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drank Reishi Mushroom Tea by Buddha Teas
152 tasting notes

Reishi is good for your immune system and fighting cancer, among other things, and this is organic so all the better, health-wise, making me happy to try this sample that was offered by Buddha Teas.

Never had mushroom tea before, but it’s not too far off from mushroom broth. Which makes sense since it has an ingredient list of one: organic reishi mushrooms! It has a fairly mild flavor even after a long steeping, so for folks who dislike mushrooms but want an immune boost it would likely not be too unpleasant. With a cold, you wouldn’t taste it anyway.

I make soup with Asian mushrooms for an immune boost but for a quick hit or when there are no mushrooms on hand for soup this is a great tea to have on call. I like the concept.

Flavors: Mushrooms

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drank Hawaii-Grown Oolong by Samovar
152 tasting notes

Another tea that I enjoyed and then put aside for future savoring. Quite good with understated floral and fruity notes. Darkly juicy (not at all bright), round and silky. Second/longer steep was more symphonic.

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Boosting my rating either because my palate has developed a wider appreciation or because this has aged well :) I am finding quite a bit to like in this, if only on the first short steep… Getting that caramel, some almond and a dark woodsiness that is rich and complex while very smooth. Not a wuyi fan, so this is a nice surprise.

0 min, 15 sec

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drank Jasmine - Green by Paromi
152 tasting notes

Nice natural jasmine flavor but just a little dimensionally flat.

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drank Chocolate Orange by Paromi
152 tasting notes

A good chocolate tea is such a rare, welcomed surprise. I usually approach a new chocolate tea with a combination of hope and doubt; the tasting is so often disappointing that I ask myself what’s the point in continuing to hope. Then a good one is discovered and it seems worth it. Like this one.

This tastes remarkably like a good dark chocolate-orange bar, Lindt, maybe. The chocolate is definitely there, folks. The orange peel is at a balanced level though overtakes the chocolate by a smidge. The cardamom is mild, just gives dimension. The tea is smooth and tastes natural and easy/comforting, even.

I had just 1 sample bag and brewed it for 3 minutes; while it was full flavored enough at that point I would try it longer next time to see if more chocolate/richness would emerge.

On the second steep I gave it 6 minutes and it was still decent, pretty much the identical flavor profile but a bit weaker. Gave it shot of unsweetened almond milk, didn’t actually alter it much. Then added about 3 drops of agave nectar just to see, and that was a great complement though I just about never sweeten my tea.

No astringency, no weird tastes, good flavor profile. I’ll be picking some of this up before long. Love those happy endings.

Flavors: Cardamon, Chocolate, Cocoa, Orange Zest

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I’ve had this a while and enjoyed it, brewed again to review. Delicious tea, creamy, young greens and orchid-honeysuckle. The orchid isn’t punchy, it’s soft, but still highly flavorful. I like the process of searching for flavors, but even more I enjoy when it’s all right out there and you can just relax and enjoy the cup without too much work!

I love a good floral tieguanyin and this is among the best I’ve had the pleasure of drinking. Gracious sample from Verdant, thank you!

Flavors: Butter, Cut grass, Honeysuckle, Orchid

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Good solid tasty tea. Predominantly malt and carb with a wisp of cocoa, nice combo. Western brewed, had a brief astringency in the post-sip. Thanks to WP for the lovely sample!

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Very much enjoyed this tea, I like Golden Monkeys a lot. Even like their name. Would like to meet one, one day. Mm cocoa-y and smooth, a comfort tea that is so easy to drink.
Thank you for the opportunity to sample this, Angel!

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drank Golden Monkey by Tao Tea Leaf
152 tasting notes

Delicious tea, particularly if you’re fond of naturally chocolatey blacks. Smooth, full-flavored, good body.

I drank this over the past week along with Golden Monkeys by Teavivre and Harney. This is the one I enjoyed most. The other two have a perfumery note that reminds me of bergamot, though different. That note distracts from their otherwise very nice flavor. While that note is apparently a feature of Golden Monkey, in the Tao rendition it is very much in the background so that it does not stand out, but blends in nicely.

Flavors: Chocolate

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I so enjoy unflavored black teas that taste like chocolate, and this is one.

The brewing fragrance is lovely – richly chocolate and enticing. The flavor bears this out, hitting a melody of harmonizing notes. Wouldn’t dub it an especially complex tea, but it is interesting. The flavor profile makes me think it should have a richer mouthfeel than it does, but that’s ok because it’s still very enjoyable.

I will probably rate this higher in the future, knowing to expect a lighter body.

Recommended for anyone looking for a naturally chocolate black.

anyone looking to swap some of this, lmk since i would like to try more before buying :)

Flavors: Chocolate

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Strong preference for exploring teas au naturel, and unflavored (except for unprocessed ingredients, e.g., cocoa shells/nibs, vanilla beans, flowers, fruits…). Favorites lean in the direction of rich caramelly, malty blacks, any puerh, fresh floral oolongs and whites that have some dimension.

I am always up for swaps.

Beyond the experience of tea, I’m interested in exploring its medicinal aspects. Other interests … yoga, creative veggie cooking, environmental issues, animal welfare, music/guitar, lefty politics, preventive health/nutrition, biking, swimming, foosball, photography.

Here’s how I rate ’em:

95+: euphoria-inducing, le petite mort
91-94: extraordinary, exhilarating
85-90: delicious
81-84: definitely enjoyable
75-80: good, solid stuff
65-74: I’ll drink it, but without enthusiasm
45-64: something redeeming about it, but not much
31-44: just barely drinkable
< 30: tidy stream into the spit bucket


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