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I can never resist a gyokuro, so once I figured out what this was in the TTB I was super excited to give it a try. Leaning into the camp/travel theme, I made this for a long drive we had over the weekend. I settled on a plastic travel bottle – safer than glass, less likely to impart a taste than metal. Unfortunately, I had trouble getting the powder to dissolve in room-temperature water. Stirring with a spoon was minimally effective, and even after using my trusty milk frother there was some silt at the bottom of the bottle. I kept shaking the bottle as we drove/as I drank, but never really got rid of ALL of the sediment/small clumps. But that happens with powdered teas, so ::shrug:: Much weirder is that this absolutely smelled and tasted like steamed broccoli. Savory, umami, no astringency, vegetal, but very very specifically like steamed broccoli. It’s not something I would necessarily seek out but was intrigued to have tried.

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The TTB tasting adventures continue with Paru’s Longan Tiger! I’m loving how many tea companies I’m getting to discover and try through this TTB. This blend is really intriguing – while I’ve had some of these ingredients before, others I haven’t, and not in this combination. I can’t fully describe the flavor, but I like it a lot! The goji berry definitely comes through, and there’s a honey sweetness, and other flavors that are maybe the jujube dates and longan. It’s sweet without being cloying or one-note, enjoyable both hot and cold, and overall a real treat.

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drank Baby's Blend by Friday Afternoon
702 tasting notes

Had this a couple of times over the weekend from the TTB. The first time, I made it straight and it was a fine roasty chocolate hojicha blend. The second time, I added oat milk and a touch of honey for an evening latte. It tasted like hot chocolate milk, with roasty undertones that linger after the sip, along with the chocolate note. It’s good, it’s enjoyable enough, but it’s not great.

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Another from the TTB, and my impressions of this one are kind of all over the place. Broadly speaking, I found it sweet and enjoyable. But it was also confusing, because through all three steeps I made it reminded me more than anything else of a cocoa tea, and then I couldn’t not taste the chocolate notes – even though that isn’t remotely what this is “supposed” to taste like. Super weird!

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drank Festival Fever by Call Me Sweetea
702 tasting notes

Another fun try from the TTB! This one is infinitely better cold than it is hot. The flavors just don’t quite mesh until the tea cools. But once it does, it’s fruity, juicy, and tart. I get refreshing, generally tropical fruit vibes with sweet lychee and passion fruit that could just as easily be papaya or mango for all its distinctiveness. I like it well enough, it’s tasty, I just don’t love it.

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Love me a good hojicha. This one has the expected roasted flavor, but it also has a delightfully unexpected gentle sweetness. The steeping instructions are different than what I usually use (these are 195f for 4-5 minutes, I usually go for 212f for 30 seconds to a minute). Now I’m curious to prep other hojichas this way and see what happens.
Another hit from the TTB, and excited that I got to try out a new-to-me tea company!

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I’ve never had an orange blossom tea before! The brewed tea smells candy-sweet and almost medicinal, reminding me of licorice. It’s an interesting flavor: lightly citrusy, savory the way chrysanthemum flowers are, and with just a hint of sweetness. I’m not sure I actually LIKE it, but super glad I got to try it thanks to the TTB!

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drank Coconut Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
702 tasting notes

Another one from the TTB. I wasn’t expecting much when I picked it out, yet it turned out to be the sleeper hit of the day. It was refreshing, true to flavor, and truly enjoyable both hot and iced. I slightly preferred it hot because of the creaminess of the coconut. Not sure how many steeps it can take – I only made two because I was capping out my caffeine intake for the day.

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The TTB tasting adventures continue! I found this a bit light/bland until I added honey, but adding the honey really brought the flavor out. Unlike others, I didn’t pick up on any floral notes. I DID get a tart cherry note along with the sweet strawberry flavor. It was fine, but not particularly to my personal liking since I really don’t enjoy cherry (and am generally picky about berries).

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drank Peach DeTox by Yogi Tea
702 tasting notes

Not always a fan of Yogi teas, but I quite like this one! It’s a peach ginger blend, but the other ingredients really make it stand out. The cinnamon early in the sip highlights the sweetness of the peach while the dandelion root gives it depth. Sampled this out of the TTB but would happily drink it again in the future!

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