1530 Tasting Notes

drank Lime Chiffon by Della Terra Teas
1530 tasting notes

When I open this bag, it smells like the same slightly carmel-y lemongrass base as the lemon chiffon, but with a sharp lime scent that practically makes my mouth water! The creamy taste mellows out the lime, but it doesn’t take away all of it’s tart kick. I have tried it hot and cold, with sugar, with and without milk. It’s delicious any way I make it. The lime taste really does linger after each sip and I have been going through the bag quickly. I took a chance with ordering a full 2oz before trying it and I’m glad I did because I’m really enjoying the crap out of this tea!

I decided to get a little adventurous. I put a teaspoon worth of tea, half cup of rum and a tablespoon of sugar in a jar and left it overnight in the fridge. I tried it the next day and it tasted good, but SUPER strong. So I tried mixing it with some lime flavored soda water and it absolutely killed it. I still had some of the rum-sugar-tea mix left and decided to marinate a slab of ahi tuna in it (about 5 minutes on each side since I was in a hurry). I then pan seared the tuna, pouring half the rum in when searing it on each side. It was a little on the sweet side and a lot on the delicious side with the lime complementing the fish well! I think I might try it with shrimp next time and also try using a smoother rum to begin with. Or maybe I’ll try it on a rum cake! I bet that would be crazy good!


Alcohol is an excellent solvent- no wonder it came out so strong in rum!

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drank Marie-Antoinette by Nina's Paris
1530 tasting notes

Dry, this tea smells fruity, but I can’t put my finger on which fruit. While steeping, there is a green fruity rose scent rising from my cup. The first few sips had a bitter twinge which made me question if the three minutes I had steeped it for was too long, but that turned into a short burst of tartness. I just re-read the tea description – apples! Apples and roses, that makes the tartness make sense! It’s like you are biting into an apple and you get that bit of tartness of the skin before the sweet flavor hits you! Adding a little sugar brings out the sweetness of the apples and mellows out that tart burst. The rose seems to mix in the middle of the sip and remains on the end after the apple fades out, although the taste lingering after each sip is pretty balanced between the two. My mouth feels a little dry after, the same feeling I get when I eat rose petals. I’m impressed how this tea is able to taste so much like ripe apples, yet not taste like apple juice. It is as if I just bit into the most juicy floral apple ever. Towards the end of my cup, when the tea has cooled, I’m getting more rose in the beginning of each sip. I steeped a second time for four minutes and put a teaspoon of sugar in this time. The flavor was really amped up! Third steeping at five minutes is a little weaker, but still has a surprising amount of flavor. Fourth steeping at six minutes still has a decent amount of flavor and a bit of that apple tartness! This tea just keeps going!

Like the other Nina’s teas I have tried, this one also has rich bold flavors that last through multiple steepings. If you are a fan of apple flavored tea, this one is a must try!
Rob Rauschenberg

I really want to try this one. Good review / post.

Nina's Tea USA

Marcel send me an email and we ll send you some samples….



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drank Cantaloupe and Cream by Butiki Teas
1530 tasting notes

I’m super excited to try this tea that I got in a swap with Stephanie. The dry tea smelled slightly cantaloupy but I didn’t take too much time to sniff before I eagerly dumped it in my steeper. While brewing it smells like super sweet cantaloupe, almost candy like. Wow, my first few sips taste like cantaloupe juice watered down just slightly, then gets creamy at the end. I could enjoy this without sugar, but I only have one cups worth and am curious to see how sweetener will add to this. Hmmm, I’m finding that sugar kind of kills the initial taste, but adds to the end and aftertaste. I’m not tasting the tea base at all which in my book translates to well executed flavors. On my second steeping I got sidetracked and left it steeping for quite a while, but this tea took a beating and still tasted good. After the brutal second steep, I got a third weak steep out of it which was more reminiscent of the flavors that had been. I can easily see why this tea won an award and it’s going on my shopping list right now!

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This is the first tea by Butiki that I have tried and I’m really excited since I read so many good things about their teas! I got this sample in a swap from Stephanie, so thank you much for that! :)

When smelling the tea brewed I can detect the marshmallow and something a little deeper which I’m hoping will translate into a well rounded flavor. I’m not catching any of the orange or chocolate yet. On my first sip I’m greeted quickly by a lot of orange with a little bit of chocolate hidden behind it, but no marshmallow. Adding a little sugar now… The sugar brightens the flavors, but it doesn’t really change them or their balance. I might be getting a little more of the marshmallow now, but the orange and chocolate stand out the most. I think I have heard this tea described as one of those chocolate oranges that breaks into slices and I’m finding that description pretty accurate. The black tea base is undetectable which lets the three main flavors do their thing. I don’t think I could pick out if it was a green or black if I hadn’t known. This was a delicious first impression of Butiki teas and I’d like to enjoy it again sometime.

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drank Green and Fruity by DAVIDsTEA
1530 tasting notes

The smell lives up to the name, this is a fruity smelling tea. It took a few sips for me to be okay with this tea. There was something that was hitting me at first that I didn’t like. Maybe the green part? I think I can pick up apple and a touch of cinnamon on the sip. Over all it’s just kinda blah. It’s like a not very impressive version of a few other fruity rooibos teas that I have had. I’m really not finding anything special about it. Nope, not for me.

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drank Virgo by Nina's Paris
1530 tasting notes

I was really excited to try Nina’s teas and this first impression didn’t let me down!

The dry rooibos didn’t smell particularly strong, but once brewed I could smell rich deep confection like cherries. At the beginning of each sip the cherries come on strong. After the rose joins the cherry, adding a perfume like aroma and pairing surprisingly well, then the cherry fades leaving the rose to finish off each sip. I am really liking this and steeped it three times without loosing much flavor! It has a light sweetness on it’s own, but I’m enjoying it with a little sugar which really makes the flavors more pronounced. I’m not picking up on the sour cherry that was mentioned in the description, but it doesn’t matter because what I am tasting is delicious. It’s a wonderfully rich caffeine free dessert tea with delicious well rounded depth to the flavor. It’s now on my Amazon wish list, but I’m not sure I can wait for someone to come a long and gift it to me before having this tea again. I can feel my willpower cracking already!


I’ve really enjoyed the teas samples I got from Nina’s too!


Which did you get Stephanie? I’m about to try more of the Butiki samples you sent me! Thanks for those!


No problem! :) I got the Magicienne from Nina’s (my favorite of the bunch) it was pinapple/coconut and reminded me of marshmallows, and I also got the 4 red fruits and lapsang souschon. Good stuff!

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drank Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA
1530 tasting notes

Looks like granola, smells like granola, tastes like granola. This tea is for hippies and mountain hikers! Kidding aside, it does taste like a warm mouthful of liquid granola. Almost oatmeal like but a little sweeter and more flavorful. It looks like there is hibiscus in this which I usually hate, but the sample I got didn’t have enough to ruin it for me. It leaves my mouth a little dry after each sip. I get a little bit of nuts in there, walnut I think and some cinnamon. It’s well done, the flavors all work together well in a nice balance, but it’s failing to catch my interest.

I just read the description… beets not hibiscus! No wonder it wasn’t bothering me! And even though I see it says almonds, my taste buds still say walnut.


David’s seems very hit or miss. They say this is one of their most popular teas too!


I really want to try steeping some granola now and seeing how it compares. It really just seems like overpriced granola to me. Some people love David’s but I’m finding their teas hit or miss as well!

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To introduce myself to Della Terra teas, I had bought a few sample packs to figure out what I liked. I liked all the rooibos I tried, but the flavored black teas kept falling short of what I was hoping for and what I kept reading others were experiencing. Yesterday I happen to take a sip of a cup I had let get cold and dumped the rest of it before I tasted what I had in my mouth. I was caught off guard at the flavor and noted to try to cold brew some of their black tea. So last night I dumped a heaping teaspoon into a glass of water and stuck it in the fridge overnight. Added some sugar this morning and wow! I guess it turns out I just don’t like their black tea warm! This stuff is really flavorful! I get a pretty even cherry and chocolate flavor on the sip and chocolate lingering after. The cherry flavor is more like maraschino cherries than fresh, but in a pleasant way that matches well with the chocolate. I am really enjoying it and my cup is almost empty now! I want more… MOOOOOORE!!!

140 °F / 60 °C 8 min or more

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drank Cherry Sencha by Zhi Tea
1530 tasting notes

I tried this tea again today. I found myself thinking about it the past few days and wanting more. The first steep was yummy and filled with subtle cherry goodness, again with no sugar. I think this may be a good tea to scale back my sweetener usage with. The second steeping had no cherry taste that I could pick out. I’m not sure if my taste buds are off today or what, but the second steeping was dull. Even so, I’m finding I like the first steeping of this tea a bit more than I initially did. I think it is growing on me.

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I LOVE jasmine tea and this tea in particular has a sentimental spot in my heart. Years ago there was an amazing guy I had casually mentioned my love of jasmine tea to. Being the thoughtful man that he was, he picked out a bag of this jasmine tea for me on a visit to the Tea Embassy and gave it to me on our first date. I had forgotten that I had said anything about it and was impressed that he made note of such a small detail in our conversations. I remember that tea tasting better than any other jasmine I had experienced. It was clear and crisp and strong. Such a pure jasmine taste and I believe it was my first loose leaf tea experience too!

Recently I went to the Tea Embassy and picked out a bag of that same tea. I took it back to the home I share with that man, who I still think is just as amazing (if not more) and the family we now have. I’m excited to try that tea and see if it holds up to my memories of it.

When I open the bag, the dry tea has such a strong jasmine smell to it almost like I’m sticking my nose in a flowering jasmine bush! The instructions on the the bag say to steep for 2-5 minutes and I did only two for the first steep. Wow, it’s still just as bright and crisp as I remember. I can’t taste any tea, just jasmine. It almost borders on the line of soapy in it’s intensity, but I have always like over the top floral flavors. It isn’t bitter like some jasmine teas I have had, but now days I’m much more careful and aware of over steeping unless I have to walk away from my steeper for a while (which is what happened on the second steeping). Second steeping was a little tongue puckering in it’s intensity, but adding cream and sugar made it an enjoyable drink again. I adore this tea and am glad to be reunited with it! To me, this tea is love.

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My name is Dustin and I like tea.

I’m an added flavor kind of tea fan, but have had a growing appreciation for plain. I want my tea to remind me of cookies and cakes with coconut and almond slices with a hint of chocolate drizzled on top. I want dancing ponies and flying monkeys shooting off fireworks! And no hibiscus. Hibiscus is the devil.





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