1549 Tasting Notes

drank Double Chocolate Decadence by 52teas
1549 tasting notes

The first time I brewed this, it seemed weak and kind of boring. The scent of the dry leaves wasn’t super strong like the other teas in the Christmas pack. The second time I brewed this I made it quite strong. Almost too strong, but I planned on adding a little cream which would dilute it and some sugar. This time it is pretty good. I taste chocolate mostly after each sip. Chocolate flavoring in tea always intrigues me, yet when I taste it, it confuses me because it is never as full of a flavor as I am used to with chocolate. This tea has a nice hearty well rounded base to it that so many teas lack and I appreciate that! It feels filling and satisfying. I’m not quite getting a decadent level of chocolate, but I taste more chocolate on the sip as it cools. I can see this tea partying it up with other flavors really well, but if you want chocolate all on it’s own, this tea is what you are looking for.

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
1549 tasting notes

The little candy cane slices that are in the dry tea are amusing. Kinda cute, even to someone who doesn’t like Xmas. I can smell a little mint when the tea is brewed and I’m also getting something buttery like. When I sip it, I taste a little mint. It seems unbalanced and sharp at first, but mellows out a few sips in. I’m getting a butter like aftertaste similar to what DT’s Buttered Rum tastes like. I wonder if they have the same base. This tea doesn’t stand out to me in any way. I find myself trying to find something additional in every sip, like it will become more interesting if I keep drinking it and I come up with nothing. I dub it… boring.

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I found this in bulk at the supermarket and decided to get a test run sample. I love cinnamon and cardamon and I’m looking for more decaffeinated options for the evenings, so it seemed promising. It appears to be largely cinnamon bark bits with cardamon in pod and seed form and a few peppercorns, anise seed pods and ginger root. I let it steep for six minutes, but I’m not getting much flavor. I can feel the cardamon on the sides of my tongue just after each sip in that cardamon tingle sort of way. I might be getting some ginger heat if I really think about it. Not much in the way of flavor tho. It’s not very well rounded and lacks a depth or heavier base flavor to it. Kind of just tastes like my spice rack threw up a little in my cup without much thought to it. It’s not bad, but there is no wow there at all.

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
1549 tasting notes

First thing I noticed was a chocolate raspberry smell which was promising. While waiting for it to cool, the scent seemed more raspberry truffle like. Chocolate raspberry and raspberry truffle might sound the same to some, but it is not. Raspberry truffle is more like if two Vulcans, one drinking raspberry tea and one drinking chocolate tea did a Vulcan-tea-mind-meld where the flavors were shared with each other instead of being tasted on their own. They merged so to speak. But I digress… When it’s cool enough to sip, I taste that same flavor, not a mouthful, but the flavor is there and it’s good. Adding sugar hides the chocolate and makes the berry more pronounced on the sip, but the chocolate comes back as an aftertaste. I like it, but I’m not amazed although I would like to revisit it again sometime.

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drank Buttered Rum (Organic) by DAVIDsTEA
1549 tasting notes

My first sniff of this tea brewed revealed buttery tones, but I swear the dry leaves smelled like chocolate. Strange. Each sip is quite bland, forgettable even, but once I forget I start noticing a buttery aftertaste. Adding more sugar than I normally use speeds up the arrival of the butter, but it’s still pretty mellow and I’d like to have a mouth full of flavor instead. I feel like the flavor is a little more pronounced as it cools, but still not as strong as I like. I see that there is coconut in it, but it seems the coconut has somehow been coaxed into tasting more like butter than it’s normal self. Power of name suggestion or some sort of coconut wizardry? You decide!

The tea wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing either. Guess that leaves it in the gray area of moderately good.

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This stuff smells fruity and delicious as soon as I opened the package. When I tried it I didn’t taste smoothie, I tasted… bubblegum?! What the…?! At the end of each sip I can pick out some fruitiness, maybe banana and pineapple, but mostly bubblegum. Not quite what I was expecting, but very nice. It seemed a little sweet on it’s own, but also good with a touch of sugar. The first two steeps were great. The third steep which I didn’t add sugar to was a bit on the weak side, had a slight licorice aftertaste and was still yummy. It is my first honeybush experience and it was pretty good. I’ll definitely be looking into more honeybush teas in the future.

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drank Almond Cookie Green by Tea Embassy
1549 tasting notes

This tea smells fantastic in the bag! I wanted to grab a spoon and chow down. I got a lot of almond and a little coconut when I sniffed it. I may have brewed it too long, or maybe it was a combination of what I had just eaten, but the first couple sips tasted bitter. A few more sips into it as I was deciding if I should dump it and try brewing again, it started to taste less bitter. I added a little sugar and a few sips later it is tasting pretty smooth. The almond and coconut go together so perfectly that it’s a little hard to pick them out individually in each sip. I find the aftertaste has a slight bitterness to it that is pleasant with coconut on the end. True to it’s name, it is much like an almond cookie and is delicious to the last sip. I may have found a new almond tea love!

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drank Checkmate by DAVIDsTEA
1549 tasting notes

When I opened day 17 of the advent calendar, it said this was a white tea. Although I do see some lighter leaves, it looks like it is largely black leaves. A little confusing, but on to the tea! It smelled coconutty when I opened it and tastes like toasted coconut aaaaand that is it. I really didn’t get much more than that out of it. Coconut and tea. Decent, but kinda boring. Reminds me of Zhi Tea’s Ambrosia, which I like better.

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My microwave broke and I have been enjoying the throwback to the 70’s lifestyle before microwaves were standard in every house, so I haven’t replaced or fixed it. The feature I miss most on it is the timer, so when I saw this tea timer while grocery shopping it was obvious it must come home with me.

This timer has a couple features that are pretty neat. It can double as a lid for a standard small round tea tin, which is pretty clever designing! It’s a tight squeeze, but it works. That feature would probably suit someone who has only a few teas in their collection. I have over 30 teas in my cupboard, so searching for the one tin with the timer isn’t going to work in my house. Fortunately it also has a magnet inside the plastic casing, so I am able to stick it on my fridge instead. Perfect! It has five preset buttons, color coordinated for the type of tea; 1 minute for white, 2 for green, 4 for black, 5 for oolong and 6 for herbal. It also has a button for you to add minutes to the time, one to add seconds to the time, both of which beep for every second/minute you add (annoying) and the start/stop button. The preset buttons are great, but it’s the recommended time for their teas to steep. Other companies have different suggestions for steeping time for their teas, so I find myself having to add time to adjust. Not the end of the world, but not super convenient either. The timer only goes up to nine minutes and fifty nine so you can’t use it for any other application that may need more time. If you add too much time you have to reset it which consists of pressing the start/stop button enough to clear it. I like that it runs on standard AAA batteries, not some hard to find watch sized, but it looks like you need a screwdriver to get past the 4 screws and into the battery compartment. I have only had it for a few days, but I’m finding the buttons get stuck and don’t pop back up the way they should. I have to press on them and tilt them in the opposite direction of where they are stuck to release them. Lastly, the beep reminds me of some super annoying digital alarm clock that left early morning scars on my subconscious. I would have preferred a little tune of some sort that doesn’t set off a clawing urgency inside me to shut the timer up when I’m preparing to relax with a cup of tea, but oh well!

Despite the down sides and room for improvement, I dub this sleek looking little timer a keeper.


You drank your timer?!? That sounds unhealthy! :D


If Steepster had a more obvious way to rate teaware, I wouldn’t have had to drink this timer in order to review it. And believe me, I looked around a bit on here before giving in and drinking this thing! :P

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drank Scarlet by Rishi Tea
1549 tasting notes

I was at a supermarket today in awe, standing in front of the bulk tea section and couldn’t resist picking up a couple samples. This one smelled like this amazing rich mixture of blueberries and cherries. Delicious… or so I thought. Went home, brewed it, tasted it, yuck. It has that tartness that I find unappealing in so many fruity teas. When buying it in bulk you don’t get a list of ingredients, but I’ll bet it has a small army of tiny hibiscus pieces waiting to launch an attack in every cup. It tasted better once it was cold and I could even enjoy the fruity flavor a little at that point, but not enough to brew another cup ever again. I’m starting to think I don’t like tart and hot at the same time. Well Scarlet, done and DONE.

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My name is Dustin and I like tea.

I’m an added flavor kind of tea fan, but have had a growing appreciation for plain. I want my tea to remind me of cookies and cakes with coconut and almond slices with a hint of chocolate drizzled on top. I want dancing ponies and flying monkeys shooting off fireworks! And no hibiscus. Hibiscus is the devil.





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