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I’ve claimed a sipdown for this before, but then I found another bag when I moved a few months ago. Alas, this time the sipdown is real. The blend is so old that I was worried the fruit would have molded or the coconut would have gotten soapy. Thankfully, neither of those things came to pass. Instead, this remained a sweetly strawberry and creamy coconut confection to the end. The nuttiness is largely gone and the other flavors require some sugar to really pop, but it’s a respectable showing for a two-year-old white tea blend with coconut and dried fruit. There are some good blenders out there right now but I have yet to find anyone who surpasses Stacy’s skill. I’m just grateful that most of the blends seem to have held up to aging well – I might still be hoarding a substantial amount despite my efforts to use it while it’s still good.

Edit: Upon review of my records, it appears that this additional bag came from greenteafairy in a swap we did two years ago. Apologies for the omission, and thanks for sharing!

Flavors: Coconut, Creamy, Strawberry

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drank Mind & Body by Teaism
689 tasting notes

December sipdown number 19! Honestly, this one is usually rather meh. Except when I’m sick. Then I add a whole bunch of honey and the lemon-apple-ginger flavors meld into a soothing symphony. Hands down, sick with lots of honey is the best way to enjoy this blend.

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Sipdown number 18! Phi gave me a generous sample of this delightful blend. It’s sweet almond cookie goodness. Not marzipan. Almond. Two solid steeps. I maybe should not have gone for a black tea so late in the day but… oh well? Not much I can do about it now.

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drank Calm Chamomile by Pickwick
689 tasting notes

Sipdown number 17. This is actually quite good. I find that chamomile is one of those herbs that really can be excellent in a teabag. This particular version is gently sweet with a hint of hay and a lot of that apple-like flavor certain chamomile has. So soothing.

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drank Green tea with jasmine by Pickwick
689 tasting notes

Sipdown number 16! I have completely failed at the advent concept so I am retconning this endeavor into a December sipdown challenge.

This is an ok bagged jasmine. Not as good as loose or even pyramid bags, but not disgusting either. Just meh.

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drank White Ginger Pear by Tea Forte
689 tasting notes

You know your tea habit is out of control when most of the gifts you get are tea related! My partner’s parents got me a Tea Forte gift set for Hannukah, which includes two mugs and a sampler set. This blend smells so good that I felt the need to post about it immediately. It just smells beautifully of ginger and apricot. As it cools, the apricot changes to pear. The taste is sweet pear with a hint of ginger. However, this takes on a weird and off-putting stevia aftertaste when it cools. The good news with a sampler is that I only have two pyramids of each blend! I’m disappointed with this one because it starts off so good but ends on a bad note that really lingers.

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Sipdown number 15! Thanks to Zennenn for this creamy chocolate blend.

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drank Cinnamon Apricot by Teaism
689 tasting notes

Sipdown number 14! I’m sad to see this one go. The spicy cinnamon complements the juicy apricot flavor. I want to eat this in delicate pastry form. As a macaron maybe? This blend just makes me feel light and happy.


Sounds like it’s time to head in for more tea cocktails and pick up some more :P


I’m coming down to DC for the march, but I won’t be staying long enough to meet up :( I might be able to do a trip in February though. And we’ve got the Tea Festival here in March!

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drank Green Navajo Tea by Yanabah Tea
689 tasting notes

Sipdown number 13! I am fond of this tea, but I think I like the original version better. The green tea doesn’t add a whole lot of flavor complexity, so I’d rather skip the caffeine. The herbal base is beautifully grassy on its own. I’m hoping to restock the original soon.

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Sipdown number 12 is a 2014 Eight Immortals Wulong courtesy of Phi. It’s rocky but also weirdly sweet and honeyed. Basically it tastes like an Oriental Beauty oolong with strong mineral overtones. Pretty different from any other rock oolongs I’ve tried. It’s intriguing.

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