59 Tasting Notes

drank J.E. Yin Zhen by THE O DOR
59 tasting notes

A great straight tea with a sweet and somewhat ‘hay-ish’ taste. It reminds me of meadows on a hot summer afternoon a few hours after being mowed.

One tip however: don’t follow the brewing time. It’s way too long in my opinion and results in a rather ‘heavy’ taste, which is totally strange for a white tea…

180 °F / 82 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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reviewed Kati loose tea system by Teaware
59 tasting notes

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A rather ordinary green tea with a very classic taste. Lemongrass is somewhat lighter than lemon and therefore mixes very well with green tea(being more delicate than black tea).

Overall a nice every day tea in the lower price range.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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drank Saigon by THE O DOR
59 tasting notes

You have to be careful to brew this tea according to the instruction or the lotus and fig will not be noticeable. However with correct brewing temp and time it’s a wonderful and very refined tea.

I recently discovered Theodor and love the unique and often experimental flavouring and their packaging. I’m less thrilled by the fact that instead of lists of ingredients the website only gives a characterisation of the tea by way of a ‘story’ which does not always include a full recounting of the ingredients.

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This sounds lovely – but like you I have had some very good experiences with Theodor teas. But you spotted precisely my pet peeve with their site, I could so do without the fancy stories! But my trick is to search for part of a tea name or an ingredient, the search results will be up to the point, short description!


Thanks for the tip. I’ll certainly be trying that!

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drank Place Saint Marc by THE O DOR
59 tasting notes

This tea smells better than it tastes.

The smell is marvellous. It reminds me of muffins and cakes.

The taste is somewhat lighter than I’d expected. The vanilla is noticeable, the strawberries not so much. Hence the first line.

Overall a good tea, but I’m not sure I’ll be buying it again. Bought four tins of Theodor recently (Place Saint Marc, Saigon, Milky Oolong and J.E. Yin Zhen [Silver Needles]) and this tin is still – by far – the fullest.

Edit: Unfortunately I feel compelled to lower the rate on this one. Every time I brew a cup of tea I’m disappointed by the very light taste (or should that be delicate?) in comparison to the great smell. Tin is still – by far – the fullest… Won’t be buying it again and am considering giving it away.

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec

If you do not want it, I would love to swap for some of it! (though not sure where you are). I got some of Theodor´s lembrança a flavoured mate which I got by mistake (seller´s mistake, grrrr), would you like to swap a bit? 20 or 30 grams like for like? I got other Theodor teas but they are getting close to finished (and considering rebuying 4 of them which is amazing though still wondering). Or maybe a bit of Harney´s Queen Catherine?


I’d love to! I’ve sent you a private message.

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A very fruity tea, very sweet but in a natural pleasant way.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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drank J.E Oolong Milky by THE O DOR
59 tasting notes

At present my favourite tea especially with a slice of homemade white bread with red jam.

The scent is very distinctive. I love it but can’t accurately discribe it. Never smelled anything quite like it before. Someone commented that the smell is typical of oolongs. As this is my first oolong I can’t second that.

The taste is very smooth, sweet and buttery. In stead of leaning towards vegetal, is has a somewhat nutty basis (very faint). It also reminds me a bit of avocado’s, not in terms of exact taste, but rather in a likeness of character.

180 °F / 82 °C 6 min, 0 sec

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A really nice tea, especially – I think – for people new to tea. Often the added flavours don’t translate to a very noticeable taste in the cup. That is not the case with this tea. The tropical orange theme is very noticeable. It makes me wonder if any artifical flavouring has been added. Regardless it is a very taste tea: light and fresh, with a definite citrusy bite.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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I really wanted to like this tea. It smells wonderful and exactly according to it’s name: a very hot and spicey cinnamon.

The taste however is something else. De artificial flavour is very apparant,and I mean very! It is probably what gives this tea it’s “red fireball taste”. Never having been a big fan of fireballs, I most assuredly do not want to drink it. The cinnamon is the second most prominent taste and – as far as I’m concerned – too prominent. On top of that, the cinnamon gives the tea a very ‘dry’ finish that is not pleasant on the tongue. The tea itself isn’t noticable at all.

I’ve tried the tea: plain, with milk, with honey and milk, throwing away the first steep and drinking only the second steep, brewed at rolling boil and just under boil. De milk softens the taste of the artifical flavour, but not to a point that it becomes something I would actually want to drink.

I’m currently deciding whether to throw the tin away or using the tea as a pot pouri of sorts…

PS: Really don’t understand the high praise for this tea. It has me quite baffled… :-(

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

I don´t get it at all either! You are not alone on this.

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What to say about myself and my tea drinking habits? I’ve been staring at the screen, reading other’s bio’s and still can’t come up with something worthwile. I’ll just stick to the basics.

I generally prefer white, green and oolong teas to black teas. As I read a scientific report that stated that black teas lower the level of stress hormones in the blood, I try to add a few cups of black tea every day.

Overall I prefer black teas to be flavoured. The white, green and oolongs may be flavoured or straight.

I brew my teas per cup, mostly in my – much loved – Kati mug with Cha Cult strainer. I’m rather a stickler for brewing time and temperature, so I use a tea timer and watercooker with temperature indication.

I also love a good cup of coffee and especially cappuchino. As far as I’m concerned, a good cappuchino requires a real milk/foam topping, not something made with skimmed milk, powder or the like. Unfortunately a lot of cafes still haven’t caught on to that one and serve low quality coffee and tea (type vending machine and bagged fannings). I hate it when, on a cold winter day, the choice is restricted to bad coffee, bagged fannings or a cold softdrink… :-(

As for rating teas, I more or less make the following distinction:

Nothing is perfect. Probably won’t be using it ever.

98 – 99:
Nearly too good to be true.

90 – 97:

80 – 89:

70 – 79:
Good. May rebuy depending on price and availability.

60 – 69:
Ok I’ll finish the cup and maybe even have a second, but probably won’t finish the entire package as I have other – (far) better teas in my cupboard.

< 60:
I feel cheated. I won’t ever be buying this again.

< 50:
This really is no good.

< 30:
I hate this. I want my money back.

Beyond horrible!

PS: Recalibrated my ratings according to this index on 23 feb 2013.


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