129 Tasting Notes


My first white tea experience.
Subtle & relaxing with vegan notes.
From Yezi Tea… a quality vendor.

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Thank you Yezi Tea for this sample!
A strong bodied, slightly earthy tea which is
reminiscent scent wise of old leather and tobacco. (To me)
this is my first Pu’erh tea, and something of an unusual flavor
remonding me of sour dough bread, but it is not at all toasty
and neither is it astringent.
This is not my favorite tea, and yet I am thankful for the introduction
to the world or Pu’erh via this tea.
This could become a staple for me.
I received this today and have steeped it multiple times.
This tea is very consistent steep after steep, and I like that.
Color of an amber-burgundy garnet.

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drank Earl Grey by The Tea Nation
129 tasting notes

I love Earl Grey, but this is not the quality I associate with Earl Grey.
I would not ever purchase this again.
The Bergamot is barely perceptible fragrance & taste wise.

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I have no idea why the box calls this a “Diet Chai”
Other than Saffron may perhaps curb the appetite.
This is a medium to robust Chai and I could drink this
several times a day during the cold season.
You can taste the lovely spices, and with the smallest
amount of Stevia it is a sweet, flavorful drink
AND quite a relaxing one, I might add.


another that draws my interest! this is becoming a theme, lol.


teavana had a great blend called ‘weight to go’, man did they have to tap dance to even get me to sniff it though! who names a tea that? geez!

Corey Lily Jane

I really love the Saffron & Cinnamon Fusion Tea..

Lexie Aleah

It’s a diet tea because it contains senna which is an herbal stimulant laxative.

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drank Jasmine Green Tea by Bentley's
129 tasting notes

Wow! I enjoyed this cup.
Yes, the Jasmine was quite fragrant,
But no soapy taste for me.
This was quite a relaxing tea for me…
leaving me with a comfy, cozy feeling
like your favorite sweater, sleeping in on
the weekend with your lover…
This may not be my all time favorite,
But I will enjoy it while it’s here.
Different strokes for different folks ;-)

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drank Rooibos Chai by Bija
129 tasting notes

I love the mix of
Cinnamon bark, ginger, & cardamom seed.
This is my first try of a Rooibos, but for me,
It is a KEEPER :-)
Re-steep is as refreshing as the original.

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drank Darjeeling by Tea of Life
129 tasting notes

Please be patient with me…new to writing tasting notes.
This is a regret of purchase.
All that comes to mind is harsh, bitter, astringent.
The label says to steep 176-194degrees for 4-5 minutes,
But it was getting rather darked so I stopped at 3 minutes.
Honey did not help, but I think if I had let it steep longer
It would have been undrinkable.
Another day I will try this as an Iced Tea and add another note.

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Ahhh….a sunny infusion is right
I taste the coconut, citrus and vanilla
Mostly coconut, and I was surprised at how lovely the re-steep is
I am loving this because it is transporting me back to Summertime and the islands
The past few dreary, dark and rainy days have had me ready to skip Christmas
and get right back to SUMMER!


I should have added that this has an amazing aftertaste.

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drank Earl Grey by Bentley's
129 tasting notes

The dry tea smells mildly sweet
Taste is delicate and mildly sweet
My first cup~I overpowered it with a bit of honey
The re-steep I added only 1packet of Stevia and it was much better
The Bergamot was barely perceptible


Please pay no attention to the value of “60”
This is my first tasting note and I haven’t been able to freely move that bar :-(
I would honestly rate it more like an 85-90
The higher number with Stevia vs honey
As it is very easy to overpower the flavor of this tea

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48 yr old retired nurse from Indiana.
I have 5 kids, 10 GrandAngels,
an African Grey “Tanzi”

Some of my favorite teas are
Earl Grey,
(Super Love Verdant Blends~
Jingshan Earl Green, Golden Earl,
The Jolly Earl & The Earl of Anxi )

I also love Apricot Guayusa &
Creamy Eggnog from Butiki ♥

Sweet Dreams
from David’s Teas
Is the Best Chamomile I have tried

Bigelow’s Pumpkin Spice OR
Celestial Seasonings Sweet Harvest Pumpkin
For a Delish, yet,
inexpensive,Quick Fix.

I have recently tried a few flavored matchas from
Red Leaf Tea
I LOVE Eggnog, Cheesecake,Coconut, Caramel & Pineapple ~♡~Yum~♡~*

I love Verdant, Butiki,Red Leaf Tea,
Steepsters Select, David’s, AND
Harney & Son’s for providing quality tea in bags…
makes it so much easier to carry a quality tea with you ….wherever you go :-)
FYI, on swaps and such I would
no Darjeeling, Tulsi, Mate, chocolate
or toasted rice, thanks



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