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I am particularly fond of this blend of Green tea, Citrus, Bergamot and Lavendar.
The lavender is not fully present in in the cup or the nose,but lingers lightly in the aftertaste.
There is a lingering taste that is somewhat like pine to me and yet is very pleasant.
I have not seen other great reviews on this blend and yet, I love it.

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 15 sec 2 tsp 34 OZ / 1000 ML

How did the lavender not take over everything?! I wish it didn’t in my packet :(

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Creamy & buttery in whole milk with a spot of stevia
100% Yum
I need to do an order quick
Also dying to try white chocolate ;-)

2 g 10 OZ / 295 ML

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I just finished up the last of this.
So sad. I would never have thought to add clove to Earl Gray even though clove is my favorite holiday spice…lol…Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter… I have a pineapple and
orange marmalade glaze that I spice the ham with and added cloves :-)
Mmmm…..not a better glaze anywhere :-)
I love Earl Grey Tea, and Verdant’s spicy variants are the best ever…in my book

Boiling 3 min, 45 sec 2 tsp 34 OZ / 1000 ML

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Love the berry and hibiscus flavor,unfortunately the rose rose is imperceptable.
I still like this tea,but would give it higher marks if you could taste the rose AND
If it had any resteep value


Was afraid this might be more novelty than tea.


I think so, however, I really do enjoy the tisanes with hibiscus…
love the tart, refreshing taste…definitely not bad…wish I could have tasted
the rose, and I dont regret it…but I honestly appreciate being able to get
at least 1 reseteep from a “tea” ,but the tisanes with hibiscus are limited that way :-/

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Thank you, Suzi~
This is just my style
Cardamom & Cloves are my favorite chai spices and this is wonderful.
The coconut makes it feel thick and creamy.
I really love this with a big teaspoon of honey~
The honey really draws out the spices and enriches it so wonderfully ♡


I have found this one at Kroger.. in the healthy foods department, not the regular boxed tea area. It will save you on shipping. Glad you like it :)


Thank you!
Nice to know I can find something local…lol….


You got it! Thanks to MissB for sending me a sample.. She’s the reason tried them. I picked up a sample pack of their chai in the Noblesville HomeGoods store a few weeks ago. There are only 4 of each flavor in their sample packs or I would have given you a couple of those too.


I wish Kokomo had a HomeGoods store…closest place is Marion
Thanks again

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drank Cocoa Mint Maté by Tazo
129 tasting notes

This is not my style, but I didn’t throw it out.
For me, the cocoa is too understated and the mint too overbearing.
I am not sure mint and cocoa are for me.
I love the peppermint patty, but I hate those chocolate mints they give away
at some restaurants and this is more along those lines.
Not my style, but I am glad to have tried it…not terrible…just not my style.


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First steep 10 seconds in boiling water after a quick rinse…
Subtle sourdough flavor with just a hint of earthiness
and a shy sweetness towards the end of the sip.
No bitterness, astringency, no fishy taste…very nice.


Second 10second steep…very similar although slightly sweeter


3&4 steeps similar and lovely…
steep 5 down to your average green ;-)

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I have been sitting on this one awhile.
At first sip, it reminded me of my caramel matcha.
I thought, why is this so highly acclaimed?
However, there is something about the balance between the caramel
and the vanilla …The vanilla makes it somewhat creamy tasting
and more addictive with each cup.
By the time you have finished the pot, you too are an enthusiast!
It is not especially complex, but it seems to have a lil voodoo in the pot.
The assam somehow gives the sticking power to let you know…
yes, I will be ordering this again…should be a staple.

Boiling 1 min, 45 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 300 ML

I like this one too!


I wasn’t a huge fan of this one, and it puzzled me as to why – I should love it. Maybe brewing a pot instead of a cup is the way to go!


LOL…I kind of think so as the first cup didn’t do it for me,
But by the time I finished the pot~ I was ready for the second pot :-)

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This is quite strong and is quite perfumey, but I love EG and this is no exception.
It does taste luxurious with my whole milk and stevia, but for curiosity sake,
I would like to try it hot as well.


Also good as a hot latte

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The cinnamon has a brighter taste…at least on the first steep.
But this tea is truly lovely.
Each of the essences are combined in such a harmonious way…
You definitely get the Pu -er taste, but in laid back, more refined way…
This has me singing “it’s easy like Sunday mornin”
This quality pu~er blend has a lot more to give…
perhaps some of those other ingredients will shine in successive steeping
I am going to be drinking a lot of this…

0 min, 45 sec 2 tsp 14 OZ / 400 ML

I can’t wait to try my bag of this tomorrow!!


2nd steep 30 seconds…
predominately still tasting cinnamon , but this still has a lot in it


Third steep~well, lol, forgot it cooking.
Unsure how long I steeped it, but it was NOT astringent or bitter.
Rather, it revealed more complexities and now the cinnamon is a bit
more subdued and the ingredients taste more balanced, yet bold and righ.
This is a really nice pu-er blend.


Rich NOT righ….lol…
I have more typos than anyone I know ;-p


4th steep(30sec)~ this is tasting an awful lot like
French Toast with cinnamon on top ♡

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48 yr old retired nurse from Indiana.
I have 5 kids, 10 GrandAngels,
an African Grey “Tanzi”

Some of my favorite teas are
Earl Grey,
(Super Love Verdant Blends~
Jingshan Earl Green, Golden Earl,
The Jolly Earl & The Earl of Anxi )

I also love Apricot Guayusa &
Creamy Eggnog from Butiki ♥

Sweet Dreams
from David’s Teas
Is the Best Chamomile I have tried

Bigelow’s Pumpkin Spice OR
Celestial Seasonings Sweet Harvest Pumpkin
For a Delish, yet,
inexpensive,Quick Fix.

I have recently tried a few flavored matchas from
Red Leaf Tea
I LOVE Eggnog, Cheesecake,Coconut, Caramel & Pineapple ~♡~Yum~♡~*

I love Verdant, Butiki,Red Leaf Tea,
Steepsters Select, David’s, AND
Harney & Son’s for providing quality tea in bags…
makes it so much easier to carry a quality tea with you ….wherever you go :-)
FYI, on swaps and such I would
no Darjeeling, Tulsi, Mate, chocolate
or toasted rice, thanks



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