Bagged and herbal teas are usually not my thing these days but I’ve been suffering some unfortunate physical effects from caffeine late at night and wanted to try something to calm me down more before bed. Picked this up because I love lavender and the list of ingredients was nice.

The lavender scent is most evident on the dry tea bag unfortunately, and in the pouch after you take the bag out. After you steep the tea, the lavender blends with all the other herbal aromas and is hard to discern. It also doesn’t have anything that I’d call a honey taste or aroma. Mostly I taste mild sweetness from the stevia leaf, a bit of the woodiness of the rooibos that’s in there, a hint of lavender, and some mint.

Unfortunately, when there is mint or holy basil (tulsi) in an herbal tea blend they have the unfortunate fate of all tasting rather the same to me, albeit with slightly different character. This one is really soothing and lightly sweet and does have a very relaxing taste and aroma, even if the lavender doesn’t stand out. I feel a noticeable calm and sedating effect whenever I drink this tea, similar but opposite to how caffeine hits me. I think this blend of herbs may actually have a good combination to biologically induce this, rather than just through enjoyment and aesthetic, as I feel the similar body shift into a more relaxed and lulled state every time I drink it.

The effect part of the tea’s name (stress relief) is a bit more accurate than the flavor descriptor (honey lavender), but I actually really like this tea. I can see myself buying it again. It does what it says it does, for me at least, and that is why I bought it, so I’m a happy big cat.

Still looking for a wonderful herbal tea that soothes and has no mint or tulsi though. I really love things with lavender, but maybe I should veer away from lavender a bit and look for something on the rose flavor spectrum.

Flavors: Lavender, Mint, Rooibos, Sweet

Terri HarpLady

I’ve had to stop drinking tea in the late afternoon in order to go to bed at a reasonable hour (like before midnight) :)

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Terri HarpLady

I’ve had to stop drinking tea in the late afternoon in order to go to bed at a reasonable hour (like before midnight) :)

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Hi there, fellow tea lovers.

My name’s Lion and I’m a Gongfu Cha practitioner, so I usually brew with a gaiwan for reviews unless there’s a more suitable brewing method, like using Japanese teawares for Japanese teas. I tend to stick to straight loose teas and scented teas in general, seldom dabbling in herbal and flavored teas. My favorite tea is Kenyan Silver Needle.

Aside from tea, I’m a generally creative person. I love to cook, write fiction, draw, decorate, garden, and do just about anything creative I can get my paws on.

Animals are really important to me. I’m a lion at heart, and I strive to better understand, respect, and appreciate other animals as best as I can. I advocate for better stewardship of wildlife and captive animals. We’ve still got a lot to learn.

For a long time I rated every tea I tried, but these days I don’t rate them unless they’re exceptional and deserving of a high rating. Here’s my rating breakdown for my reviews with ratings:

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25 = Unenjoyable
50 = I’m indifferent
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90+ = The best, would buy more
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