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drank Tastes of Summer by Twinings
62 tasting notes

Hmm…I steeped this tea for almost five minutes, but even then I didn’t really get a strong sweet taste. It tastes instead like a standard black tea with just enough sweetness to take the bitter edge off—not bad, but not as flavorful as I expected. I’m wondering if my tea bags are a little outdated?

5 min, 0 sec

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drank Bedtime Story by Lipton
62 tasting notes

This tea has a nice buttery, syrupy quality to it, which gives it the comforting vibe that it purports to have. To me, the mint is fairly subtle—more of a gentle aftertaste—secondary to what I think is the flavor of chamomile. The flavor is definitely not in-your-face (contrast: Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer—which, by the way, I love!)

Incidentally, I’ve yawned about twelve times while drinking the tea since beginning to write this review, so maybe it really does work…?

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It’s hard to think of something to write about this tea that hasn’t already been said…but I’ll try.

It creates a light amber brew. It’s strong enough to flavor a double-cup mug. It smells like the tropics and tastes like delicious coconut curry in a cup. It’s everything that’s good about green tea plus a lot of what’s good about herbal tea. It’s even better than Harney & Sons’ “Canton Green”.

How do they do it? Must be black (or green?) magic…!


I think you should try their Bangkok Blend….totally delicious! :))


Great! I’ll be sure to try it. Thanks for the suggestion _.

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drank Green Tea by Trader Joe's
62 tasting notes

Ah, pure green tea…This is the type of beverage I like to drink when I’m trying to focus. It is a little bit astringent, but I don’t find it particularly distasteful even after steeping it for a long time. And the faint bitterness helps me focus, just like black coffee does.


My husband loves this green tea (he’s more of a coffee drinker). I liked it, but found it a bit astringent as well.


Right! I think I also have a tendency to oversteep my teas…but I suspect it’s just a quality of certain plain greens that makes them so bitter. If understeeped, they taste too watery.
My favorites tend to be green tea blends, especially jasmine greens, but they serve a different purpose—bitter is for focusing :).

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drank Tazo Chai by Tazo
62 tasting notes

This is very good! Its melange of sweet and spicy flavors is perfectly accentuated with a splash of milk. It’s not too sweet, but it’s not dull, either. No one flavor is overpowering. If I ordered this tea in an Indian restaurant, I would be more than satisfied!

By the way—is this the same/a newer version of Tazo’s “Organic Chai”? Does anyone know?

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drank Wild Sweet Orange by Tazo
62 tasting notes

Whoa—Tazo wasn’t kidding about the name. Even after only a few minutes of steeping, this tea packs a punch! It’s sweet enough to make my mouth pucker. The zesty orange flavor might be more refreshing if it didn’t hit me in the tongue like a sledgehammer.

Maybe it would be better steeped for a very short time—does anyone have experience with this…?


Pucker w/ sweetness?


Strangely, yes..

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drank Green Tea Energy by Yogi Tea
62 tasting notes

I love eleuthero! I’m amazed that the same plant that makes Celestial Seasonings’ “Tension Tamer” so good is part of an “energy” green tea blend. The combination of ginger and eleuthero imparts a nice, subtle sweetness to this tea.

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drank China Green Tips by Tazo
62 tasting notes

Tazo’s description is actually pretty accurate! The tea is sharp and light-bodied, perched just on the edge of bitter and sweet. It’s refreshing, and comfortingly “unsurprising”—perfect for your daily mug of green tea.

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Like most green/white tea blends, this is a good-for-you drink with a soft, buttery taste that is definitely less astringent than Stash’s unblended green tea. The flavor is pronounced without slapping you in the face, so to speak…! xD

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drank Calm by Tazo
62 tasting notes

I was a little anxious this evening and thought I’d grab a book and a cup of this tea to try and calm myself down. Maybe it was the act of sitting and reading, or maybe it was the placebo effect, but something worked!

I’m actually very pleased with the tea. It reminds me a lot of “Tension Tamer” from Celestial Seasonings, but it’s more delicate, with less of a pungent aftertaste. It’s nice and sweet—it smells and looks like what I imagine nectar would smell and look like =).

5 min, 30 sec

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Be it winter or summer, I love warm beverages of all kinds. There are few things more soothing than sinking into a soft chair with a good book and a big mug of tea or coffee. I’ve been manually logging my tea-drinking experiences for some time, so I’m very excited to find that there’s actually a website dedicated to it!


Rochester, NY

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