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Thanks to Dinosara again for swap!
This is another tea that made me wonder why della named it apple&herb. When I opened it, I mostly smelled spices, barely any apple. Even looking at the blending, it made me wonder if this is blending for chai. In fact when I brewed it it smelled and tasted like mild chai. I liked it, but just feel like name would be misleading for buyers?


I just want Della Terra to stop remaning things lol makes it confusing when trying to repurchase or log :)

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Thanks to Dinosara for swapping the tea :) I tried this tea after Apple & Herb, up on request of my mother. (I will post review for apple & Herb soon) When I smelled it, it kinda felt like apple pie rather than nut&honey which surprised me. In fact it reminded me of gwendalina’s baked apple from Tea Gschwendner, which got me excited. However when I tried it, despite of wonderful fragrance, it did not have sweetness of gwendalina’s baked apple. It was mild, typical rooibos flavor. When I brewed it it had a golden color, which was pretty :) but with rooibos I usually see more red color so perhaps I put too much water? It was still good tea, just not sure if I like it enough to place an order for it. (and I wonder why they named it nut&honey crunch when it was more like.. baked apple.)

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Thank you to CharlotteZero for sending me this tea to try. It is actually my first verdant tea to try, I picked it up since I have never tried Dancong Black so it got me curious. I was surprised when I looked at tea leaves – it looked very dried compared to most of tea I see. When I smelled it, I sensed very smokey and roasty smell, which reminded me of Keemun. Since I am somewhat picky when it comes to smokey tea, I got worried – however it was unnecessary! I actually ended up leaving it steep longer than I wanted but it didn’t leave me any bitterness in flavor. It was very mind, and there was unique mild smokey flavor. Overall, I liked it! :)

3 min, 30 sec

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drank Long Life Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
15 tasting notes

It was a swap from queenoftarts. Thanks for the generous portion! I love good oolong tea thus namegot me ccurious. When I brewed it (just using teapot, not using gaiwan) not the typical way I brew oolong since looking at the tea leaf it seemed there are more other stuffs rather than oolong itself. Also it seemed pretty red – so it got me confused a bit. However when I brewed it it smellef nice. Very mild taste and somewhat fruity scent.

Final verdict: I liked it. It is not for people who wants to try classic oolong but work for people who wants some twist- or simply beginner for oolong tea.


following you :)

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drank Vanilla Comoro by Harney & Sons
15 tasting notes

This was sent by cteresa, along with the swap list. Thank you so much for sending me extra sample teas for me to try.

I have been really curious about this tea as this was one of top seller for harney and sons. Personally I find harney and sons just ok brand; nothing bad but nothing impressive either. I love their hot cinnamon tea but paris was slightly good and bangkok was just not my cup of tea. I tried vanilla comoro with my sister but it was just mediocre. Couldn’t really smell vanilla much and tea taste was mild. I’ve had better vanilla tea in my opinion :)

Final verdict: nothing horrible but nothing impressive so I’ll pass for future purchase~


I we are on agreement about this tea. It was one of the few teabags I had around though and is interesting as a decaffeinated tea.

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I love tea! :)

I love good flavored tea, mostly floral or fruity or sweet/dessert flavored tea works for me. My favorite brand so far are mariage freres, ronnefeldt, teagschwendner, TWG (not twinings), lupicia, silverpot so I guess Japanese or European brand works for me. I find most of american brand are mellow and weak in flavors.

However, recently, my interested moved from flavored tea to classic/chinese tea. I like good oolong tea (I hate bad oolong tea!!) such as si ji chun or ti kuan yin. I love good milky oolong too! Jin Jun Mei or dong fang meiren are another good one however it’s hard to find good quality ones. (maybe I’m being picky)

If you have any good tea to swap, feel free to pm me! I have lots of tea that are not listed in my cupboard as well. I love swapping so that I can get to try new tea :D

P.S. I love collecting tea wares (mostly teacups, but open to t-cozy and other tea accessories) Feel free to pm me if you have something you want to swap! :)



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