to be exact. Yes, it smells like lavender with rose, two most present ingredients. Colour of brew is clear green with yellow notes.

Hmm, what about taste? It is bit sweet from roses and elderflower; but as well somehow biting. Lavender is there as well. Quite nice and easydrinking. I do not think it will give me an abundance of love as they wrote. But yeah, it is kind of lovely tea. Maybe it is working after all?

PS: As cooling down, the lavender is more and more dominant.

Flavors: Lavender, Rose, Sweet

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML

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I had this one yesterday on board of railjet train of Czech Railways company. I took part in “railway rallye” race with friend. We finished tenth which is fairly good, considering that we made huge mistake right after the start.

Well, with breakfast. Only tea I had that day. So, bit backlogging. I don´t know how hot water was, nor even amount of water. And yeah, it is weird to ask there. At least the sachet was not in water and I had to add it by myself. The tea in pyramid sachet looks pretty good, quite nice amount of leaves, nothing weird there. Just bit creased and torn leaves. I added the sachet to the cup.

Water started to turn golden with copper notes. After my two or three minutes steep I took that sachet out. It was looking decent. First aroma thoughts were that it is malty, yet rounded tea with no funky notes. Then I noticed some other notes. I think it was bit like red grapes. I don´t recall the taste so much, but it was fairly similar.

Overall it was pleasant and nicely surprising. Well, not the cheapest tea in the market. And it was not bad and bitter. Good!

Flavors: Grapes, Malt, Red Wine

2 min, 30 sec

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I am the first one to rate? :O

The sachet is quite big and clear.. So, what we have there? Small green pieces, probably a leaf. Few bigger ones – brown colour. Well it is hojicha after all. I have found about 6-7 pieces of stems! That is quite a lot. Let´s brew it!

After 3 minutes brew I got a nice, clear liquor with brown colour. In aroma it was nutty. Pleasant aroma, bit unexected from green tea though :) But that is hojicha.

While drinking, I expected also nutty flavour. But it was not. It was more roasted flavour, with little astringency. But lovely. Yeah, I bet there are better Hojicha teas, but this one was not in my opinion so bad.

Flavors: Nutty, Roasted

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML

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drank Green Tea Mango by Curtis
1039 tasting notes

Okay, new day, new tea. And as I have said yesterday, a starter is this Curtis Green Tea Mango!

I made some research to find what is in. As I have only one tea bag, I wanted to make it somehow perfect. Interesting ingredients, so I torn the tea bag, put it inside gaiwan and let´s see. Hmm; green tea apparently in, one bit of mango (probably) and few white crystals (probablysugar). The tea leaves are really fine, but what to expect from tea bag, right?

Okay, I have filled the gaiwan with about 80 °C water, and after 10 seconds steep I have strained it. Of course, lots of leaves went through. Tea itself is cloudy, quite green-yellow. In taste it is strong green tea with some sweet mango aftertaste. It works well somehow. The leaves in gaiwan smell like cut grass which wasn´t raked; and rain came. So bit like manure. But I am not supposed to sniff used leaves, right?

Second steep is 15 seconds long. Mango is less noticable, it remains actually just somehow bitter of mango. Tea part is weak.

30 seconds.
Mango is gone; tea is cheap – no taste, just plain green tea. What I have been expecting? A great tea? A great green tea? When they have to crush it? How naive I have been?

Conclusion? This is not tea for me; at least in gaiwan. First steep was best, as there was lots of mango sweetness. Now it tastes like some bitter water, without any scents of aromas. Nah I guess.

175 °F / 79 °C 0 min, 30 sec 2 g 3 OZ / 85 ML

“But I am not supposed to sniff used leaves, right?”

Unless you’re a teadog.

Martin Bednář

Well derk – I do it, sometimes it is pleasant. But not this time

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Hmm, another rooibos blend; another caffeine-free tea. But what else should I drink when I came from Universtity at 7 pm? Okay, I was playing with tea bag from Curtis – Green tea with mango flavour. Maybe it will be tomorrow starter.

I had it already, in thermos; when I was away last Saturday. But I just needed something warm. What was funny, it was warmest day from whole year so far, so no hot tea was needed. So I have finished it at home along with glass of white wine. Weird, but it worked better than I have expected. I do not remeber the wine much, but tea was nice; smooth and lukewarm.

Now time for proper brew. I put about 3-4 grams in a strainer and filled the mug with boiling water. They suggest 4+ minutes brew, so lets see. Maybe I have used too much leaf? It turns dark quite fast. But dry mixture smells bit like cinnamon cake with banana, quite fresh, bit pleasantly sour.

When brewed; dark colour liquor – like a rum. Quite lots of dust went off the strainer. I wonder if it is closed properly, or it is just so fine it goes through mesh. It smells quite pleasant, bananas, bit of wood, maybe bit of alcohol? But I have not added any! But yeah, it has got that aroma.

Ohh, the taste is like biting a cake. Including the wooden board. Yeah, certainly there are some woody flavours made by rooibos. But also a cinnamon, bananas, spiced Captain Morgan. And yeah, it remains still nice smooth without any neck astringency. It tastes like rum, but without alcohol. It is much better than I expected.

Flavors: banana, Cinnamon, Rum, Spicy, Wood

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec 4 g 10 OZ / 300 ML

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I came home, prepared myself a cuppa of this one.

Just hot water in mug, where tea bag was. Just keeping bag in. So, while I am writing this line it is over 7 minutes now.

When dry, it smells strongly medicinal, so I was not really sure if it is a tea for me. Like some kind of cleaner which is used in hospitals. Bleh, but who knows, in cup it can be different. And indeed it is! I am afraid I can´t describe it very well, but just few words: “Fresh air, forest floor, after rain”. Those were random ideas whose came to my mind.

11 minutes steep now.
It becames drinkable. It is a honey? No, it is a tea! But really – smooth, honey flavour, maybe bit of roasted. Very, very interesting.

19 minutes
There is some aftertaste, which makes it sour or astringent. That makes it bit unpleasant. Still; it tastes good – but this is queer.

25 minutes
Tea is gone, certainly interesting; but I am not really sure if I would pick it again.

Thank you Derk for all three teas from Juniper Ridge, they are really interesting teas.

Boiling 8 min or more 10 OZ / 300 ML

I haven’t tried this tea yet. When I would brush against yerba santa while working outdoors, its resin would stick to my pants for hours. It was so fragrant! and quite medicinal.

Martin Bednář

Yup, resinous is probably correct word for 19 minutes “tag”. I think about 15 minutes is just right :)

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drank Royal Ceylon by Richard
1039 tasting notes

I had a tea bag version this morning. I did not expect much; I am rather sceptical to tea bag black teas. But I like Ceylon teas.

Anyway, in the mug it comes and let see. They suggest 4 minutes, I did about minute and half. The colour is quite dark, opaque with oil film. By tea bag taken out it looks it was milled very fine.

In aroma it was some kind of cheap black tea, nothing really distinctive, maybe bit malty. When it comes to taste it was much better than I ever expected! It was brewed just right, so no astringency, bitterness or another unpleasant things. It was mellow, chocolate with toffee flavours. But not overwhelming those tastes, there was always black tea based which made it really nice. I am really surprised with this one, not the best black tea I had, but certainly worth a note.

Flavors: Chocolate, Toffee

205 °F / 96 °C 1 min, 30 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML

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I am drinking almost everything. Tea bag collector who moved to wonderful world of loose leaf.

Trying to rate differently tea bags and loose leaf as tea bags have usually worse quality.

Photographer now and then. Postcrossing and geocaching member. Very curious person. Logistics student (should finish in June 2021).

Buried in tea right now. Is in my cupboard (trying to be updated) which sparkled your interest? Write me, I would gladly share with you. But I don’t want anything in return now :)


Czech Republic

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