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I still have memories of this one in my mouth.
This was amazing. I guess it was one of the first cheesecake blends with a green tea base? Well I hope there are more to come because it is delicate and creamcheese-y and syrupy cherry goodness oh my gosh.

See LiberTEAS with her hypothesis on letting Frank’s teas sit for a few weeks to let the flavours develop. I have no doubt in my mind, as I got this as a sample from Jenn, that the flavours had time to age and that’s how I got the tang of cheese cake. Anyways, Hoping for a re-blend or swap someday… or just more green/white tea bases! Yay for discovering my taste bud favorites!

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Thanks be to the wonderful Erin and her gracious sample!

I wanted a chai night tonight, so I added a bag of chai tea to my rice when it was cooking, and a splash of chai concentrate to my simmering Butter Shrimp (Like Butter Chicken but with.. well, shrimp!). Oh! And this tea! :)

The caramel/vanilla notes were a bit muted, but well blended with the other spices, I thought. It’s still a pretty strong chai (I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the tea base 52teas uses a lot, but it depends on the tea so I’ll just shut up and drink because I have no idea what I’m talking about haha!)

So I probably wouldn’t purchase this one, but I really appreciate the chance to try it! Frothed milk with a bit of vanilla syrup. Yummeh.

gosh I love tea!

Ashley Bain

why have I never cooked rice in chai tea! That sounds amazing.

Daisy Chubb

It’s really nice, the flavour isn’t very strong – but I bet it could be if you used more leaf! Next time I’m going Jasmine Green tea in my rice :)

Erin Hurley

The jasmine sounds like a rad idea


The CTC assam base they use for chai isn’t used in any of their other teas, I don’t think. I also don’t like the chai base tea. : (


hehe, “Gosh I love tea”- that so reflects my my tea views :P


OMG! I’m so going to have to try making chai rice (and the butter shrimp sounds really good too).

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Thank you Jenn for this sample, yo! You rule school goil.

Hmm, so I wasn’t a big fan of this tea :(
However I will give it credit, I totally tasted crust! Yummy graham crust. And that was cool.

However, it was a bit too spicy/astringent and not pumpkin-y enough for me, even thought I bet I wouldn’t be saying this if I wasn’t so hooked on Pumpkin chai by DT.

I AM however, really looking forward to the pumpkin cheesecake and pancake blend, I think those will hit the spot for me a little more.

In other news: HELP!
Could someone give me some hints on how to brew 52teas black teas a little better? Every one I have tried has been delish with cream/sugar, but too astringent just by itself. I want to be able to experience the subtle notes of flavours like cheesecake, pumpkin, etc.. but I feel like I’m doing it wrong. In some cases I see people describing flavours I can’t taste no matter how hard I try – Help?
Right now I’m brewing one teaspoon with freshly boiled water for 3-4 min. Cooler water maybe? Less steeping time? Thanks in advance friends!


I generally steep with boiling water for 3 minutes. I have found that with 52Teas blends, that some blends are more astringent than others. I don’t know why, because it is usually the same base for the blends, and I generally brew the same way every time. I think it’s just how the flavors interact with the tea.

Also, keep in mind that every palate responds to each tea differently. What it tastes like for one does not mean it will taste the same for another. This was one of the first things I learned as a tea vendor myself. I would create a blend and love it, but not everyone did… and either that was going to hurt my feelings or I was going to have to learn to accept that everyone has a different palate. That’s why tea reviews can never be 100% objective, because everyone’s palate is different.

sigh babbling. Sorry!


The one that I’ve tried is pancake breakfast and I had similar issues. I can’t offer any tips, but I’d be interested in hearing suggestions!

Daisy Chubb

I much appreciate your babbling :D
You’re right, I bet it’s something to do with my palate (or our palettes, Dino).
I mean, I can’t complain, I do love cream and sugar in my tea so it all works out in the end haha.

Thanks though, it’s very helpful to hear that you steep around the same parameters as me :) I’ll keep experimenting!

Ashley Bain

I always have to put cream & sugar in my 52Teas teas. To me they’re all enjoyed best that way. I know I really loved when I tried DAVIDsTEAS and found that they were perfect to my liking without any additives.. even though I still add cream & sugar for fun sometimes when my sweet tooth forces me to be naughty.


3 minutes is my magic number but sometimes I use water around 200F instead of boiling

Daisy Chubb

Amen Ash – Davids Tea is sometimes worse with cream and sugar! Okay only Chocolate Rocket haha. But I do admire their no-additive taste. Mind you, Pumpkin chai with cream droooool

Anyways! Thanks Frolic, I’m going to try to keep an eye on my kettle until I get it to my liking for sure! I’ve perfected whites with my kettle, so surely I can take on a black tea! :D


I always use the 200 degree setting on my kettle for blacks and mates otherwise I find I lose flavor or bring out bitterness.


I second the 200 degrees for 3 minutes notion. That usually seems to do the trick for me. Sometimes 3.5 minutes. Depends on how strong you like your black tea.

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Wow, there is something quite special about this tea.
It’s now added to my VERY short list of whites I enjoy.

The base is lovely, especially on the second steep when it shone through – but I’m getting ahead of myself. The scent is a very real cherry dessert, I can smell the brandy mm!

The taste is amazing, so so smooth and almost syrupy in it’s sweetness. It’s just intoxicating – I taste a hint of vanilla and a some yummy brandy, almost grenadine-like – if you made it from cherries haha!

This tea starts out subtle and then I lose myself in the flavour. I should order a bag… better try more samples first so I can add to my order.

Thank you Jenn for the sweet sweet sample of this deliciousness!

(first steep 2.5 min, second 4 min – even on a 4 min steep I didn’t get any bitterness, just more body and the tea base brought to the forefront)


Yay! I haven’t even tried this one yet because my teacup runneth over, and over, AND OVER :) I love it!

Daisy Chubb

heaven! :D
Well when you feel like something sweet with a strong taste, you know where to go :)

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drank Apricot Amaretto by Tea Forte
516 tasting notes

I finally got around to my last tea forte sample!
You know what, I’m glad I saved this one for last. While I didn’t get a lot of apricot taste, it did have a sort of fleshy texture. That sounds not right, but when I say flesh I do mean apricot flesh haha.

The amaretto flavour and smell was overwhelming and quite sweet, and although this isn’t my favorite tea in the world and I probably won’t purchase it, I think it was one of my faves from the line.

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Okay folks, so thank thank thank you to Erin Hurley for sending me some of her precious Pecan Pie blend! I knew it had to be the first one I tried. yummeh in my tummeh.

Sadly, when I went to put brown sugar in, a few bread crumbs got in there :/ I keep bread in my brown sug to keep it soft, but something it flakes away. Bad bread! Oh well, I picked them out haha.

Second steep – steamed milk and vanilla syrup. It’s pecan pie goodness – I love the slight ..bitterness? of the pecans? haha it’s not bitter, but you know, the nut part! It’s very nice. mm paired with the caramel, you are a doll Erin :D

Okay I’ve found out the only sad part about tea swaps- only enough tea for one or two cups! Sometimes it makes you sad because it’s soooo good. But then, that’s what payday is for :D

Ashley Bain

I’m really hoping my bf sent your package of tea to the right address. hahah.

Daisy Chubb

haha I’m sure he did gal pal!
Seriously, all the packages I sent out got to you guys super quick, but there’s been a hold up with all of the packages to me. I don’t think anything is wrong, just strange customs coming in to the country, or maybe I have a lazy Canada Post! No worries my dear, I’ll keep you posted of course :)

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I had a bag of this from my mom in law, let’s see!

The bag smells sooo good. Like buttery-sweet green teas and kind of reminded me of genmaicha for some reason. I was excited :)

Brewed, it was an alright taste. Not bitter… just something was lacking. It was very one-dimensional. I actually don’t mind Stash teas and tea bags, but I can’t quite put my finger on what I was missing. The liquor was dark and murky, I think that’s what turned me off!

Anyways, I didn’t have any teas I wanted at work so I wanted to try something new :) Done!

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drank Cashew Turtle by 52teas
516 tasting notes

Wowza, first of all, I got my package from Jenn! Thank you!

Mike and I had good fun opening the package! He would open a tea and I had to smell and guess it (HA yeah right!). I got none right. But I don’t care, they all smelled GOOD and that’s what matters!

Tonight, as I listen to Gorillaz and anxiously await going to Combat Improv, I chose this tea. A tea that smelled diiivvviiiine, but that I knew wouldn’t wow me! If that makes sense. Well, it is delish, but not my number one, you know?

The base is nice and strong, perfect to wake me up before a long night of hilarity. I steeped for 2.5 min, drinking straight up. (My 2nd steep will take cream+sug).. it doesn’t need it though. I’m getting some light chocolate notes, a nice caramel body and this wonderful hint of cashews (my favorite of the “nut” family) so I am enjoying this tea for sure.

Wow, tea traded from your friends is so much more special than tea you buy yourself. It feels like I’m having some sort of time-travel-tea-party, and I think that’s what makes me come back to Steepster every night – this sense of a giant tea party and we’re all invited o: I’m lame. but You rule.

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Mm I am a fan!
I steeped one perfect teaspoon for a good ten minutes. Usually I go for 5 minutes with a rooibos, but this one smelled so good it was begging for it. Yum!

The peach stands out the most, with strawberry in a close second and a nice orange in the background. It’s super tasty – I’m discovering how much I love green rooibos – especially citrus blends! I don’t really care for citrus tea otherwise but, like with Green & Fruity from DT, I’m becoming hooked and craving teas like this.

It’s quite sweet just on it’s own, but I did my usual rooibos latte and am even happier :)

Thanks be to SimplyJenW, myrooibos tea queen!

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My first experiences with Adagio tea is proving a good one.
These Rooibos blends are really tasty, and good quality! Me likey.

This one is tart and tastes just like a lemon meringue pie with my frothed milk. The rooibos gives the perfect pie base, and a little drizzle of vanilla for sweetness. Mmmm I’m in heaven.

p.s. they changed my desktop at work, I’m now imaged to Denver (I work in a US department), so no more Steepster at work. I know it’s probably a good thing, but I was actually less productive today! Withdrawl haha.

Thanks SimplyJenW!


aw boo on the lack of Steepster! they block it at my work to.

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My favourite tea companies are DavidsTea and Verdant Tea. They please my palette in different ways – and I love them both for it.

I’m back bb!

<3 Daisy


Ottawa, ON [Canada]



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