2016 Sheng Olympics
This tea immediately caught my attention. I peeked through the clear packaging, and I can already spot the long whole beautiful leaves loosely entangled. I opened it up and took a sniff. This tea is pretty fragrant with strong sweet floral notes, hay, and ivy. I popped what I had into the warmed yixing and let it sit. The aroma was thick with super sweet scents of winter honey and orchid. I can also note some wooded Cyprus in the background. I washed the leaves once and prepared for brewing. The viscous nature of this tea began to show its face. I picked up some spiced green notes of spinach and roasted asparagus; I note some butter in the background. I flashed brewed this until later steeping. The sip begins with a nice sweet flavor. The taste is crisp and lasting with a grassy bite. The session progresses and I can now understand why this is described as being vicious. I can only describe the taste as an acidic sugar. The brew is light and sweet with mouth watering effect, but it quickly changes to a tingling bite mixed with a drying sensation. The brew carries some light pine tones along with a nice floral and oily finish. In later steeping, the brew becomes thick with a progressively more aggressive sweetness. The qi begins with heating the face and some head rushing. Then, it quickly moves throughout the body and causes the blood to begin rushing. I felt a mixture between an intense rush and then a smoothed drowsiness. I was able to pull a decent amount of steeping sessions from my pot, and this brew lasted for quite some time. The taste lasted in the mouth, but I didn’t experience any huigan. I enjoyed this tea, and I could see myself drinking this regularly; however, the brew is light and could use some more leaf.


Flavors: Asparagus, Floral, Grass, Orchid, Pine, Spinach, Sweet, Winter Honey

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 7 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Young and experienced Tea consumer. I’m continuously learning and developing knowledge about tea. If I have learned anything at all from the world of tea it is that I do not know anything about the world of tea. I enjoy good tea, and I try to acquire the best of the best. I usually brew gongfu but I’ve been known from time to time to resort back to western brewing.

I have an Instagram (haveteawilltravel), and I am proud of my photographs. I use my pictures in my reviews,and I hope that they aid in portraying the beauty of tea and teaware.


Tea Rating System:
I rate my teas based on the category they fall into (Puer, Red, Oolong, Darjeeing, Flushes, Yancha… etc.)
This means that I will rate a Oolong based on how it stands up as a quality Oolong. I try not to compare teas, rather I work to evaluate them on their craftsmanship, harvest, processing, and qi.

I am most strict with Shou and Sheng Puerh, only because of the vast expanse of various experiences, such as; region, vintage, production, processing, etc.


Middle of nowhere, New York

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